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Business Description: Indoor Air Technologies, Inc. (IAT), formed in June 1994, was one of the pioneers in the Mechanical Cleaning of HVAC Systems. A locally owned, New York State Certified Woman Business Enterprise based in Victor, New York, IAT is a leader in Mechanical Cleaning of HVAC Systems projects Nation Wide. IAT maintains impeccable references as well as membership in the Better Business Bureau, Better Contractors Bureau and the National Air Duct Cleaners Association (NADCA). Awareness of Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) issues have increased substantially in recent years due to increased media attention and lawsuits as well as government and private research. High costs are associated with poor IAQ, including lost worker productivity, absenteeism, higher health care expenses, shorter equipment life and court settlement awards. IAT has worked closely with leading Engineering and Architectural Companies, Industrial Hygienists, HVAC/ Mechanical Contractors, Plant Maintenance and Fire Restoration Companies. IAT maintains an outstanding reputation and is confident we can service your needs. A building's heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) system provides conditioned air to occupied spaces within the facility. Typically, air from within an occupied space, along with fresh air drawn from outdoors, in drawn in through ductwork to an HVAC unit, where it is conditioned. Before the air gets to the unit, it usually passes through a filter designed to protect the mechanical equipment from becoming contaminated by large particles of dust and debris. Many filters commonly used today will not prevent the introduction of small particles of dust and debris from the air stream into the system. Over time, these deposits may form sizable accumulations. In the course of normal building operations, the humidity level within the HVAC system can vary greatly. High humidity can combine with dust and debris in the system, often resulting in the growth of microbial contamination. In an HVAC system, microbial contamination (such as mold, fungus and their spores) may cause adverse health reactions among building occupants. Condense drain pans and other system components often become heavily contaminated with fungal and bacterial slime. In order to maintain acceptable indoor air quality (IAQ) it is commonly recommended that mold, fungi, dust and other contaminants are cleaned out of the HVAC system. Cleaning HVAC systems provides many benefits. Cleaning lessens the likelihood of indoor air pollution in the building, and may help to alleviate health and comfort complaints by occupants. Clean HVAC systems perform more efficiently, which may decrease energy costs. Well maintained mechanical components are likely to last longer, reducing the need for costly HVAC system replacement or repairs. With growing awareness of the dangers of indoor air pollution, public concern for the cleanliness of ventilation systems has led to significant increase in demand for HVAC system cleaning services. Solving complex IAQ problems, however, often requires a team of multi-disciplined professionals, such as mechanical contractors, filtration experts, test and balance specialists, industrial hygienists, and, of course, professional HVAC system cleaning contractors.
Business Description: Sweazey's Air Conditioning and Heating opened in 1989. We are locally owned to provide our customers with reliable and dependable service.
Award 2018Super Service Award
Business Description: When it comes to heating and cooling your home, you’re not just buying a furnace or air conditioning unit; you’re buying a company, a customer service team, the quality and integrity they represent. Whether it’s an emergency repair, an upgrade or replacement, or a brand-new installation, it’s the total experience that counts, and that’s where Isaac excels! Whatever your situation, Isaac’s highly trained professionals will educate you about your options and help you decide which solution is best for your needs and budget. We’ve been part of the local community for more than 70 years. And we’re proud to stand behind our heating and air conditioning products and our work.
Recent Review: Great service overall on multiple occasions.  We will continue to call Felix for all our heating and air duct needs!
Recent Review: Very professional and prompt. Very knowledgeable and great to interact with. Cleaned up well.

Reviews in Newfield to Replace Ductwork

AFelix Air Duct Cleaning
Great service overall on multiple occasions.  We will continue to call Felix for all our heating and air duct needs!
- Kimberley H....
CFelix Air Duct Cleaning
Sadly, I can no longer recommend this company.  They did a very nice job putting in a nice energy-efficient furnace at a very low price (a new installation in fall 2009).  They also serviced it in September 2010 and September 2011 (and cleaned the air ducts for me too).  However, when the furnace started leaking a few months ago (November 2011, still within the warranty), I called and left multiple messages asking them to come and take a look.  They responded initially saying they would, but never actually showed up.  And now unfortunately I can't get an answer and they haven't returned multiple voice messages over a matter of months.  It's probably just a small repair -- a small crack at the bottom of the plastic condensation device.  But it's not really something I can do myself, since it requires a new part.  I'm surprised by all of this, since I'd had such a good experience with Felix prior to this and would have given them straight A's if you'd asked me three months ago.  I'm almost worried that something has happened to Rafael (the principal contractor there), or that they whole outfit has gone out of business.  In any case, I'm now left with a leaking furnace, a wet basement floor, and no one home at the company that is supposed to service the warranty.  You get what you pay for I guess...ugh.
- Andrew C....
AGokey And Markle
It went great. I called them to give me a quote on a radiant floor boiler system. They came and thoroughly checked out the house. Since that came back as way out of the ballpark in terms of price for us, we called them back two more times to talk about other options. Each time, they were very patient and accommodating. They talked me through exactly what they were going to do and why! Love that, they didn't make me feel like the uninvited guest on the job. As I mentioned, when it was completed, they stayed and answered my dumb questions with patience. I highly recommend paying a little extra for advice and quality workmanship, you'll sleep better at night.
- Chris M....