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Award 2019Super Service Award
Recent Review: I did not get any other prices to compare to. It was a two day job. A day after it was completed, the sump pump alarm went off and it was malfunctioning. I left two voicemails Monday and someone called back later in the day. They came out Tuesday and fixed the problem. They were willing to work around my work schedule so I didn't have to take additional time off so I was please with that.
Recent Review: They were great! I will definitely recommend them and absolutely use them, again.
Recent Review:       Had our crawl space encapsulized yesterday, everything went very well. I was told the installers would be here between 10am and 11am. They were here at 10:15 and started right away. There were five workers and they all were very professional. They were done around 6pm, had me inspect all their work and explained how they performed the work. They cleaned up all materiels  and left the property in very good condition.  From start to finish, everyone was very professional and no pressure. Their work is warranted for the life of the structure.     I would recommend this company to anyone.
Business Description: Basement Care has over 40 years of experience in the waterproofing business. We are locally owned and operated, fully insured, licensed, and bonded. Our reputation is among the best in the basement waterproofing industry. Our employees are fully covered under Ohio Worker’s Compensation for your protection. We supply every prospective customer with as many references as needed to ensure the best possible decision about our company and workmanship. FREE Inspections and FREE estimates!
Business Description: Accepts major credit cards, military discounts, senior citizen discounts, life time transferable warranty. Free no obligation inspection.
Award 2019Super Service Award
Recent Review: Showed up on time. Worked like maniacs, I would never have guessed that much heavy hard work could be done in only two days. The crew was very professional, polite and considerate. Left the basement looking as clean as it was when they got there. During and after pics attached. I didn't have a before in the crawl space but it is so much better now.
Award 2019Super Service Award
Recent Review: The price is not in the category of economy. These folks are not cheap by anyone's standard. But their level of professionalism and quality can not be matched.
Recent Review: Rep was 30 min late. He was very informative and nice. Gave quote. Called back with questions with no return to message. Sent email to rep and no response. Two weeks later company followed up and said rep was no longer with company. But I had hired anotherr company.
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Recent Review: Arrived on time. Business like & friendly. Very knowledgeable about problem mold. Very efficient about doing work needed. Clean, polite, great experience in bad situation.
Award 2019Super Service Award
Recent Review: Our crawl space always flooded when it rained. Everdry sealed the foundation. After their work the crawl space has been dry. The technicians were very professional and knowledgeable about their work.

Reviews in Andover to Encapsulate Crawl Spaces

ABuckeye Foundation Systems
I did alot of research in the area of wet crawl spaces and their fixes.This involves educating yourself about building codes and the science behind in particular, crawl spaces.I had a very wet crawl space( sometimes standing water) and as I explored the reasons I found out the hard way what and the way foundation drain tiles work.Mine was installed incorrectly from the day it was installed when the house was built.It obviously was not inspected.I live on flat ground so there is not alot of room for getting this right.I actually dug up the complete foundation drain and re-installedit my self ( I really didn't have the money at the time and I was angry at the builder for allowing this shoddy workmanship, the builder is no longer in business).By the way I don't really recommend this for the faint of heart,it is very labor intensive.When I did this it solved my problem by about 60 percent.By the way I got several bids by companies to do this work and none,I repeat,none were willing to come out and look at the job and wanted to give me prices over the phone which was another driving factor in my taking this on.Anyway I didn't have standing water anymore and I waited through the winter of 2009( I performed this work summer of 2009) and we had an extremely wet spring and the crawlspce while not keeping standing water anymore was still very wet and very humid and I starting to see mold at this point and I was extremely worried about this situation.While researching this problem on the internet I stumbled acroos the science of crawl space encapsulation.The more I read the more it made absolute sense to me,treat your crawl space like a basement.The Department of Energy sponsered a study about thisand actual homes were built with this purpose in mind and confirmed everthing I read.That even though building code says you must have so much ventilation in your foundation it doesn't work as you would think,especially in the event of poor drainage situations( my house).Please educate youself about this if you find yourself in a similar situation, the internet was great about this,I spent many hours going over the Pros and Cons of this.Anyway I decided I had read enough and I was gong to get bids from several waterproofing companies,including those who did not do crawl space encapsulation.I consulted Angies list a picked one of the top rated waterproofing companies Aquaproof and several others that did the crawl space encapsulation,because I wanted to hear all sides from what would I considered professionals in their industries and measure what they had to say about each others methods.Anyway only two companies actually came out, out of five I requested bids from.I deliberately kept my mouth shut about