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Business Description: Custom manufacturers of of all wood windows - Sashes, Transoms, Single Hung Window Units, Hopper Window Units, Fixed Window Units and Screens for sheds, barns, stables, pool houses, cabins, chicken coops including homes for interior walls. We use single strength glass. Call for pricing on tempered glass.
Business Description: Quality Builders General Construction, LLC. is a residential and commercial construction company that has been building homes, additions, garages, four seasons rooms and much more.
Business Description: 20+ years Construction/Master Carpenter experience. 7+ years in one of a kind custom Treehouse's with slides, rock walls, ziplines, bucket pulls, trap doors, etc. Custom Sheds and furniture. Custom wood tables to custom porch swings. We accept all major credit cards and Pay-Pal. $200 Consultation fee (goes towards project).
Recent Review: This was a great experience overall. They were able to paint the shed to match fairly closely to the paint scheme of our house. They had no problems with the limited access to the backyard and with how close the shed was to the fence.
Recent Review: He came when he said he would and kept his word on the whole process. It took him 3 days to build my shed. He was very on point and if I had any questions he was very happy to answer them. After the shed was completed he cleaned up after himself and I was very pleased with his work and customer service.
Recent Review: Mik was a great communicator (rare these days) when it came to fitting us into his schedule, His work ethic is awesome, quality was great! I thought the price was a bit high, but after I saw the quality of the work and materials used I was fine with the cost. I would recommend AMX Deck and Renovations to anyone.
Recent Review: It went very well. Keith, who was the sales representative at the Gates-Tops Plaza location, was very helpful in picking out a shed. Also, Dave, who came out to my property to perform the site inspection was very helpful and friendly. Yuri, who delivered the shed, was very knowledgeable in doing his job. I would highly recommend Sturdi-Built for a shed installation.
Business Description: General Contractor with 22 years experience in all phases of contruction.
Recent Review: They were really quite good.  I would use them again in the future.
Business Description: All American builders is a professional, reliable and efficient company. we offer free estimates and fair prices. we are fully insured and offer a 10% discount to senior citizens and repeat customers.

Reviews in Waterloo for Building a Pool House

BWood-Tex Products
We needed a new 12 x 16 shed. We shopped on internet for local shed builders and found Wood Tex to be the most cheapest for their quality. We went to their open house. We selected colors, style, and selected options we wanted to add to our shed. It takes a long time for them to make the shed (approximately 2 months). They built and delivered it for free because we live within 100 miles from their company. Although, we were a little disappointed to find minor sloppy paint and smoke stain on the shed. Contacted them and they told me the smoke stain is washable with soap and water. They send in pints of paint for us to paint over the minor sloppy mistakes they made. Overall, we are satisfied with it for a great price. If people are thinking of getting a shed from Wood-Tex, they need to be sure that they are able to deliver it freely on their property without any barriers.
- Tina A....
ASteelrain Construction and Restoration
He came when he said he would and kept his word on the whole process. It took him 3 days to build my shed. He was very on point and if I had any questions he was very happy to answer them. After the shed was completed he cleaned up after himself and I was very pleased with his work and customer service.
- Robert W....
AAMX Decks and Renovations
Mik was a great communicator (rare these days) when it came to fitting us into his schedule, His work ethic is awesome, quality was great! I thought the price was a bit high, but after I saw the quality of the work and materials used I was fine with the cost. I would recommend AMX Deck and Renovations to anyone.
- Todd I....
DSturdi Built Sheds
they kept postponing the delivery date, blaming "the amish" for the delays. This was always following my calling them to find out what was going on since I hadn't been contacted re: a delivery date. The crew finally arrived, and told me the site I'd prepared and leveled was too close to a fence so they'd have to bring it forward "a bit" The confirmed with me how far it would be forward, but all I saw was a wooden platform which hadn't been leveled yet. When the construction was completed, and they'd left, I went to check things out and discovered that they brought the shed so far forward that there was a 3.5 foot gap on the left rear side which they'd leveled with a stack of patio blocks and wood scraps. the leveling looked unstable, and appeared to be tilting. I called the company and asked for someone to come out and take a look, they said they were very busy but would be out there in a week or two. That was three months ago. Since then I have called and left messages, and have not gotten any returned calls. I shelled out over $4,000.00 for a shed which is on an unstable platform, and I am afraid to use it.
- James T....
FAll American Builders
It has been over three years and the work is not completed. I, stupidly, paid in full because I needed the work done. My husband had ALS and was dying. These projects were to make our home easier for him to get around. My husband died before the projects were completed. Will has ignored my attempts to contact him to complete the work. The gutters on the addition don't work correctly and my basement is being flooded with the roof run off. My phone lines are getting wet and cause a buzzing sound on my phone. The foundation is eroding from the water poring off the addition roof. He won't return my phone calls and now his voice box is full. I am battling cancer and severe arthritis and I can't afford to hire someone else. My advice is stay clear of All American Builders in Sidney, NY.
