Fredericktown Pool Heater Installation

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Business Description: We are a Commercial and Residential heating and air conditioning company. we repair, service, sell and install all variations of HVAC equipment. We are a 24/7 company. We offer a 15% discount to United States Veterans and Seniors 65 and over.
Business Description: Remember by using a smaller family owned and operated company sometimes timing issues can arise, The reason you would want to use a smaller family-owned HVAC company.would be The Quality and more open-minded at doing special tweaks to your job without hammering your wallet! Large local HVAC companies are good at the time, maybe, but the quality is sacrificed for the production. As for. TV commercials, well you pay for them also. They are fast at patching or telling you-you need a completely new HVAC system or getting your credit card info. We Service, Sell, Repair, and Install all variations of HVAC equipment. We are a heating and cooling company in The Central Ohio doing all forms and levels of HVAC services and installations. Your mechanical equipment will one day fail just like an automobile, but it doesn't really need to be replaced. Our staff is qualified in diagnosing any HVAC system you have and will assess in the equipment operation and your personal situation prior to any form of quoting a repair or replacement. We service all Central and Southeastern Ohio Residential Homes and Businesses new or existing structures. We have been in Business since 1985. Most services do not exceed 1 hour unless it is a major repair or a very neglected system in need of major and thorough inspection and repair. Our techs work at a pace getting to the source of the repair at a rate twice as quick than an average HVAC service technician or company with the decades of knowledge we possess. We work on small one-room cottages in the Hocking Hills to luxury celebrity style homes in the residential area and in the commercial and industrial fields we work on bars/grills, clubs, restaurants clean room laboratory, hospitality and indoor pools rooms and/or Natatoriums. shopping strip malls to mega malls in Central Ohio and the Tri-State area. We are here to make a difference in your comfort zone with Good Quality Treated Air. We know what best applies for your needs and budjet.
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Recent Review: I am always extremely happy with the service I receive from The Waterworks. I am always given a time window for my appointment and I have found that they are very accommodating to my schedule with several window options. Several times I have rec'd a call from the office prior to my appointment advising there is a technician in my area and would it be okay with me for them to arrive a few minutes early. The technicians I have had have always been very prompt and professional. I am always very happy with the service I receive and the problem is almost always quickly resolved. In my rare experience where something cannot be immediately repaired (we had a downspout pipe that was completely broken under our drive) they are wonderful to work with to resolve the issue as quickly and easily as possible. I have very high anxiety, especially with any water issues, and this company always answers my many questions politely, clearly and without judgement. I feel that the technicians I have encountered are extremely knowledgeable and always very friendly and kind. It can be a stressful experience for a homeowner to have to deal with a flooded basement or something similar, so I really appreciate having a company available that can efficiently fix the issue while being friendly and sympathetic to the problem. It really puts my mind at ease. I wish I rec'd this kind of service from all the companies I have to contact for my home. Very grateful for The Waterworks.
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Business Description: I am a small business owner that has only 2 employees, including myself. Additional email -
Business Description: Superior Pools Plus provides Columbus, Ohio and surrounding areas with a full range of commercial and residential swimming pool services. Superior Pools Plus provides pool installation, new pool construction, pool repair, complete pool renovations, annual commercial pool maintenance and so much more.
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Recent Review: They did a great job.  I have already contracted them for next year.  Professional and courteous they work around my schedule with no problems.  A great company to work with.
Recent Review: Knowledgable, friendly, prompt, fair pricing and good work.

