Middletown Bamboo Flooring Installation

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Business Description: At One Touch Flooring we have the right tools, staff, and experience to make your floors look and feel brand new if we aren’t already installing new models to begin with. We can service all types and styles of different floors, including wood, vinyl, laminate, bamboo, tile, linoleum, and even cork. If you need an older model polished and buffered, or if you want to start from scratch, One Touch Flooring is the company to call.
Recent Review: Beautiful product, good prices. Only issue was a delay in shipping of several weeks due to inventory. This delay caused issues with scheduling on a whole-house renovation and it would have been quite useful to know about upfront, rather than having to call them repeatedly for updates. When the flooring finally arrived, weeks late, it was beautiful and in very good shape. I would use them again, but I would order much earlier than needed to allow for any delays.
Recent Review: Very well & better than expected. They gave a good price & were professional at all times. The wood floors in the living rooms look beautiful even after repeated traffic. Easy to upkeep. The installers gave a time & were there at that time. Wonderful company to use. I would highly recommend Lorentz Flooring.
Recent Review: Jorge gave us a very fair estimate for the work, based on three other estimates we received. He was quite knowledgeable about the varieties of flooring that would work for us, and he referred us to a very respected supplier warehouse to look at all the possibilities. After we agreed on a date to start the work, Jorge showed up promptly and completed the work exactly on schedule. He removed and replaced the flooring and molding, and painted all the moldings.
Recent Review: American Floor Service is extremely organized and reliable. The owner Jeff Jones  is extremely professional. Jeff and his team on every occasion showed up on time and preformed their task at hand in a timely and efficient manner. Jeff took the time to follow up on each of the projects we contracted him for to make sure we were satisfied with the end product. Having owned a number of homes and/ or properties over the past 30 years we found him to be the most reliable source for flooring and related services EVER! He stand behind his project. He stands behind his trusted team of craftsmen. These guys  don't cut corners.  They take their jobs very seriously and make sure their customers are treated with respect and are happy with the finished project.  It should be noted that we interviewed a minimum of 3 potential sources for both of these projects and AFS not only offered us great pricing, but made valuable suggestions based on their assessment of our needs and wants - coupled with their knowledge of the various materials available.  It was Jeff Jones who suggested we use an engineered bamboo product in our basement to avoid potential damage from heavy objects and reduce issues related to changes in moisture/humidity.  As fate would have it we have dropped dumbells, cymbals and other heavy objects onto the floor with no adverse consequences and a recent flood from our kitchen floor above only resulted in damage to ceiling materials...the flooring expanded but contracted back to normal - saving us from another major expense. I highly recommend Jeff Jones and his team at American Floor Service.
Business Description: Baianos Flooring is a company in Bridgeport, CT. We are a flooring contractor that performs installation and finishing with all types of flooring. We would be happy to help you!
Recent Review: Dyal and his crew did a fantastic job repairing a section of my floor. The subfloor had rotted. They opened up a section of the floor and replaced the plywood, secured it to the concrete and installed the proper vapor barrier and paper. They then installed the new oak flooring by weaving it into the existing floor. They sanded and refinished the entire room. Other contractors told me it would take 3-5 days. Gemini did it in 1 and at a very reason price. I hope to use them on another project in the fall.
Award 2018Super Service Award
Recent Review: SCL Hardwood Flooring and Decks did a good job. He took the damage out and replaced a couple pieces of flooring. He was very polite and tried to please.
Recent Review: I have used them several time and would not hesitate to use them again. They are top notch.
Recent Review: it was very good. the prices were good and shop at home option was great for me. i saw samples and was able to schedule everything at the same time,

