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Business Description: Ben & Ben Carpet Cleaning is a full service carpet cleaning company. We have highly trained professionals and the most up-to-date equipment to clean carpets, upholstery, tile & grout, air ducts, area rugs, and oriental rugs. We serve both residential and commercial properties and are available 24 hours a day. We are so sure that you will be happy that we have a satisfaction guarantee for all of our services.
Recent Review: I appreciate his and his empoyee's attention to detail. The owner made certain I was satisfied with the quality of his work.
Recent Review: Cleaned carpet in LR FR Hallway DR.... excellent results!
Recent Review: very well will use again. Have recommended to other people.
Recent Review: Excellent service. They were timely, arriving when they said they would. My carpets have never been cleaner!
Recent Review: They cleaned badly pet stained carpets. No stains or odor left! They are prompt and work together efficiently. I will definitely use them again!
Recent Review: They arrived early and did the work in a professional manner. All stains were removed. These guys are great.
Recent Review: Our technician was Scott and he did an amazing job. He was very neat and efficient and the carpets looked wonderful when he finished.
Recent Review: On time. Worked quickly & were thorough. Place looks like new.
Recent Review: The 2-man team arrived early. Loved the steps they use to clean carpets, especially the first two steps of deep raking to get at settled-in dirt, and then thorough vacuuming. Never had this done before and have had lots of cleanings.

Reviews in Watertown to Clean Pet Stain Carpets

AHarry O's Cleaning Services Inc
I appreciate his and his empoyee's attention to detail. The owner made certain I was satisfied with the quality of his work.
- Steven F....
Excellent service. They were timely, arriving when they said they would. My carpets have never been cleaner!
- Deb B....
Jeff "squeezed" us in during his very busy schedule! We are very grateful for the quality work he provides and his willingness to get the work done quickly and efficiently.
- Michelle P....
They arrived early and did the work in a professional manner. All stains were removed. These guys are great.
- William P....
AQuick-Dry Carpet Care
The owner is Jim Baker. They are reliable, punctual and affordable. They use a low moister technique so you are not dealing with a wet carpet for a day or two after they come. If they come in the morning the carpets are usually dry by night.  They were inexpensive. They have been cleaning carpet for me for about 20 years. I will most definitely use them again in the future.
- John F....
ABetter Than Ever Carpet Care
They were exactly on time and very efficient.  The carpeting was very clean, as was the furniture.  They were in at 9 and out by 2:30.  They were courteous.  We had to allow the carpeting to dry 24 hours before allowing furniture to moved back.
- Margaret C....
AOlean Carpet Cleaning
When I called to make the appointment, Sharon was able to schedule my house for exactly the day I requested. A couple of days later I had to reschedule and she was able to switch it to my new preffered date with no problem at all. Sharon asked me to remove any smaller items from the floor but told me they would take care of the large pieces. They arrived on time and hooked onto my outside spigot as a water source. Sharon and Murphy walked through the house with me to make sure they knew exactly what I wanted cleaned. I added a chair last minute and that was no problem. Sharon told me how much it would cost and then they began the cleaning. They put all my large furniture up on styrofoam blocks. They wore shoe covers so they would not soil my floors. Their system is down pat and they move efficiently and expertly. The whole cleaning took about 2 hours, I think. There was no mess or tracks or any evidence they had been here except the clean carpets and the fresh scent. Most of the carpets and furniture were dry before dinner but the cushions on the sofa took a bit longer.
- Colleen C....
AGreen & Dry Carpet Cleaning
I called Green & Dry after our usual carpet cleaner cancelled at the last minute. Lucky for me they happened to be in the area and could do it that afternoon. I was intrigued by dry process but wondered if it would work. They arrived and explained the process in detail and got right to it. I have Berber carpet and had quite a few stains. When she finished I was very pleased with the outcome. I could put all my furniture back in place within minutes. Green & Dry Carpet Cleaning Carpet Cleaning utilizes the most advanced dry extraction techniques available. Unlike traditional steam cleaning services, Green & Dry Carpet Cleaning uses an organic based, dry compound to ?dry clean? your carpets. The dry extraction method is a healthier and safer way to clean your carpets.Green & Dry Carpet Cleaning is Powered by Host® Cleaning Products which are Green Seal and USDA Certified, Wool Safe, EPP approved, and contributes to earning LEED credits. I recommend the process once people use it, they will never try anything else. We are delighted."
- Jean E....
FSUPERCLEAN Carpet & Flood Restoration
IT PAINS ME TO HAVE TO WRITE THIS REVIEW ... BUT I AM STILL WAITING FOR MY SERVICE 4-HOURS LATER! Let me start by saying that I joined Angies List for the sole purpose of finding the perfect carpet cleaning service for my home.  The two reviews for this company had me sold.  I fell for it... they must have been family members. I phoned the company and made an appointment for "2 pm" this afternoon.  I took a 1/2 day off from work to be here for the job to get done.  When I arrived home at 1pm, SuperClean had left a message at noon that they were running "ahead of schedule" and they'd like to do the job at noon if possible and to please call them when I get in.  Well I got in at 1pm so, I called them at 1 pm.  Left messages at every phone number they left for me AND the number from the website.  Nobody returned my phone call so I assumed they were going to arrive at 2pm AS SCHEDULED.  When nobody arrived by 2:30pm, I called their phones again.  I left messages again. B y 3:15pm, I called the phones again, this time someone answered.  "Jeremey" said that they were in my area at noon and wanted to do the job then but I wasn't home so they sent the truck back (???).  He told me the BOSS dosen't like to PAY for the workers to just SIT AROUND... I kindly (so sarcasm used) told him my appointment was at 2pm,  his BOSS made the appointment with me - He acknowldged the fact but offered no resolution.  He asked if they could send someone tomorrow...I won't be home tomorrow....I did tell him that I will be home the remainder of this evening so since my home was already ripped apart I'd be happy to have them tonight.  Our conversation ended approximately 3:30pm with Jeremey telling me "I will call you back" and , well, four-hours later I am still waiting. Whether this company cleans carpets well or not dosen't matter now (nor will I ever know).  The customer service I received today puts them in the sub-zero category in my book.   Oh, and good thing the company I will be entertaining this weekend won't mind my dirty carpets!  Sorry I had to be so blunt...I will be calling someone from the yellowges from now on :(
- Renee B....