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Recent Review: I called on 9/30/13 for an estimate to reglaze a bathtub, Mr. Skinner was not able to answer my call and I left a message. He called me back and an appointment was set for 10-07-13 at 9:00. He showed up promptly and he reviewed the tub. He quoted a price of $300.00 with a five (5) year warranty. He said he was able to do the work that day. He was able to perform the work the same day, with a helper. They did a very good job. Because he did the work the same day he came to give me the estimate, he didn't have an invoice with him. He wrote and quot;paid in fuland quot;, and signed his namel on a blank piece of paper. I stated that I wanted a paid invoice with the 5 year warranty noted on it. I have never received this to date. I have called once and left a message reminding him of the receipt, however,I have not heard from him.
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Recent Review: Prepped old bathtub (which had been reglazed before). Reglazed the bathtub.
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Recent Review: Definitely should use them. Price and quality is outstanding
Business Description: We provide free estimates within 10 miles.Friendly, professional, christian atmosphere.Water heaters,drain lines,fixtures,bathtub and showers,remodels & add ons. All work guaranteed plus exp. A+ Rating with BBB since 2012.
Recent Review: During remodeling of bathroom, a tool was accidentally dropped into the new bathtub,  causing a noticeable chip in the porcelain finish.  Mr. Curt Freese of Surface Innovations was recommended to repair.  Curt Freese arrived in a timely fashion, quickly repaired the chipped area... I'm happy to say that the repair was quick, professional and cannot tell where the damage had been.  Very happy with Mr. Freese's promptness and quality of his work.
Business Description: American Tubs designs and manufactures a complete line of premium quality Walk-In Bathtubs that are ideal for people with Limited Mobility, Seniors, Disabled and people with pain, arthritis, stress and other debilitating conditions.
Recent Review: Very happy. Tried three different companies. One received a call back a day and a half later, one couldn't do the job for for to five weeks. Heard back from Fitzgerald's within an hour. Had the work done within the week. Finish looked great, clean up was what I expected.
Recent Review: I called Jolly Plumbing, as I always do, when we had a leak issue in our apartment. They arrived within an hour and got right to work. He fixed the problem quickly and efficiently. Barry Jolly and his team do a fabulous job, and I will not call anyone else for my plumbing repairs.
Business Description: All our Craftsmen are employees that are comprehensively background checked for your safety. We check for criminal and sexual offenses. We do not use subcontractors. We provide estimates for the larger jobs. Smaller jobs are done on a Time and Materials basis. Call or email us for details and to set an appointment.
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Recent Review: Greg and his crew were on time, worked efficiently, cleaned up their mess and answered all my questions with great patience. They had previously (6/2010) done work in my kitchen converting my gas grill from propane to natural gas and hooking up a new sink/faucet after renovation, so I knew they did quality work for a fair price. Greg has also winterized my irrigation system and activated it in the spring. I would not hesitate to use this company again and highly recommend them to my friends.

Reviews in Lebanon for Bathtub Installation

Replaced water line pipe, replaced basement toilet fixtures, replaced bathtub fixtures. The service went really good and the service representative was very professional.
- Christine H....
AHoltmeier Plumbing Co Inc
I had a leak from my bathtub drain to the basement. I had 2 companies provide estimates. The first estimate was around $600. Holtmeier's estimate was $550. During the repair, one of the pipes fell through to the basement and cracked the sink in my basement and Holtmeier replaced the sink at no charge. I was impressed with their professionalism. I would highly recommend their services. Prompt, friendly and fast.
- Megan S....
BRoto-Rooter Plumbing & Water Cleanup
Had a small leak leaving water spots on the ceiling but the source was difficult to find. Jerry took his time and finally found the leak and had to piece together some irregular sized materials to make everything fit in a very tight spot under a whirlpool tub. His effort was greatly appreciated.
- Julie C....
Finally a contractor that returns phone calls and shows up when he says he will. Excellent experience. I would recommend them to any of my friends
- Patrick T....