Reviews in Middletown to Install Bamboo Flooring

D1Z2 Hardwood Floors
There were issues with the installation. Juan and his crew came back once to address one issue, but then there were a couple of other issues that they did not come back to address. Specifically, there are a couple of areas where you can see that the nail is coming up through the flooring and ready to break through the wood. There are also a couple of areas where the wood is cracked where the nail was put in. Juan is a nice guy but I would not recommend this company to do a floor install. It could be that the installer was not familiar with installing bamboo.
- Emmett W....
APrestige Wood Flooring
Shawn performed great follow-thru in scheduling. Installed was prompt, polite and punctual. He cleaned up and left new floor clean as well.
- Noreen B....
APrestige Wood Flooring
They did an amazing job.  Dave and his installers were a pleasure to work with.  I will call on them again when I'm ready to do the second floor of my home
- Ingrid H....
AHardwood Floors by Fabian
We could not be any happier. This was our first home and it needed a lot of work. Fabian immediately got back to us and gave us an estimate the next day. They are a family owned business, they were courteous and very friendly and always kept us informed throughout the entire process. We would definitely recommend their work to friends and family. We also plan to use them again in the future for our deck and anything else that might come up.
- Priscilla T....
BPalermo Flooring Inc
We saw the coupon on Angie's list so we called Palermo for an estimate. When Matt came out, he was friendly, professional and seemed knowledgeable and the estimate was very reasonable, so we went with Palermo. There was one hitch with the estimate however, which was that the 'discount' mentioned in the coupon only applied if you paid in cash. I personally don't feel comfortable paying thousands for a job in cash, so I couldn't take advantage of the coupon. Felt a bit misleading, but the price was good, so I just let it go. Then there were major delays on my end because our closing was pushed back for months, so it was months before we actually got to schedule the installation. We ordered the flooring and molding through Palermo and it arrived as expected. Our job was set to start on a Friday, but thanks to a major snowstorm, the start date got pushed back to the next Monday. When I spoke to them on the phone about the delayed start, I mentioned to them that we were (a) living in the apartment and planned to stay there while the floors were getting done and (b) had many deliveries scheduled to arrive that week. I originally scheduled the deliveries an extra day after the floors were supposed to be complete, but now there was no wiggle room. They reassured me that we'd have no issues living there while they were working and that the guys knew how to move things around so they could work with stuff arriving. They also reassured me that even with the delayed start, the job would be definitely be done in two days, so I moved deliveries so that they had two whole days w/o any deliveries to finish the job. On the first day, the guys arrived an hour and a half late. While it's understandable that there can be traffic or other delays, there was no phone call to let me know what was going on. So I was left waiting, late to work and wondering if anyone was even going to show up. When I finally called the office, they blamed the holidays, miscommunication and traffic. When the guys did show up, it turned out that one of the materials they needed for the job wasn't there (I was told previously that they would provide it) so all they could do was rip up the existing carpet on the first day. After a half a day of work, we were left with bare concrete floors with staples sticking out and not a single sq ft of space to 'live in'.. we reminded them that we needed to stay there while the work was being done, but perhaps my idea of a 'livable space' and theirs were a little different. (we ended up going to a hotel that night). I called the office that day because we could not afford any delays and got reassurances that they would be on time the next day and that they'd have all the materials they needed to get the job done the next day. On the second day, four guys arrive right on time at 9am - which was a great start. They said they brought four guys with them so they could get the job done and they should be able to finish the entire job that day. I was thrilled. I made sure they had both my number and my husband's and told them to call with any issues or questions. By 3pm that day, my husband came back to an empty apartment. 75% of the job was done and the place was empty. There was dust everywhere and they hadn't covered any of our belongings (or closed the bathroom doors where stuff was jammed in) and so dust got all over our stuff. I received no update as to what happened or why they didn't finish. I called the office to find out and they never called me back. We had deliveries set to arrive starting the next morning and I wasn't sure there would be space to set everything up. The next morning, two guys arrived to finish the job. There was no explanation or apology for what happened the day before, but the guy had questions about the installation. I told him the day prior to call with any questions or issues, but it seemed he didn't finish installing the molding because he wasn't sure about something. Why didn't he call? I also found out that the molding that was installed needed to be painted and that is our responsibility. This is only a minor annoyance because had they let me know about that earlier, I'd have had the painters (who came two weeks ago) paint the moldings then, _before_ they got installed.  Then I got a revised invoice from the office along with a disclaimer that they don't provide any warranty on the installation and that the product that they recommended and we bought, also does not have a warranty. Even Lumber Liquidators products come with a warranty! And their Angie's List page says they warranty their work. That also felt a bit misleading. All that being said, the floors themselves came out great. Despite the hiccups mentioned above, the guys were nice and we are happy with their work.
- Jamie K....
AAnji Wood Products
The process was great. I called Sherman Mazur and within a week my floors were installed. He showed great attention to detail and I couldn't be happier. i would highly recommend Sherman Mazur for all of your bamboo flooring needs.
- Dominick B....
ANew York Wood Flooring
It went quite well. As with many crews though some members did not speak English that well which is an issue in all of NYC today. But their work was terrific! This caused some communication issues but overall one member spoke perfect English and all issues were resolved. CLESIO is fantastic! Tony Valenti is a fantastic person--attentive to each client's needs, always makes time to speak and no question is treated with less than 100% respect.
- Rosemary R....
They were definitely not precise. It was such a horrendous time. They considered themselves to be so great and they were not. Fred was the owner. My experience was not good at all. They told me they could lay the floor down and knock down a wall and put up a wall. They were were also suppose to extend my closet and do the ceiling as well. They came back with a price that did not include taking the wall down. I ended up taking the wall down myself. I made sure that they knew how to install bamboo floors. He did not come out himself. He had the lead man come out on the first day and he started out doing a good job. They ended the day early. The lead man did not come out the next day. They sent another kid that was not installing it the same. It was suppose to take three or four days but it ended up taking seven days that were not consecutive days. They did not complete the job. There are areas that are horrible. I would not recommend them at all. I took out all the carpet, staples, etc. I discovered leaks in in the kitchen by my sliding door. They told me they would take care of it but it was never taken care of. It rained and my floor started to buckle up because they did not seal around my sliding door. I called them immediately and they gave me excuses. They never came back out to fix anything. They gave me attitude and had kids working. They were just horrible.
- Debra M....
AEuro Floors LLC
One of the most professional contractors my wife and I have ever dealt with. They completed the job in exactly the amount of time they said they would. Our floors look great and my wife is a happy camper! Marcin, runs a very tight company. I would recommend them to anyone who asks!
- Gerard H....
APalermo Flooring Inc
It took a few weeks to solidify the estimate but I chose Palermo because of their experience with installing bamboo flooring, which I purchased from LI Paneling.  I dealt with Matt, who is the owner, Brian, and Barbara in the office. I received an Angies List discount.  The installers, Ben plus another guy arrived on time and promptly started.  They ripped out our carpet and padding, rolled it up and left it outside for special pick-up. They moved the two pieces of furniture which we had left in the room after we removed the rest.  We have large heavy formica  pieces. The set up outside to cut and trim the wood, did a good thorough job installing the bamboo, reinstalled the molding and cleaned up well when they were done.  They were fast and efficient .  I was missing a transition piece that is needed between my bedroom and the hallway.  While Ben was here I ordered it from LI Paneling.  I have an appointment next week for Brian to give me an estimate for another room and to install the piece.  I am assuming that will go well too.. I will update at that time.
- M R....