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Recent Review: They are great. I think they are the best. I have used them for maybe 20 years.
Business Description: Our mission at Gordon's Window Decor is to make every client a raving fan by delivering exceptional custom window treatments and an experience that makes them smile. Our professional designers will work with you to create a treatment that is right for your home and your family all within your budget. We have an expert commercial team that can help make any commercial space more comfortable and efficient. We have full time installers on staff so you know your shades will be installed perfectly. Designing window treatments isn't easy, but getting help is!
Recent Review: Excellent! I am a Real Estate agent and Snowscapes is my go-to resource when I need reliable, professional, high quality work completed. I highly recommend Zeb and Snowscapes!
Business Description: I'm a handyman by nature who does all his own work at home, so I decided to try and make some money by doing what I really enjoy! Call for a free estimate.

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ASnowscapes General Contracting
Excellent! I am a Real Estate agent and Snowscapes is my go-to resource when I need reliable, professional, high quality work completed. I highly recommend Zeb and Snowscapes!
- Kara K....
DJosh Cross
Terrible overall. He did contact me promptly, was responsive to early questions I had about converting a commode into the base for a sink, and we accomodated each others' schedules. He reviewed an e-mail listing type of work by location inside and outside my home, then looked at task on-site and said he could do them all. He followed with a materials list with item #s from Lowe's and the cost per task for labor. We agreed I'd get the materials to save me money and Josh time. At Lowe's, the employee who helped me did not understand why we were not using ready-mixed cement instead of must-be-mixed Josh had listed. I called Josh and he said ready-mix would be okay. The beadboard Josh had listed was cheap MDF kind and I called him again to confirm using actual wooden board was okay. Because of weight of cement bags I was able to transport only 6 of a total of the total of 12 bags of cement along with beadboard. I unloaded myself as I needed my truck bed for other things. When Josh arrived on 9/25/13 to work we reviewed indoor tasks, he did not seem confident using a stud-finder. He did help me experiment with various wall mirrors and ideas for recessing bathroom cabinets. When he went to screw back in a small sheetrock ceiling pane he said it did not fit right and asked if I was sure it was the right panel. I said yes, it had been removed several years ago, maybe it had expaned a bit. I then looked and realized he was holding the panel backwards to the screw holes in the framework. Once he turned the panel around it fit fine. I thought 'Wow, that's pretty basic stuff he couldn't figure that out.and quot; We agreed I'd look up the weather forecast, and since it was good, we agreed to focus on outside work first.Josh reviewed the instructions on the bag of cement and informed me he did not feel comfortable after all doing either the garage floor or stoop work he'd previously said he could do. At that point Josh agreed to help me return the six bags of cement to Lowe's and pick up a few other things we'd need. He did put in my truck a sink I'd changed my mind about and he helped me find a different one (this was at a used building supply store.) Josh offered to pick up the wood filler he's suggested we use for one of the tasks. We got back to my home having accomplished almost nothing on the list. I offered to give him a key to my home as I would not be there when he came back to work in a couple of days, we agreed it would be around 10a.m. I called him that morning at 10:45a.m. and he had not been to my home yet, he said he was at Home Depot and was having trouble finding the wood filler. I asked him if he'd asked an employee where it is located. I was calling to let him know where the shingle he would be replacing on the upper side of my home was in the garage. He then told me he did not have a ladder to get on the roof and had checked with his insurance company and found out he was not insured to be on a roof. I was flabbergasted and asked him why he'd not checked his insurance before now. Apparently he just had not thought to check this before agreeing to do yet another task on my list, replace a shingle. At that point I asked him if he would prefer to not to any of the work left, that it seemed to me that might be best. He agreed. He said he'd e-mail me later a bill for work he'd done. I texted him that he still had my key I'd need back, that I was open to suggestions on that. He texted me and said he expected to be paid the next day for the work, he was counting on the money. I texted back I expected to see a bill to review before I'd agree to that. I did receive an e-mail with the bill, it was $90, which I have a copy of if Angie's list would like to see that bill and exchange between Josh and me. This morning I left a check taped to the outside door and Josh put my key through my mail slot as we'd agreed upon. I will close by saying this is my recollection of how things happened. For me, the bottom line is Josh saw my list, reviewed the work on-site, said none of the things would be a problem and then could not do the work due to what seems to be lack of confidence or maybe it's inexperience with the actual type of work he agreed to as well as not carrying the proper liability insurance.
- Elise E....