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Recent Review: The service was okay. The install took a little time. I felt that what was advertised, and what I received wasn’t  exactly what I ordered. I think I should’ve been given the choice if I wanted that product, or if I wanted something different. They workers were professional, and they worked as long as they could to finish the job. I would recommend them to others
Recent Review: I was searching for a cheaper alternative to home security monitoring. My family and I are on a tight budget, and we could not afford the steep charges from Suddenlink and other local home security providers for their systems. The two things causing the services to be so expensive were: (a) the cost of the monthly phone service we would need, since we don't have home phone service, and (b) the cost of the monitoring itself. We would had to pay about $80 a month, or more with these traditional companies! Thankfully I found NextAlarm after some careful googling. They are a fraction of the price of any of their competitors. Their system appeals to me, because it uses the internet rather than a phone line, saving lots of money. Their monitoring itself (done in the traditional way, with real people in a dispatch office) is also substantially cheaper on top of that. I paid $250 for the home security kit and now I only pay $13.50 per month for the monitoring! Its so cheap that the costs are literally offset entirely by the savings to my homeowner's insurance premium. The support staff at NextAlarm are great. They are so patient, and they will help you with anything related to your system. I have called them numerous times with little questions about this or that, and they are always super nice and knowledgable. They even walk you through how to make changes to your security system, step-by-step, when you want to change delay or change the programs. Please make note of the fact that they do not have a local installer to do the installation. The third-party vendor who offers an and quot;Instal cardand quot; will not be able to install your service in East Texas (they will refund your money once they see where you need the installation). Point being, you will need to hire a local handyman to install the home security system for you. As I already mentioned, I used Stephan du Toit -- (www.facebook.com/professionalhandymanservices). He charged my $60. Besides that little hiccup, NextAlarm is amazing. In summary, I love my service. I hope more people in my area sign up with them. It is such a great deal and they're so great!
Recent Review: Everything went great. I got the system a few days later and started to install it. All the devices were easy to put up all told it took about 45 minutes to get up and running. During the install I set the alarm off and Getsafe called me right away. I like the way it looks in my home and by that I mean I hardly notice it is there. I like being able to control the system from my phone and being able to check on my house with the camera when I am away.
Recent Review: It started with the name Pinnacle. It started going downhill maybe when somebody else bought it. My husband picked them. He had a cold call and then he went with it. I think we had another system at that time.
Business Description: Padaro Inc provides a full range of services for small & big businesses, including support in virtually any facet of Computer Systems, Digital Signage, Alarm System, Security Camera System, Software, and Networking. With own experienced staff of administrative and certified technical representatives that can provide service nation wide. We're here for you anytime 24/7. Contact ask now
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Recent Review: They answered all my questions and were really responsive when we had questions during installation. Would definitely recommend.
Recent Review: There was no cost for that last service and the service turned out well.
Recent Review: It went perfect. Great price. Great service.
Recent Review: quick, easy, inexpensive.  I just wished they had cameras to go along with the rest of the security system.

Reviews in East Greenbush for Security Camera Installation

FB&D Home Solutions LLP
This company never show up and never return my call. I even called them and text them one day earlier for the second appointment to remind them to come the next day. But they still not show up. This is a terrible company that no one can trust. Not recommend to anyone..
- Xuyong W....
FS&F Technologies
It has never been right. They won?t come back in to fix it. They didn?t put it in properly. They told me to go get another electrician. They blamed it on me even though they didn?t know what they were doing. I haven?t been able to use my system since the end of December. The system has been totally useless since the camera doesn?t point toward the road like the cameras were supposed to.
- Ann T....
The initial consultation was done by the owner, Mr. Hart. He came on time and was knowledgable and professional. The installation was scheduled for the following week. The installers came on time and were great at what they did. Both employees have worked for the company for many years. They worked hard and did a great job. Their knowledge of the system was especially helpful for first timers. One of the great things about this company is that they are full service and oversee the monitoring of the alarm system. Highly recommend Hart Alarm Systems to anyone looking for a security system.
- Michelle W....
ASimpliSafe Home Security
Received everything in about a week. Everything seems to work. My husband installed. He had alot of questions which customer service helped him with. Price of 14.99 a month for monitoring without a contract. Can move equipment to a new house if needed. Cannot be beat. Recommend purchasing 2 motion detectors as used 2nd one in garage as husband has a lot of high end power tools.
- Nancy S....