- Paula H....
APrw Construction Company
Phil was extremely professional and courteous. He was always on time. He was detail oriented and double checked through the whole process. He was also very patient when the occasional kid or husband would have questions. The job was finished promptly and when he was finished he did an excellent job of cleaning the sight up. Very good experience with this company. When someone asks my opinion of the go to company for construction I also Speke of my experience with PRW.
- Crystal C....
DChristian Brothers Construction
original projects went well- not perfect but acceptable- minor issues included sections missed when painting, railing in back not stable. reasonable satisfaction and good price led to more projects- the drywall was okay- minor issues- baseboards not removed so imperfect transition of drywall to baseboard including overhang of drywall. drywall has developed seams showing through. bathroom remodel went okay- however a few months later- discover/realized that latex sealer?caulk was used allowing water to escape from shower into adjacent areas to develop mold. also discovered i am allergic to mold. snow blockers/diverters came off from snow the following winter. The crew was nice but many were clearly not experienced. radio was quite loud at times. behind my shed was used as a toilet- i was advised by my neighbor that a man had been peeing back there. crew was critical of employer at times. when billed (over phone) for the last of the work some time later after the snow diverters came off the roof and the mold discovered- i advised i would not pay. did not hear anything for somewhere around a year when i received a written bill, the next day or two i received a collections bill- i advised the above and have heard no more.
- Grace H....
FJP Construction/ John Milucky
In a county (Sullivan) where construction quality standards are notoriously low, prices ridiculously high, and contractors routinely don’t finish on time (or at all)... this guy sets a new standard for awful. He also works with a guy named Bob Wayne, who is equally if not more incompetent, half assed, and apathetic. I hired JP construction/ John Milucky to expand my small barn in 2016. Aside from never having completed the job but having all the money (for which I tried taking him to small claims court until it became so hard to file a claim in the town where he does business that I gave up... probably not a coincidence that the town justice has the same last name), the litany of corner cutting, garbage construction techniques, and out right incompetence has cost me thousands of additional dollars in repairs from other contractors and time I’ve had to spend doing the work myself that I paid good money for a contractor to do. A list of problems and corner cutting includes: - Windows: all six of the windows he installed had no sill flashing or silicone around the frame to seal and protect them from moisture incursion. Additionally, he installed replacement windows in areas of new construction and did it so poorly that you could see out of the barn interior to the outside through a quarter inch gap at the top of the window. His solution for all of this was to go long after the fact and smear some silicone on the outside of the windows. Truly pathetic. I had to pull the trim and properly reinstall every one of the windows myself. - Front door: because of the need to build up the floor and height of the interior loft, I specified an outswing door for the front door. This guy ordered an in swing door and installed it as an outswing door. It’s also not a weatherproof door or frame and has caused me to have to make several time consuming modifications (cutting out parts of the frame and replacing them with silicone, flashing the entire edge of the door, etc). Additionally, they misinstalled the door frame so the door doesn’t close tight with the frame and leaves about an inch gap at the top. - Exterior measurements: he mismeasured the length needed to symmetrically expand the shed into a barn. Consequently, he had to pour a second run of concrete about a foot and a half wide, which is now not connected to the main slab. And he still didn’t get the length right so the whole barn is lopsided with the side he added on being shorter then the existing side and the roof lines not matching. - False beams: he installed false beams on the outside of the expansion to match the beams sticking out of the existing structure. However, because he mismeasured the whole thing those false beams are not level with the existing structure and, worst of all, they were never sealed against the building and angle back into the building, creating a pathway for moisture Siding: I paid a lot of money to have high quality steel panels used for siding - but because these guys miss measured, the amount of leftover material (which I paid for) could have cited an entire other side of the barn. Also, instead of using proper metal J channel on the outside they bent aluminum trim coil to approximate J channel but it is incredibly flimsy and only single bent in many areas (and looks terrible). - Double doors: I had a set of double doors on the existing structure that had two hinges at the top of each door to keep those doors from sagging. They removed the doors when they installed the new siding but only reinstalled one set of hinges at the top of each door... so now guess what’s happening. Roof peak: even though I specified that I was going to construct a Cathedral ceiling (which requires ridge venting at the peak, and soffit venting at the base) these guys closed the roof peak with both plywood and metal (except for about a foot long section on the west end where they simply mismeasured). I now have to hire another builder to go back on the roof, remove the ridge cap, cut open the roof peak, and reinstall with a ridge vent. I’ve also got to go drill holes into the north side where the roof meets the siding and install soffit vent. - Miscellaneous: in general, there was just a massive amount of corner cutting and shoddy construction techniques. Studs in the structure we’re not installed plum or at a uniform distance apart. The concrete slab wasn’t staked properly so it bulges into a secondary room... I could go on but if you made it this far, you probably get the point.
- Nathan S....