what I knew in my research. After all, all I had was research not real world experience.Anyway the first company was Aquaproof an Angies top contractor for waterproofing.He was prompt and came while were having a driving rainstorm,which was perfect.Anyway they do not do encapsulation they waterproof the foundation and bring all the tiles into the crawlspace to a sump pump,they were also going to put an inside drainage system in likewise.There two problems I had with their bid ,one was if the sump failed completely I would have all this water going into my crawlspace( they were going to put my downspouts into the drainage system also).I have no doubt that the majority of the time this works well but I assume the worst and all he could say that it wouldn't happen.I work in the service industry and have experienced many times something shoulsn't have happened.And one of the last things he said to me was don't do an encapsulation that it doesn't work without any real explanation( there was more to the conversation which lead him quoting me a price for an air exchanger for my crawlspace).So I am not trying denigrate this company they appear to be quite successful at what they do with lots of good testimonials,by the way their bid was the highest of all bids by 3,000.00 dollars.Now for the others, one company out of Michigan which coincidentally had the most information on encapsulation appeared to be a one man show and we did all our business over the phone and e-mail.He uses sub-contractors and no one was going to come out and look,he wanted me to go into my crawl space and take digital photos of the whole crawlspace and specific areas and then measure the whole crawlspace so he could give me an accurate price( he turned out to be the lowest bid).I didn't do anything he requested because dubious nature of an out of state compny with no local connections.By the way he sells all the materials to do this with if you feel spunky.Now I had only one other company willing to come out and they are from the Zanesville, Ohio area.They do all forms of waterproofing and foundation repairs.The salesman that came was very educated in crawlspaces and the encapsulation procedure and actually got down in the crawlspace to look,he was the only one to do this.I was extremely impressed with his professionalism and his easy manner of no pressure style even though he had driven three hours one way to get there.He thoughoughly explaned the encapsulation procedure and how long it would it take and most importantly the warranty and how they stand behind it( I had already researched them as a company as a part of my selection process).Their price was middle of the road.The end result was I went with this company and they were nothing short of amazing through the process.I was kept informed as to when they were coming and they kept their dates and finished in two days.I later went into the crawlspace to run permenant electric for the sump pump and my crawlspace is dry as a bone,the musty order is gone from our house, the possible mold issue is gone.I didn't have to the work I did for the outside foundation drain as the other company wanted.They did install an inside drainage system and connected it to a sump pump,but I do not worry as I am not bringing outside water as the other company wanted to do.The team that came out was very professional led by "Johnny" did a superb job.I waited several months to reserve my comments on purpose to make sure that things were going to be as they said they and too date they are and I high praise for this company, if you have any wet problems involving your crawlspace or basement I wouldn't hesitate to call this company.Steve Ray was my inspector and sales person.For me this was very costly and still habor resentment towards the builder because I shouldn't have had to do this,but like wise the building inspector wasn't doing their job either.It isn't easy or much fun but educating yourself about these things but it pays off in the long run.Oh by the way there is a 25 year warranty on the work and materials,excluding the sump pump,and you get it writing. Please don't hesitate to e-mail me with any questions,google came up with all kinds of things in this area.
- Kenneth M....
AOhio Basement Authority
The crawl space is divided into two four sections with two of the areas tight and difficult to access. Three were relatively dry but a bit musty smelling. The fourth has standing water. From the start with Drew Black, the inspector and sales consultant through to the job completion with Manuel, Valentin, Jesus, and Arturo I was very satisfied with the level of professionalism and attention to detail. Drew was very good at explaining their system and the various options with imposing any pressure to upscale the project. He was a good listener and I think together we came up the optimum price/performance for my situation. The crew showed up on time and emerged from the truck with smiles on their faces and ready to work. The crew was lead on the first day by Manuel. He had obviously been well informed about the details of my job and was attentive when we did a quick run-through. They offered to remove all of the old insulation out of the floor joist and I readily accepted. I wasn't sure that was going to be part of the deal, but it sure cleaned things up nicely and gives me confidence that I won't have mold/mildew problems with the flooring. Valentin, the regular crew chief, headed up the crew on the second day. He asked several times if I had questions and seemed intent on making sure that I was going to be happy with the work. They did excellent work and conducted themselves in a professional manner. It was nice to hear some occasional singing coming from the crawl space (someone who enjoys what they are doing is likely to do better work).
- Robert W....
AThe Basement Doctor
They did what they said they would do in the amount of time they said they would do it in.  The service was very good and I would recommend this company to anyone.
