Whitehall Concrete Sidewalk Installation

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Business Description: Mason specializing in breakwalls/seawalls along lakefront properties. Poured concrete floors, sidewalks, driveways, patios. Foundations/Basements. Retaining Walls. Garages, Polebarns, Additions. Roofing.
Recent Review: They are busy enough that it was hard to get an appointment, but once we met things happened quickly. It is the best looking work in the subdivision, but more importantly, it is the best quality work. I can look and see neighbor's work with specific problems which did not occur with my work. The driveway is tied to the garage floor and sidewalk with re-bar drilled into the concrete. Steel mesh was used along with the re-bar for reinforcing. Two coats of sealant were applied. Joints were saw-cut rather than formed - a premium process that results in a more attractive and better winter surface.

Reviews for Install Concrete Sidewalks in Whitehall

ACaldwells Custom Concrete Inc
They told me upfront that it wold take a few months together to my job, and the timing was just as predicted. They came and completed the job quickly and professionally.
- Gerald F....