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Business Description: Zenner & Ritter Home Services is a woman owned family business offering residential and light commerical services since 1930. Presently we maintain a staff of over 40 professionals with a fleet of vehicles to provide prompt service. Promotions vary based on the type of service (heating, generators, plumbing, maintenance, etc.), but include financing options, rebates, Energy Star incentives and published coupons. The true savings are the energy reduction and warranty protection that our products and installations provide. They look forward to the opportunity to exceed your expectations!
Recent Review: I was looking for someone to service/maintain my geothermal heating system. I was unable to contact this company, and I found another to provide the service.
Business Description: A&B Heating & Sheet Metal Co. was established in Warren, PA in 1953 and continues to provide heating, cooling and plumbing services for the wide surrounding area.
Business Description: GeoT Geothermal installs and services complete Geothermal Heating and Cooling Systems. Geothermal is all we do! We service all Delta T installations.

Reviews in Frewsburg to Install Geothermal Heating

FGeoT Geothermal
Chris is the owner and he showed up with all kind of promises. Signed a contract and he wanted half down before he started then when system is delivered another 40% of the pay leaving 10%. I should have known he was going to run with money. Chris promised the job will take two to three months but 13 months later I still did not have a working system. The INFLOOR heat was still not on and I went through two winters with no INFLOOR heat. My bills were costing me $600 a month to run the forced air unit to hear my house. The duct work was all wrong. He was staving the unit with not enough returns go back to the unit. Chris would give me every excuse in the book. Would always cancel my meetings and would yell at me (the home owner for asking him to complete the job). The system he put into my house is an older unit and I could have run my entire house with a much smaller unit that will run both system. Finally chris would not return my calls and I was forced to find another company. The company was from Pittsburgh and they found many problems with the system and the design. Make sure when you get a quote you ask the company for the professional design. All Geothermal systems need to have a professional design this goes to the manufacture so they can calculate the correct system for your house. Chris never did this so he was shooting from the hip. Chris is the most dishonest, unprofessional, unethical person I have ever met. He took my money and never completed my job. Never do business with this company. I warn you never do business they are so shady. If you want more feedback just call around and you will hear the same about them from many people.
- Sheldon V....