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Recent Review: I hired Joe to finish sheetrock smoothing and texturing.  He did a fantastic job with that, and was so fast, I had several other guys having to hurry up to move their tools and finish hanging drywall in a few small spaces, like closets, to avoid slowing joe down.  I needed some tile work done as well, and he mentioned that he was good at that as well.  I was skeptical, as most tile guys I meet grossly overstate either their ability or their willingness to do good quality work.  But I went ahead and had him do the tile, and he really IS good as it -- very conscientious.  I've even had him painting and installing trim when we needed another hand, and he knows what he is doing there as well -- Joe even taught me and my crew a new method for spraying paint onto doors that can be done in a much smaller work area, allows you to paint many more doors in a day than you could using my old method (that I was pretty proud of until I saw Joe's), and his method provides excellent results -- better than mine, I must admit.  He is a good painter as well.  If you've hired very many painters, then you know what a find this is -- usually is is hard to find one who will turn up to work on time and not in a mentally altered state, much less show up every day, on time, with a good attitude, ready to get the job done.  He is number one on my list of painters too.