Reviews in Fredericktown to Install Pool Heater

They did a great job.  I have already contracted them for next year.  Professional and courteous they work around my schedule with no problems.  A great company to work with.
- Samson H....
My swimming pool pump quit working one day during this past season. I called Backyardcity Pools and Ron answered the phone. I explained my situation and Ron told me he would have someone out within the hour. Approximately 30 minutes later a service rep was at my door. He diagnosed the problem and it turned out my pump was shot. I called Ron and he gave me a detailed explanation of my options. He could attempt to rebuild my broken down pump or he could give me a good price on a brand new pump. I chose the new pump. Ron's service rep had the pump installed within the hour and my pool was back in service. There was no extra charge for the same day (hour) service I received from Backyardcity Pools.
- Jane D....
AEdwards Pools
Nathan and his team take great pride in their work. From start to finish, we had a great experience. We love our new pool and are very pleased to have Edwards perform the install. Any questions we had along the way were met with a timely and friendly response. The tutorial on the equipment was a great benefit to me as this is our first pool. We have nothing but good things to say about Edwards Pools.
- Jeff H....
Pump repaired but not able to change bulb due to damage to entire unit. Unable at this time to replace entire unit due to location of junction box inaccessible at this time.
- Debbie M....
AHandyman Matters Northeast Columbus
The arrangements were made quickly and the company stayed in contact regarding the appointment including arranging a slightly earlier time. Isaac was prompt, courteous, professional and stayed on point in accomplishing tasks. Used an Angies list related discount so made it a great way to try out the company. Will gladly use and recommend both the company and Isaac.
- Mary C....
ASun Holiday Pools Inc
They opened my pool and went above and beyond the call of duty. Once they found the heater was bad, they serviced the heater.
- Susan O....
AHastings Water Works
I called 3 different pool companies to come help us with our pool. We couldn't prime our pump at all. One company said they couldn't fix it. Another company's rep "tried" to solve the problem, but an hour later he left our property saying that he couldn't fix it and we must have a big leak in our pool lines (which wasn't true, because we just replaced our pool lines earlier that week, and we had no discernable leaks from our skimmer lines). Hastings sent Kevin! Kevin took the time to trouble shoot everything he could; he pressurized the lines attempting to isolate the problem. He looked at every entry and exit point to our pump, our chlorinator, our skimmers, and our filter. After taking over an hour to do that, he focused on the lines near our pump where 3 lines joined that were drawing in water. He first fixed the line from our pump to our filter, which had no PVC unions on it.  Then he replaced our 3-to-1 valve fitting and our line opening/closing valves.  He sealed everything properly.  For the first time in 2 years (since we bought the property), we could actually prime our pool pump in seconds.  Kevin's solutions gave 1-2 hours each day back to my wife and to our sanity.  We wanted to find a pool company who actually cared about us, and Hastings has been it.
- Matthew S....
They were doing fine until we were gone on vacation and they just stopped servicing our pool but did a replacement on the pool pump. We didn't realize that on returning that they stopped servicing our pool until we realized that the water was turning green. When we called to ask them to fix the condition, they advised that they are only doing repairs of equipment but not doing regular weekly service. They hadn't ever given us notice about this and we changed to another pool service for everything.
- Stewart A....
e Clearwater Pools opened our pool this year in early May. We'd scheduled the opening in advance and were pleased with the service provided and the additional information from the technicians. We knew the heater needed to be replaced, and the technicians confirmed this and bypassed the current heater when they started and checked the pump and filter. Pricing on the pool opening was competitive with pricing for opening by other pool companies, but we did get an additional discount because we removed the leaf net and cover ourselves. Two weeks ago, Clearwater Pools replaced our old heater. The previous heater was too large for the size of the gas line. They took the time to advise us on the proper heater size and the final invoice did match the estimate. There were no surprise charges. They also taught me more about proper pool chemistry to prolong the life of our new heater and wrote the correct chlorine, PH and alkalinity levels on the top of the heater so it's always there for reference. Very professional service, and I appreciated the extra information. Recommend!
- Richard C....
AEdwards Pools
Nathan and his crew showed up on time and installed the heater and opened our pool for the season.He fully explained the operation and features of the heater and made sure I fully understood its operation.They did a neat job of attaching it to the existing system of pool equipment. The heater has performed flawlessly and increased our enjoyment of the pool and will greatly increase our swimming season. You can't go wrong with Edwards Pools
- Mike A....