Newfield Natural Stone Tile Installation

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Business Description: Old Floors Like New
Recent Review: Derrick and his crew diamond polished the garage floor, primed and installed a quartzite finish followed with an epoxy top coating. The first finished application was rough when rubbed by hand, so I had Derrick come and inspect it. Their team quickly responded and applied another epoxy top coating to our absolute liking. He was very professional, accurate and timely. I would highly recommend Garage Floor Coating of New York to anyone in our area. One thing to know, that they do warn you about: the process generates quite a bit of dust (which they try to mitigate) that will have to be wiped off. But you will end up with a thin film of dust on your walls and ceiling, even if you cover with plastic like we did.
Recent Review: I initally called Mr Duddy for an estimate on getting all the hardwood floors in my house sanded and resealed, he was very responsive and came out to take a look at the floors within a few days. The entire house has hardwood flooring except in the kitchen and 2 bathrooms. There were several surface scratches in one room from the previous owner's furniture and some old pet stains in another room. Most rooms had markings on the floor from when they had been covered with carpet at some point in the past. He was very thorough and straightforward when explaining to me what he would be able do to remove the imperfections. His estimate was right around the amount that I wanted to spend and was lower than another I had received from someone else. Mr Duddy was very flexible and able to complete the job around my unusual work schedule. He was careful to put up plastic sheeting over all doorways to help keep the dust out of other rooms and vacuumed up the dust each day before leaving. I was very satisfied with the work he performed, he was able to remove all the scratches and most of the stains. One pet stain was very persistent not able to be completely removed without replacing the floorboards however it was lightened significantly and is still a big improvement. I was very pleased with the end result, the oil based finish he used made the floors look as good as new.
Recent Review: Price was too high.  Did not need wood flooring appropriate for Manhattan apt w/ view of central park.
Recent Review: Beautiful product, good prices. Only issue was a delay in shipping of several weeks due to inventory. This delay caused issues with scheduling on a whole-house renovation and it would have been quite useful to know about upfront, rather than having to call them repeatedly for updates. When the flooring finally arrived, weeks late, it was beautiful and in very good shape. I would use them again, but I would order much earlier than needed to allow for any delays.
Business Description: Superior Subcontracting Services
Business Description: Residential & commercial flooring installation & repair. Carpets, vinyl, porcelain tile, hardwood & laminate floors.
Business Description: Ithaca Flooring Solutions specializes in Polished Concrete and Resinous Coatings such as Epoxy. We also offer Custom Concrete Countertops, as well as 'traditional' flooring such as wood, vinyl, and tile
Business Description: Playground Rubber Safety Surfacing, Deck Restoration, Gym Floors, Sport Surfaces, Playgrounds, and many other recreational applications.
Business Description: Handyman Services - Electrical, Carpentry, Flooring, Landscaping, Maintenance, Repair, Remodeling,etc.... Have been involved in several of these industries for the past 15 years.

