Wilmington Outdoor Lighting Installation

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Recent Review: He did a good job installing the lights. We had a misunderstanding about the total costs, but he was responsive and we were satisfied with the outcome.

Reviews in Wilmington for Installing Outdoor Lighting

AUnlimited Electric
I purchased a big deal coupon for this company. I thought he did a good job, he came on time and seemed very knowledgeable and he did fix the problems that day and did stay and fixed everything that he fixed which was good.  I think it was an afternoon schedule. That was good at least from my stand point.  Not a whole lot of downsides.  I thought he was a little bit pricey but other than that that's the way it is.  He did do a lot of work and he did explain to me that there was an issue with the Angie's List Big Deal which basically listed it as, I forget.  He said basically the way he does his job he prices the job and no matter how long it takes that's what he charges.  So it kind of didn't fit but what he did was he just prices it out so he did it without the coupon and then took the coupon value off.  It worked out fine.  It wasn't a big deal to me.  I think he was thinking it was a bigger deal than I did.  He had to do a lot of restoration work in the front of the house with the rewiring and drilling the holes and fishing a line and so on and so forth.
- Pat C....
AJames Rose Outdoor Services, Inc.
I have used Jim Rose Services for several years.  Jim is EXTREMELY reliable.  He responds to emails right away, conducts estimates with a very short turn-around time, and he is able to do the work in a resonable time frame.  My entire property reflects his efforts. I HIGHLY recommend Jim.
- Nancy B....
AFJ Piazza Construction Co
Because we were working on a schedule that did not allow Piazza Construction to do all this work in one continuous period as they would not finish the project entirely before the Holidays. They accommodated our and his schedule very well. This Start and Stop schedule enabled us to evaluate the work performed as we went along.Here is a summary of the scheduled tasks:  Work started approximately 10/1/07. Piazza arrived with his crew and immediately worked on furniture clustering, wallpaper and moulding  removal in the LR on Main level.  When the LR was being prepped for final painting, one crew started removal of wallpaper and moulding in the front foyer. This movement of the crews continued until all the Main Level was stripped of wallpaper and moulding Painting started on the Main Level while another crew put scaffolding in place and began to strip wallpaper and prepare the stairwells and the Bedroom Level for reconstruction and painting During this time another member was removing the fixtures and tile floors in the full and half baths. The fixtures were ordered by us in early November and the vendor (Blackman) had them by late November. Piazza picked the fixtures up at that time so they could be installed when the rooms were ready. Painting on Main and Bedroom levels was completed around the end of November, early December Bathroom fixtures were put in place by mid-December and we put a hold on everything for Christmas. We decided to do the tile work after the Holidays. In March, 2008, at my request, Piazza started to paint the Master Bedroom. This included BR, two walk-in closets and painting two closet doors and one bedroom exit door.  This was completed while we were on vacation. In April, the final task of this project, the tile work on the Full Bath and Half Bath was started. This included major adjustments to the floor support joists to level the supporting floor prior to starting the tile work in the Full Bath. This was completed in May, 2008. At this point, I had some work that I wanted to have done on the outside so Piazza went on to another custmer. I had additional work to do inside, but I wanted to wait until  2010. I called Piazza in early 2010 and we set up another Project time for April/May 2010. This project involved installing and painting nine new raised-paneled doors and fixing and re-installing three closet sliding door sets. The project was completed on 5/3/2010. Presntly Piazza is estimating electrical work that needs to be updated on the outside of my house.
- Dominic D....