- David &....
AStay Dry Waterproofing - Columbus
Showed up on time. Worked like maniacs, I would never have guessed that much heavy hard work could be done in only two days. The crew was very professional, polite and considerate. Left the basement looking as clean as it was when they got there. During and after pics attached. I didn't have a before in the crawl space but it is so much better now.
- Scott D....
AFirst Choice Home & Building Inspections LLC
Arrived on time. Business like & friendly. Very knowledgeable about problem mold. Very efficient about doing work needed. Clean, polite, great experience in bad situation.
- Rebecca E....
AEverdry Waterproofing
They did a great job and very knowledgeable and always kept me informed as to what they were doing. TM18
- Craig T....
ASaunders Basement Waterproofing
Excellent work! Rick and his workers were very prompt. They arrived each morning before 8am and worked a full day. They performed all the work that they quoted and even exceeded our expectations! It was a very messy job for them and they left our garage and crawl space looking great. I would highly recommend Saunders Basement Waterproofing to anyone! You will receive a fair quote and honest assessment and solution for your problem. Rick and his workers were friendly and hardworking. I have had several quotes and proposals for our wet crawlspace and was fortunate to have found Rick's company. They not only solved our problem, but completed it at a lower cost than some of the and quot;big nameand quot; waterproofing companies.
- Gary R....
AEngineered Foundation Solutions
They were professional. The engineer came out to look and inspect and get a plan.We then quickly realized how fast the structure was moving, they moved up my repair date as an "emergent fix". They stabilized the home and were able to shift it back into place by about 1/8 to 1/4 inch. It was secured with a lot of steel and cement. The amount was costly. They did work with me on a 6 month payment plan for the balance.The plan for how the fix was going to happen had changed while I was out of town working and that made me really nervous that I couldn't see what the new fix was going to look like. They did what they could and waited for my return to discuss alternate ways to go about the final fix.They were always available for lots of questions from myself and my husband had throughout the process."
- Amanda H....
AHydra Basement Waterproofing
Got lots of estimates. Pat was very informative. Everything went as he said it would. It was a hard job. No water now, area smells clean, sump pumps are going on and off as they are suppose to. Getting rid of water has (so far)  helped with other problems like bad odors and bugs. So glad we had the work done and so glad we went with this company. They did what they promised to do. No surprises. Easy to work with.
- Patricia L....
CGH Handyman LLC
Things went okay to a point.  He repaired the two faucets and replaced the shut-off valves, although he had to leave and go to purchase parts, which seemed to take quite some time.  He then replaced a section of pvc pipe running from one of our outdoor faucets  to extend it out from under our deck to the front of the deck.  This was just a replacement of the line that was already there and had split from exposure to the elements.  He then went into the crawl space to replace the leaking outside faucet.  He hadn't been under the house long when he came to me and told me that he had seen snakes in the crawl space and he wasn't going to complete changing out the faucet until I could assure him that the snakes had been removed.  He gave me the replacement parts, his personal phone number and told me that when I was sure there were no snakes, he would return on his own time to complete the job.  I took him at his word and paid him $427.00 for 6 hours labor at $50.00 an hour, plus $127.00 in parts.   On August 4, 2015 I had A All Animal Control do a complete inspection of the crawl space under my house.  He spent a good hour or so inspecting all areas.  He did find a couple of old snake skins that had been there for quite a while, but saw no signs of any live snakes or evidence of any recent activity.  Once he left I tried several times to contact the repairman, but he had no message service set up on his phone and I got no answer.  After several tries, I did reach him and he assured me that he would be out to finish the job at the end of the week.  He was a no show.  I tried a couple of times after that to reach him, but got no answer. As the weather turned colder and my attempts to contact him were unsuccessful, I stopped trying to reach him.  As the weather improved, my husband starting trying to contact the repairman, and scheduled him to come and finish.  Again, he was a no-show.  When my husband contacted him again, he apologized and said he had forgotten.  He scheduled again and this time we had to cancel because of a conflict of times.  He hasn't been able to connect with him since.  All we want is for them to install the new faucet and to honor the promise that the repairman would come back and finish the job without further costs. The next step, my husband contacted Greg Hughes via a message on their website.  My husband had one conversation with Greg Hughes via telephone and since that time, we have received no action or further contact with the company or the repairman who came to our house.  To say I'm disappointed would be accurate.  Between the repairs we paid for, having to call someone to inspect for snakes, we are out over $650.00 and still have a leaking outdoor faucet.  
- Pamela U....