Reviews in Newfield for Natural Stone Tile Installation

CGeorgia Floors Direct
We picked a flooring that was in stock but my contractor did not pick it up for a month or so, and when he finally went he went to pick it up, they had sold it. I wasn?t really happy with the flooring I got in the end, but we got it done. Georgia Flooring came in at the last minute for us and installed the flooring when our contractor could not find someone to do it and the sales person we dealt with was helpful. We would not go back to their location just because they are just too far from our home.
- Linda H....
ARuss Ayers
He is excellent.  He is a kind of a handyman, does carpentry like remodeling kitchens.  He actually put my whole house together and it has been fantastic work.  He does decks, hardwood floors; I mean he does everything.  He actually built the whole second floor of my house and refinished the whole first floor of my house; he is phenomenal.  He helped me with my deck.  As far as carpentry and general construction like that, he is a single guy; he is not expensive, but he is damn good.  I am not going to find a harder work or more impeccable work whether it is refinishing, hardwood floors, putting in tile, putting in floors, putting in drywall, or painting.  I cannot give a better recommendation.  I had an excellent experience with him.  He is good.  I have never had any complaints regarding this guy.  He is very honest; when he is my house, I don’t have to worry about him stealing around.  I would wholeheartedly recommend this guy to anybody without any reservations.  I am going to use him in the future if I need to.  His son is working with him now, and he is certainly going to do my bedroom in the next couple of weeks.
- William S....
The salesperson I dealt with his thoroughly knowledgeable about their total product lines.  He made recommendations for the kitchen flooring and actually took me in a slightly different direction.  I wanted an easy clean floor.  Because of cupboard restrictions, I needed a flooring that was thin and I liked the wood look.  I ended up with a vinyl planking flooring.  It was a perfect fit.  The timelines were spot on.  The installers were professional, clean, on time and knowledgeable.  They sent two different installers, one for the tile and one for the carpeting.  The carpeting installers were equally good.  I was totally satisfied with the products and the installations.
- Jan G....
ANorb Miller General Contractor
Once the job was started, the two guys doing the work stayed right with it for nearly a week sanding and applying many coats of poly. It turned out very well. Looks gorgeous. They had to contend with a couple of large pieces of furniture that we could not remove and did so with care. Even repaired an old armoir without being asked. In the bathroom, the worker discovered that the older toilet had a hairline fracture and the pipes under the sink were about to give way. Probably saved us a good deal of money in the not too distant future. Very pleased overall.
- Sandra F....
He is very good. We use him all the time. He was just here to put in a new kitchen floor. Not only do I say he is good but I have recommended him to friends. And being that I used to be in real estate, I also recommended him to home owners.
- Nancy N....
The good: The final product looks excellent and the work was completed within the two days of installation work they had estimated upon quoting.  Their attention to detail was generally pretty good and they removed and re-installed the molding without issue.  I think the price was reasonable, and I'm glad that I decided to pay for installation rather than doing it myself.  I didn't, however, have a lot of other quotes to compare to, but had priced out materials on my own, so I had a decent sense of how much it would cost.  Overall, a job well done for a reasonable cost. The not quite as good: Since my wife and I were having most of our second floor re-done (including our bedroom and her office), we were doing a lot of shuffling of furniture to make sure there was free space ready for installation of the new floors.  Upon quoting, they had estimated that two rooms would be done on the first day, so we could set all of our furniture in the two completed rooms on day two.  Only one room was completed on day one, so that made the shuffling of furniture a bit more challenging.  We did not anticipate that the installers would be going into the room we had put all our furniture in on day one, but they did stack some materials in there, which got some of our furniture covered in a bit of sawdust.  It cleaned up reasonably easily, but was a bit frustrating.  There was also a lingering smell of cigarette smoke for a day or two after the installation was complete. The bonus: While the crew was working, the toilet in our upstairs bathroom was having some issues running continuously.  I couldn't take a look at it to fix until after I got home from work, but one of Warehouse's workers fixed the toilet for us during the day.  It's been working fine since.
- Dan G....
AsimpleFLOORS Tampa
Wonderful service from start to finish. Great staff and top notch install. I'm a happy customer and would highly recommend them to anyone.
- Travis T....
ANational Floor Center
Went into the store, the owner, Robert, went over our needs and budget and helped us pick out the flooring that was right for us.  We wanted something that wasn't going to break the bank, but would hold up for many years with kids and pets.  He helped us pick out a floor that we could install ourselves to save money and gave us a great price.  We had to wait a couple days for delivery, but they delivered right to our home in Ithaca for free.  Would definitely come here again (we actually will need to soon as the kitchen project has gotten bigger and we'll need more flooring).
- Stephen S....
AFloor Coverings International
John spent a lot of time with us when he came to do measurements to give an estimate. He was very helpful in coaching us through the process of choosing the appropriate flooring for the areas we had chosen. He worked hard to find us the best price on the flooring we wanted. His workmen were very friendly, efficient and responsive. We had a tight turn around time to get the job done and they bent over backwards to accommodate our schedule. They installed new plywood subfloors and hardwood floors in two rooms and laminate in three rooms and a hallway. They were craftsmen who clearly cared about the quality of their work. We were very pleased with our entire process.
- Sara S....
ARestore A Floor & Install Services LLC
The job was professionally done from start to finish. First, let me give a few details about our floor. We had this prefinished solid hardwood floor by Mohawk installed by our contractor 12 years ago. I didn't like the look that much because the edges didn't seem flat to me and it looked prefinished. Well, what happened over the next few years was crazy. We have huge windows and get lots of sun. The sun completely bleached the prefinished wood and took it from a medium finish to an odd bleached out white finish. I wanted to replace the area rug but couldn't unless I got the exact same size because the finish under the rug was its original color. We had a big dark brown square in the center of the too. We started to look for wood refinishers and had a couple of people stop over. The floor had an aluminum oxide finish from the manufacturer. Since then the way they put the finish on has changed. We heard horror stories from the contractors. And nobody really wanted to do the job because it's a difficult job to refinish this particular type of surface. I finally look at Angie's List. We live in Ithaca and he's from the Rochester area. I emailed him through Angie's List and got a response that day. He came out to look at the floor and wasn't intimidated by the finish at all. He knows his business! He started the 800 square feet on a Monday and was finished that Thursday. The floor is beautiful. It looks natural and doesn't have the bevels of the original prefinished floor. What I can't believe is how there was virtually no dust from the process. Yes, we could smell the varnish a bit but that went away after a couple of hours. The baseboards were removed and put back on after the job was finished. We just love it. I would say that corresponding through Angie's List works best with Tim. We give him our highest recommendation.
- Jenny S....