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Capital District Electric
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Reviews in Loudonville to Install Electric Car Charging Station

AMr. Electric of the Capital District
This project started with an electric car charging station - a GE Voltec.  It took a little work to find out, but Mr. Electric was able to provide me with a good set of references detailing their experience with electric car charging stations.  After a little negotiation their pricing was competitive. When they inspected the house they raised concerns about my junction box - a Federal Pacific (Stab-lok).  This took a great deal of work to sort out.  I had to check with numerous sources to confirm their concerns about this box.  Eventually my home inspector (Spec-Pro, Ian Robertson) was able to give me all the info I need.  Details  about FP Stab-lok are available on numerous web sites (which I view with a degree of skepticism). Bottom line is that Federal Pacific Box circuit breakers don't always pop with heavy loads.  This leads to an electric fire.  Spec-pro is well versed on the statistics of this issue, and I understand that Ian has given presentations to insurance professionals. Obviously, If you don't overload circuits this problem is mitigated.  However if you put in an electric car charging station (which draws a lot of amps) this can be a very serious potential problem.  Quite literally you are playing with fire!   All the work is now done.  It had to take place over two days.  When I was without power, Mr. Electric provided a charging station to keep the refrigerator working.  Also, we love the lights.  Regarding the Electric Car Charging Station - GE Voltec - it's basically great.  It makes a big difference for an electric car (ours is a Chevy volt) compared to the slow 110 volt level.  Now we go months without putting gas into the car, and the difference in electric bill appears to be relatively minor.  Great report on MPGE and MPG cost is available at http://www.csmonitor.com/Innovation/2011/1225/Electric-cars-101-What-does-MPGe-mean-exactly. Currently our average is over 130 mpg.  It would be much higher but we deliberately run in gas mode to make sure the gas is fresh and the engine is working properly.  And, it is much easier to charge an electric car then refuel a gas powered car.
- Jim K....