Fairborn Retaining Wall Installation

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Reviews in Fairborn for Installing Retaining Walls

FTracy Mitchell PE
Tracy refused to come out and give an estimate, also tried to tell me that since he does a lot of work for the builder that built our house, that there is probably nothing wrong. He is biased and I believe wants to keep his business from said builder coming in...
- Jordan H....
AInspectioneering LLC
It went wonderfully. Harel is very open and knowledgeable in house construction/maintenance and mechanical systems. He encouraged us to be with him during the inspection and question him while taking notes. I feel very comfortable with his advice and the manner with which it was given. He is very thorough and examined the house from foundation to attic and roof. I would encourage anyone in the area to use him as opposed to many of his competitors that do not have his engineering credentials. Anyone can tell you if your water heater is leaking, Harel can tell you if your house will fall down.
- Wayne A....
ATracy Mitchell PE
We were removing a wall in our home for our remodel, and came to an area that was framed differently than the others, and were concerned that it was a bearing wall. We called Mr. Mitchell to examine the wall and to determine if it was, in fact, load bearing. Mr. Mitchell was able to schedule our appointment quickly, he was on time for our appointment, and did a thorough job of inspecting the wall and surrounding areas. The wall was not bearing, but the header needed some reinforcement. He very clearly explained how this was to be done. Within a day or two, he sent a stamped copy of his assessment, and instructions for the reinforcement. He charged exactly what he had estimated. We will not hesitate to call him in the future if we need a structural engineer.
- Geoffrey B....

Structural Engineering in Fairborn

Award 2019Super Service Award
Business Description: Construction company and consulting engineering firm for residential, industrial, commercial, institutional, and retail clients.
Recent Review: Tracy came soon after calling and was right on time. He had excellent suggestions and was very professional. The report was prompt and consistent with our conversation. A few years ago, needed a structural engineer who was pricey and not very prompt. Tracy provided far better service. I will surely use him again for future projects. He has my personal "super service" award!
Recent Review: We contacted Harel to do the inspection because we wanted a structural engineer to look at our concerns with the floor and retaining wall. He did a great job with everything. He was very thorough and took his time, like checking every electrical outlet and a complete inspection of the roof, furnace, and AC. He knew a lot about the structure of our house by looking for small clues. He took pictures of almost everything and wrote down notes during the inspection so he wouldn't forget. We were able to successfully use his report, mostly concerning the retaining walls, to negotiate down the price of the house. Very nice and intelligent guy, would definitely recommend!