FTarvin Plumbing
I called Tarvin to have them install a new faucet and handles to my daughter's tub because we were going to have it refinished for her while they were on vacation. I had previously purchased the hardware so all they needed to do was remove the old and install the new.  When the plumber arrived, he said that the drain pipe also needed to be replaced.  Per his suggestion, I agreed to have that done as well.  He said he needed to turn the water off at the main valve.  He also said that it would be better to leave all the hardware off until the tub refinishing was complete.  At that time, he would come back to put the pipe in and install the new faucet & handles.  Again, I agreed since he was the professional. He proceeded to remove the drain pipe and old hardware.  As he was leaving, he said I just needed to contact the office to set up a return visit to put everything back together. The tub refinisher was scheduled for the next day.  So I went over to my daughter's house early that day to wait for him.  When I walked into the house, I saw that the ceiling tiles under the bathroom where the tub is had fallen and that there was water everywhere--in the first floor hallway, the living room, kitchen, & basement.  I called Tarvin and told them they needed to send someone back out ASAP.  About 1 hour later, someone from Tarvin arrived.  He assessed the situation and said that the main water valve was old and apparently was not turned off completely.  (He could see the dial still running on the water meter). So the water was dripping all night long.  He said the plumber should have capped the pipes on the bathtub before he left.  He also said that they should have installed the drain pipe and new faucet because the tub refinisher could  put covers on the hardware when he was doing the refinishing. It was a huge mess.  We had to have a restoration company come to dry out the house and disinfect--~$3500.  Then all the ceiling tiles had to be restored and the hallway and floor painted.  The insulation in the basement had to be reinstalled because the water had seeped through the first floor into the basement insulation. After the heaters and blowers were removed, Tarvin came back and installed the drain pipe and faucets AND changed me $625 for the work. Tarvin's insurance company paid for the damage--not the $625.  My daughter's family had to live with huge heaters and blowers for 10 days in July.  Her electric bill was 2.5 times higher than normal.  I know Tarvin gets excellent reviews in Angie's List because that is where I found them.  I'm sure this was just one of those unfortunate accidents, but I also thought it was important to make others aware of what happened when we used them for our plumbing work.
- Carolyn R....
ADusty Boot Home Improvement
Jeff was very professional. He contacted me within a short time after leaving him a message. He was very punctual and called when on the way. I even asked him to fix another issue after he arrived. I have used him in the past for other repairs and will continue to use his skills in the future.
- Peggy G....
AAnderson Hills Plumbing & Supply Inc
- Jen D....
DTarvin Plumbing
The job took 4 hours. After 2 hours, I asked how much longer it would take, and the worker said he was having a few problems (he never gave me any details). After 3 hours I told the worker that I knew that Tarvin Plumbing charges by the hour and that he needed to finish up. He finished the job after 3 hours and 55 minutes. The new diverter he installed leaked worse than the one he replaced. Tarvin sent another person out the following Monday to replace the diverter (that job took 3 minutes). I asked the second person how long it normally takes him to install a faucet like mine. He said 2-3 hours. I felt I was overcharged for both parts and labor. The initial amount he charged me was $503.92 (that was with the Angies discount). I complained to the office and they reduced my charges to $400.00. I supplied the faucet with drain parts, but the worker still charged me $41.00 for additional parts. The diverter was an additional $50. The reputable plumbing supply store where I bought my faucet said the plumber could supply one of those and that it would cost around $10. I felt I was overcharged but accepted the $400 charge because I am not a plumber and was not smart enough to ask what it would cost up front. I assumed installing a faucet on a pedestal sink was a fairly short job. If I had been given the second person that came out, it would have been. On a positive note, the sink faucet seems to be functioning OK (so far).
- Dianne P....
CBath Fitter
While finished product was worth the money and installed professionally, the process had its problems. We contracted for the tub liner on March 28th. Liner was installed on August 14th. Process does not normally take this long, but company somehow lost our paperwork, so company had to come to house a second time to measure tub. Company not sure how paperwork was lost, and said it has not happened before. Company was willing to give price discount due to delay in installing tub. While tub liner was just installed, product seems well made and professionally installed. Installers were careful with tracking dirt into house. Lined entryway with plastic tarp to catch dirt and shavings from tub liner.
- Lindley W....
AMax Hofmeyer & Sons Inc
A tenant had broken off the spout in the bathtub. When we called Max Hofmeyer, they responded quickly and we ended up needing to have the entire faucet replaced. For the work that was required, the cost was very reasonable.
- Rebecca S....