Lyons Roof Leak Repair

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Recent Review: Mike was a pleasure to deal with. He set up an appointment within two days of my call. He provided a rough estimate over the phone. He arrived exactly when he said he would, and he performed the necessary work at the initial appointment. He explained all of the factors involved in the repair, and he provided me with additional information about the condition of my roof. I was very satisfied with his services. Now I just need to see whether we identified the correct source of the problem (based on whether the leak continues).
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Recent Review: Mr. Schultz arrived when he said he would.  He described exactly what he would do.  He took photographs of the roof.  He showed me where the problems lay and what he did to remedy them.  He was very professional and his price was very fair.  I would gladly use his services again and intend to do so.  I would enthusiastically recommend him to a friend.
Recent Review: My 6-year-old house, with roofing installed on original construction, developed a roof leak. I had water dripping in my family room near my fireplace, with more rain on the way. Ugh. I noticed some buckled shingles on the shoulder roof sections on either side of my chimney chase. I called in Ultimate Roofing to take a look. Tom was great. He came out the day I called and sealed the questionable shingles I pointed out. He then took the initiative: Without my asking, he walked my entire roof, inspected it, and sealed some other random things here and there. The fee was very reasonable. He correctly (as it turns out) pointed out that the repairs he made might not explain the leak I was seeing, and to please call him back if the problem was not solved. With the next rain storm, the leak continued. I called Tom back, and he responded promptly. He sealed some more things in my chimney cap area, and would not accept payment for the second visit despite my best attempts to pay him. The second visit did the trick! Serious rain storm this weekend, and no leak! Tom is a stand up guy, who really cares about getting a job done right. He was friendly, responsive, knowledgeable and professional throughout. Just outstanding. The next time I have roofing needs, I will definitely work with Ultimate Roofing again.
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Reviews in Lyons for Roof Leak Repair

DSeibold Construction Inc. // Leak Master
Mr. Seibold responded to first call quickly, came on Sunday and was very helpful in trying to fix roof leak and did not solve problem, but quickly responded to second call problem still not solved, did not respond to third call asking if we could find a better solution to caulk “Band Aid” a pity he was a nice man, at least say cannot do it !!! do not ignore.
- Dorothy R....
ASchultz & Sons Contracting
Doug professionally evaluated my description of my roof leak scenario over the phone and before coming out made several good recommendations with respect to ways to make the most effective repair.  Being a small job and a distance from Rochester (Honeoye), I had to wait for a convenient time for Doug in his schedule.  But on the agreed upon day, he arrived on time with all the necessary parts to complete the job.  The repair work was job professionally and efficiently.  The leak has been corrected and should hold for a long time. Doug communicated well and was professional, honest, and fairly priced.  I would definitely use him again.
- Doug P....
AJD Services
Quick service was important because the leak appeared after I had the ceilings replaced! Jason came over the same day for an estimate and returned the next day to make the repair. He was very professional and focused.
- Gary W....
FProctor Roofing
When they put it on, the roof is up very high that we as the home owner were really unable to get up there and watch what they were doing. Within the first three or four months, we lost multiple layers of shingles. They really did not nail everything down properly. It was not aligned properly. We ended up with roof leaks. We are still trying to get our money back from them.
- Don E....
ASchultz & Sons Contracting
So far so good! We have had many heavy rainfalls with no further leaking. Doug assured us he would stick with us until the leak was stopped. We will definitely contact Doug in the future with other projects/needs.
- Diana D....
DAman Roofing
I now know why he rarely returns for any roof problems. I have called him twice in the last 4 years for a roof leak. He acknowledged the problem but never showed up. So I paid someone else to repair the leaks. Two weeks ago I noticed that the west facing membrane of my flat roof had the leading edge blown back. I left him a voicemail but he never called back. Once again, I paid someone took repair my roof. This is when I found out that the section that was blown back was never properly sealed down at that spot. So, to date three calls to Dave Aman. Zero responses. And $250 out of my pocket for repairs he was supposed to cover.
- Zenon C....
FB&B Construction and Roofing
Mike gave me a price of $4500 plus the cost of decking to replace my porch roof and some siding. He replaced 1 (one) 4x8 sheet of decking that I saw and charged me an additional $500 which I didn't care about because I was deploying the following week. I came back from deployment to find my roof leaking. I called him and left several voicemails and I even sent him a registered letter which he signed for. The roof had to be replaced (again) and most of the siding was replaced because it is warping. I moved out of town so suing would cost too much at this point
- Nicholas P....
FE&J Construction
It was a disaster that has been causing me problems for years. I made the mistake of paying before work was finished. So they didn't bother to complete the job, leaving two sections of gutter on the ground and an electrical heating element dangling onto the sidewalk. Chudik did not return my phone messages for two weeks, and only did after I got the online service that I used to hire him to intervene. When he did call he was nasty and antagonistic. I asked him for the supposed thirty-year guarantee and he refused, saying the guarantee was "written on the shingles." A few months later the roof leaked during rains, so I had to hire a contractor to rectify this problem. The repair indicated Chudik had not properly installed the roofing where it met the chimney. My new contractor also had to fix that and to re-install the gutters, as all had been put back in place incorrectly. without proper pitch. He also had to refasten a downspout that had been disconnected during the roof installation but not reconnected by Chudik. In late August 2015, an entire section of shingles installed by Chudik slid off the roof and fell on the lawn. It was on a day when the weather was clear, no winds or rain. The contractor who reinstalled them told me the shingles had not been nailed in properly by Chudik. Some nails were missing. I have no idea how many other shingles also are missing nails and eventually will slide down onto the lawn, all because Chudik skimped on nails.
- Gary W....