Beware. This company's contract give's them legal rights to video recorded by their security cameras within your home. Specifically, the right to record, copy, retrieve, disclose, and use the contents of any transmission from your home for ANY purpose. Also the right to transfer those rights to any unknown third party they want without your knowledge or consent. I was initially excited about getting a security system from this company, however I've gotten in the habit of reading all contracts that I sign. I was not provided the opportunity to review this contract before placing an order. I requested to review it, but was told that the order would have to be placed first, and if for some strange reason the contract wasn't OK, they would issue a refund. After I placed the order and reviewed the contract, I noticed this issue and asked them about this concern. They escalated me to a VP who contacted me several days later. He courteously told me that while the contract does give them these rights, that doesn't mean that they necessarily will exercise them and that they were unwilling to amend the contract. I asked if they could just limit their rights to video footage of my family inside our own home down to "as required to perform the ordered services" but that was not acceptable. I asked to cancel the contract, and my order was refunded in full a few days later. The safety and privacy of my family is paramount. In the information age, the idea of a security company owning footage that their cameras record within my home and being legally able to reuse this footage for any purpose they choose is scary. Sensibly limiting their usage rights in this footage seems obvious and important. If you are comfortable with Frontpoint being able to use, reproduce, or even sell any footage of your family within your own home, then I'm sure this is a great security system to use.
- Richard Z....
CSimpliSafe Home Security
I've had a SimpliSafe system for about a year and a half. The system was very affordable, customizable and easy to install. The equipment is sturdy but not particularly attractive. It's a matte finish white plastic that is difficult to clean. After about a year the keypad looked like I'd buried it in the yard, dug it up and remounted it. The base station is fairly large, looks like a prop from the original StarTrek and is quite persnickity about where you place it. The entry sensors fit fine on doors but are too large to fit on my casement windows with the screens installed, so I can't open my windows on a nice day unless I want to spend the evening catching flies. The components seem to work fine, though, except for the keypad which goes through batteries faster than any ten flashlights I've ever owned. It's supposed to let you know when the batteries are getting low, and it does get around to that, eventually. While it's warming up to the idea, it just stops communicating in any useful or consistent way with the base station. I discovered this after I triggered several false alarms even though I was pretty certain I'd disarmed the system. Concerned that I might have early dementia, I started paying particularly close attention and discovered that although the keypad displayed "alarm off", the blue light on the base station was frequently still on indicating that the system was armed. A couple days later the keypad finally displayed a "low battery" message. This scenario repeated itself again a few months later. I've learned over time that as long as I keep the keypad fed regularly it doesn't bite. The monitoring service has been the bright spot so far. They're very attentive and polite when they call. (A word of advice - don't test your smoke and CO detectors consecutively; mix them up with your other sensor tests or use your cell phone as the primary contact number. The monitoring service calls you after each smoke and CO detector test to let you know it passed. I almost had a heart attack climbing up and down the ladder and running up and down the stairs to answer my land line.) The worst part of my experience has been the customer service, or lack of it. My purchase experience was relatively good. Although the sales technician misquoted the cost of my system, the customer service representative honored the quoted price and offered one month of free monitoring to compensate for my inconvenience. However, since purchase, my experience with customer service has been far less impressive. During my journey of discovery with the keypad, I made numerous attempts to call the customer service support line during their stated regular business hours. No answer. Not once. On two occasions, I left the phone ringing on "speaker" while I did other things - cooked and ate dinner once, cleaned the entire house the second time. No answer. Not once. You get what you pay for.
- Linda T....
AWatrobski Builders and Electrical Contractors
They built the addition onto my house that offered a greatroom, new kitchen, two bedrooms, and an office for my business. They installed the camera's and security system as well. That is a company that has its own employee's that are licensed electricians and plumber. They were the one stop shop for all my needs. The quality and patience is so good, because I changed my mind 3 times, and they were so willing to do it. I would love to have them work again for me.
- Marianne F....
AJ.M.E. Electric
I did not have to follow with Jake. He came when he said he was going to. I didn't have to clean up after him (other contractors in the past have left remnants of materials that I've had to clean up.) I am having lighting installed in the house and have already contracted him to do it. On a side note, my father was having an issue with his electric, the very next morning he was there to help him. I'm keeping Jake on "retainer", great guy, impeccable quality and very reasonable.
- Dominic S....
ASimpliSafe Home Security
System was easy to install, instructions were easy to understand. When my system would not connect because the cellular service was poor , they sent a new chip which changed the cellular provider at no cost.
- John L....
ASimpliSafe Home Security
Had some faulty equipment and keypad-placement issues but it all worked out eventually.  Personal is great but if you want "technical" help you're on hold for a while.  The '"Sales" people can usually help with the technical issues.  Great system, easy to set up and use.
- Nicole N....