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Business Description: We are a full service water treatment and well drilling company. We sell and service all types of water treatment equipment, from drinking water systems to whole house system. We will have a solution for ANY water treatment problem. We also install public water lines and decommission well too. If you are in need of a new well drilled, we can witch the property and locate a source of water for you. We do the entire job for you. Drill the well, install pump system and install water treatment system. Got a bad water pump or pressure tank? We sell and service Goulds and Myers pump system and tanks. Residential and commercial service and installation.
Business Description: Trademark Contractors LLC is a family owned HVAC/General Contractor business that has been servicing the Tri-state area for over 16 years. AHAM/NARA Certified and fully insured.
Recent Review: This will be shorter than the details of the services performed.   EVERYTHING WENT GREAT!  Dave _____ and one or two helpers accomplished the whole thing in about 2 1/2 days!    There was no mess! What was created was cleaned up daily.   Professional, professional people!  Two Infinity thermostats were installed (1st Fl and 2nd Fl) and any changes to either zone can be made from wither thermostat. The heat and cool are programmable for several periods per day, easily programmable.   The results:  * Nerthlings advertises that the temperature doesn't vary by more than one or two degrees.  CORRECT!  We have monitored with a logging device, and the results proved it. * The furnace/A/C has three speeds so it only runs at the lowest speed necessary.  * The heat pump drastically reduced natural gas usage.  HOWEVER, with electric deregulation, the topic of using the heat pump to warm will be revisited if the electric rates rise. If I need to change to not use the heat pump to heat, a very simple thermostat change is all that will be necessary.   So?  What are the 'Dont's"?  Only one. When installed, the company offered a three-year maintenance contract which discounted the annual fee... this is no longer offered by Nerthling's.  Harummph.   Do the right thing, and go to the pros... Nerthling's!

Reviews in Fredonia to Install Heat Pump

ANerthling's Heating and Air Conditioning
Work went extremely well. The installers were friendly, prompt, professional, efficient and explained their work plan for each day of the 2 day install. The equipment works well. Would highly recommend their services and products to others.
- Thomas K....