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Recent Review: Mosquito Joe did a great job. They let me know when they were coming. They were honest and professional. The mosquitoes were not a problem for our neighborhood party. I would hire them again.
Recent Review: The service was good and we will be using them again in the future.
Award 2018Super Service Award
Recent Review: Extremely well. Great customer service. Friendly. Responsive. Highly recommend.

Reviews for Mosquito Misting System Installation in Scottsville

AMosquito Joe of Rochester
Mosquito Joe did a great job. They let me know when they were coming. They were honest and professional. The mosquitoes were not a problem for our neighborhood party. I would hire them again.
- Katherine O....
AMosquito Squad of Rochester
They were fine. The first year I had two treatments and last year we had 3.  It took care of the mosquitoes and we don't have any mosquitoes at all.  I am ready to call them to set up something.
- Michael C....
AMosquito Squad of Rochester
It went very well. I was really satisfied. I had a lot of problem because I'm allergic to mosquito bites. I didn't have a mosquito that Summer. I have  pretty good size yard too. They came twice during the Summer. They sprayed lasting two months and then I had them come again just to be sure so that it will run through the Fall. It was the special $49 each time which was terrific. They were very pleasant people top work around your yard and work with. They were very efficient and everything worked. It only took a couple of hours each time. I thought they were very professional. I had no problems at all. I would use them again although I would feel that its reasonable.
- Colleen H....
AMosquito Squad of Rochester
We were 100% happy with the service. It seemed to help and make a difference. We were completely satisfied. We actually had them spray at one point. It rained the day or two after and we were concerned that we would see quite a bit of mosquitoes. They came back and sprayed again for no charge and no fee. They were very responsive and very professional. I don't think there's a lot of competitors in the area and even if there were, I know from experience that this company stands behind their guarantee. It represents itself 100%. They do what they say they're gonna do. What they actually do is consistent. They do everything they guarantee.
- Susan S....
AInnovative Pest Management Corporation
This year we have been inundated with mosquitoes. We have woods behind us, trees and shrubs on our property. Kennedy responded immediately to our call. Because we have a koi pond in the backyard and grandchildren who visit and play in the yard we were very concerned about using natural products. Kennedy explained about the product he uses, agreed to cover the pond with a tarp (that we purchased) and remove it when done. Unfortunately it began raining during the first visit which had to be cut short. Kennedy and Jeff returned the next day to complete the first application. We have had one treatment and have noticed a huge reduction in the mosquitoes already. The treatment needs to be repeated every 4 weeks. We are very pleased and highly recommend Kennedy - he is delightful, knowledgeable, and very pleasant to work with.
- Joan M....
It went very well. They were reliable, easy to get a hold of, friendly and professional and thorough. They did 2 rounds of spraying..the first time was about a week before our event and then they came back one more time a couple weeks later. I still haven't seen a mosquito over the last few weeks! They had great communication - when we had to reschedule due to the weather, they were great about calling ahead each time.
- Krissy C....
AInnovative Pest Management Corporation
Our daughter was married and had her reception in our yard - not a single mosquito or other insect bothered any of the guests! The gentlemen that came to the house were very friendly and informative. They also kept us up to date by email. Would highly recommend!!
- C F....
FMosquito Squad of Rochester
Very disappointed.  We contacted mosquito squad because my son was having his seventh birthday party and we wanted to have the yard treated to try to minimize mosquitoes for the party.  We contacted them about two weeks prior to the event.  Initially they quoted us  for an event spray, which to our understanding is a more severe treatment for the event only.  It was a little more expensive then we anticipated but we didn't really know pricing for this type of thing.  We then asked how much a regular treatment was and they priced us on an approximate two month program with 5 treatments, two of which would take place prior to the party, one on Monday and another on Wednesday.  Perfect.  Plenty of time to get the job done prior to the Saturday party.  We signed up.  Here is where it takes a turn for the worse.... Monday came and went with no treatment and no contact from them.  My wife reached out to them on Tuesday with a phone call and message left as well as an email to cover both routes of communication.  They did respond to the email apologizing that the weather had them a couple days behind and we had new schedule dates for the treatment on Wednesday as well as Friday and the email specifically confirmed that they were aware it was important to have two treatments performed prior to the event. Great.  We can understand weather delays as our work is dependent on the weather as well.  So Wednesday came and went..... Guess what? No treatment and no contact.  Thursday came and went.  Same thing.  Friday came and went.  No treatment and no contact..... Then the party Saturday.  It was a beautiful day with lots of kids and  a water slide to boot.... Only problem.. The kids all got eaten up and we even tried "fogger" ahead of time an during which helped but probably no like two treatments would have.  Of course they are closed evenings and weekends  with only an answering service to take minimal information.    So Monday I called the office to express my disappointment and indicate that I would be sharing my experience on Yelp, Angie's list and with Google for future would be clients... Not much of a response out of them other then sorry.... Well clearly since you don't know how to communicate with clients  and over promise and under deliver you don't need my business!!!  I told them we were not interested in having any treatments done at this point as the entire reason we contacted  them was the event... They did call me back with a second apology and asked what I wanted to do from here.....?!!!??  Well I already told you that since our relationship started off so poorly with repeated disappointment I was  not interested in working with them at all.  Much to my surprise Monday I came home to a treated yard.... Great just in time for NOTHING... And without any communication.  I have 3 large dogs, two German Shepherds and  an English Mastiff who usually are left outside all day in the  Summer.  The only reason this was not the case was the tent people had communicated that they would be here on Monday to pick up tents and water slide etc.  At least they know how to communicate with clients properly, the tent people that is.....
- Joshua M....