Sinclairville Commercial Painting

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Business Description: I own and operate a painting business, located in the southern tier. I specialize in finish painting. interior, exterior and commercial painting. I also do wood finishes including a sprayed lacquered finish.My company also includes pressure washing and deck coatings. We are here to give you that "finishing touch"
Recent Review: This was a large and complex effort that the vendor split over an eight week period. The job required about four weeks in total. Owner prep was key. We removed all the furniture and thoroughly cleaned the walls. This would ensure that the primer the vendor intended to use on the 25+ year old oil base paint would adhere as hoped. We also removed all the ceiling lights to ensure smooth coverage. Work began upstairs, consisting of four bedrooms and two full bathrooms. It then moved downstairs, where the vendor stripped wallpaper in the kitchen, dining room and half bath. He then proceeded to paint them (including the inside of the kitchen cabinets) as well as the living room and den. He even painted a plaster wall in the garage. While we had to supervise some tasks, overall we were quite pleased with the result. Thanks Perfection!

Reviews in Sinclairville for Commercial Painting

APerfection Painting and Wallpapering
The painters came in and were clean and respectful. They  laid out tarps and went to work promptly and worked steady all day. They cleaned up after each room. The were very professional and I would recommend Perfection painting ! The job was fantastic and we are very pleased with the outcome.
- Joan B....