Lowville Batt Insulation Installation

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Business Description: ZeroDraft offers a variety of energy saving services for all types of Residential and Commercial structures. From keeping single family homes safe and comfortable to increasing the indoor air quality in schools, health care facilities and office buildings, ZeroDraft is making an impact on the community. Additional email - info@getzerodraft.com.

Reviews in Lowville to Install Batt Insulation

This was one of the worst experiences I have ever had with any company. The workers showed up without any plan or supervision and just started foaming the the underside of my roof. The installer was rude and quite frankly scared me. He seemed to have a real chip on his shoulder. They opened up gaping holes in my interior walls. It turned out later that several areas were not foamed. Two days later they showed up to blow in insulation into the attic. Their equipment was not working. I spent all morning with them trouble shooting their equipment. I finally was able to determine that the power cord had loose wires. They did a good job in the attic but were unable to blow the insulation into the dormer areas. I was left with a complete mess and dust throughout my home. Zerodraft did not return for more than a month to finish the job. When they returned, they opened up three huge 6x6 foot holes in my dry walls. I had to repair and paint the walls myself. Again, I found areas they had missed. I called the company to have the job finished, No one returned for 2-3 months. At that time the salesman showed up with a worker. They were perplexed at why the drywall had been opened. They also told me that I no longer had adequate air flow in my home and might have to install special fans. I was told I would receive a report which I never received and they have not answered my phone calls. Quite frankly, I do not think Zero Draft did a proper job and I am scared that I will have major problems in the future due to the sloppy job that was done.
- Maret P....