DDuffy's Builders & General Contracting
THE NEGATIVE ISSUES: EVERYTHING IS LESS PRECISE     It seems that the contractor?s underlying attitude was that ?this is just a garage,? but the resulting construction was more in line with building a shed. Window headers were left not completed. Cement-coated, scrap wood was used in visible portions of the exterior. Expensive siding (owner provided) was installed poorly, with trim regularly popping off and becoming detached. Loft stairs, although specified to be construction grade, appear to be styled to meld with ?The Little Rascal?s? club house; with varying sized treads and an OSB floored landing?the contractor tried to charge extra for this because they were ?winders!?  Not enough anchor bolts were ordered to secure the floor plates; at the contractee?s insistence, Tapcons were used to make up for this error. Most of these were not driven in sufficiently?likely because the pilot holes weren?t drilled deep enough. A haphazard latticework of blocking and support for the loft trusses made this area impossible to insulate to code. Much of this had to be removed and properly reinstalled to obtain the required insulation thickness without excessive compression. To make up for a shortfall of approximately 18? of drip edge, a scrap piece was installed over the top of the existing edge. This makeshift installation would have directed rain into the roof, if the contractee had not corrected this error. The contractor?s trademark ?electrical entrance thru the foundation? was executed poorly with the electrical entrance conduit neither within the stud wall, nor outside of it. This construction trademark was supposed to make the electrical entrance disappear. However, the result is that the 2? conduit protrudes from an interior wall; making it impossible to conceal and difficult to sheathe. It would have been more aesthetic to do a conventional outside entrance.   COULD NOT MEET CODE REQUIREMENTS     When the Building Permit was issued, the Code Enforcement Officer sent along requirements for Bracing for Overhead Doors in Seismic Areas. This document was promptly relayed to the contractor?who ignored it during construction. The contractee had to facilitate a meeting between the CEO and the contractor, and still, the issue was not resolved until (at the urging of the contractee) the eleventh hour. Throughout the project, the contractor appeared either not to understand the requirements, or was culturally unwilling to comply with them.     This project also included a change order in the form of an extended roof eve and a cantilevered balcony. To the contractor?s credit, he was willing to accommodate the change and conferred with the building materials supplier for the engineering requirements. However, when the CEO requested the engineering report after the additions were completed, the contractee discovered that there was no written or formal report. To receive a Temporary Certificate of Occupancy, the contractee had to work with the building materials supplier (who graciously worked with their materials supplier) to generate a Structural Engineering Report. Although his assistance was requested, the contractor abstained from any involvement during this process.   DISREGARDED SPECIFICATIONS     A few of these omissions were minor, like cutting off the ends of the gamble braces instead of beveling them, or using OSB for the loft flooring instead of the specified plywood. But for the slab concrete, the contractor ordered a #3000lb mix, instead of the specified #4000lb mix. The contractor?s Mason did a fine job of finishing the floor, but it cracked diagonally in several quadrants. I can?t help thinking that if the specified mix were used, the foundation wouldn?t have cracked as severely.   POOR COMMUNICATIONS WITH EMPLOYEES AND COORDINATION OF MATERIALS     Basically, the contractee needed to supervise this project, because the contractor did not, and was rarely onsite. Unfortunately, the contractee realized this necessity late in the project.     Several days after the slab was finished, the lone Mason hastily arrived, followed shortly by the cement truck. Soon, the Mason was rapidly filling buckets of concrete from the truck and pouring them throughout the curb, without any assistance. Realizing that no help was forthcoming and that the resulting job would be poor, the contractee assisted the Mason by distributing buckets of concrete, so that he could perform his expertise of vibrating (with his reciprocating saw) and finishing the concrete. Despite this effort, the resulting curb is poorly finished and leaks whenever it rains.     The change order of the extended roof and balcony were charged separately and performed on a Labor and Materials basis. A significate amount labor was unnecessarily used because the contractor failed to inform the workers that a change order was in effect, requiring them to dismantle a considerable amount of the previous day?s construction. This waste of paid labor reinforced the notion that a ?change order? is a contractor?s ?license to steal.?     A half-round window was specified to be installed over the balcony door. After the window had been received, the contractor informed the contractee that the window could not be installed because of the truss construction. In the contractor?s defense, I will state again, that the project did not have architectural plans; however, a knowledgeable contractor should know from experience what accoutrements will work with various types of construction.  Of course, the contractor would not refund the cost of the window. Accordingly, just as with the code compliance issue; the contractee had to solve the problem by designing an installation for the window within the truss structure.   THE PROS:     The contractor, Charles Duffy is a most congenial, warm and friendly person. His passion for deer hunting is unpatrolled and is always willing to share his vast knowledge of the sport with his clients. As such, it is wise for prospective clients not to schedule projects during, or allow them to overlap into the deer season, such as this one did.     The contractor did an excellent job of removing all construction and demolition debris from the site. However, a better job of retrieving lost fasteners is necessary, as I am still picking nails from my driveway?one year later.
- Sam S....