Downsville Master Bedroom Remodel

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Reviews in Downsville to Remodel Master Bedroom

AMaple City Contracting Co
When my husband and I purchased a retirement home in New York, we had no idea how to go about finding the right person to do our remodel, especially since we lived in another state. Luckily, my husband found Larry Becker of Maple City Contracting on Angie's list after a bad encounter with a shyster for lack of a better word. Mr. Becker is a highly honest, knowledgeable, and excellent contractor. Not only that, but he actually communicates with his clients. Communication for us was key; we knew the work was going to be extensive and that we couldn't do it all at once, but Mr. Becker worked us into his busy schedule and responded to every one of our emails, and believe me, we sent a lot. For all these reasons and more, we found Larry's professionalism to be off the charts. He is someone you can definitely trust. Furthermore, he and his crew do outstanding work. The craftsmanship is laudable and meticulous. Being a lover of HGTV, I had many ideas and wanted things done right. After all, we were paying for a contractor's expertise, so that's what we expected, and with Maple City Contracting, that's exactly what we got. I could go on and on about how awesome are experience was and still is with our contractor as we approach the final stages of our remodel, but I'd rather just end by saying that everyone who has seen the interior of our house, admires the carpentry and wants the name of our contractor. Mr. Becker and his team's work speak for itself. I'd give him three thumbs up, but I only have two!
- Marty R....
AViking Builders
I am extremely happy with the work done at my home. Excellent at everything. I love the results of my new kitchen and bathroom. Thank you so much for it. Great customer service too. I will recommend them 💯 they are the best
- Yulissa S....
ASandiel Construction
We had some struggles with a house built in 1800’s but Sandiel was able to work with it and me to my great satisfaction
- Cindy K....
It went great with no issues. Hiram was pleasant to have around and I'm thankful we hired him! He did great work, and finished our bathroom quickly.
- Nikki J....
I hired DBC led by Damion Brown for a complete Master Bathroom Remodel (tub to tile shower conversion) in November of 2020 for my elderly grandparents, which also happens to be the only bathroom with a shower in the home, which ran us for a little over $15,000 between labor and material with labor accounting for about $10,000 not including other expenses I covered out of pocket related to the job. This job as agreed upon between us would entail a full demolition, custom tile shower / walls installation, tile flooring, plumbing, sheetrock, paint, and spackle. The original estimate of time to complete the job was about 5-7 working days. I am giving DBC a D rating which I honestly hate to do, but unfortunately the job was left about 95% completed and the lack of communication/professionalism + the minor defects which remain to be fixed are enough to warrant this rating. Given I have had no word from Damion since our last correspondence on 12/22, this is why I would not hire him again nor can refer him to anyone else, but I will provide my honest review on pros and cons from our experience in hiring DBC for our project. PROS: - Damion was extremely flexible in fitting me almost immediately into his schedule despite the hour long distance to our site, and although I took a bit of a risk in paying a large up-front deposit without a site visit before agreeing to hiring him for the job, I felt it was justified to pay a 50-55% deposit given the requested quick turnaround we entered into an agreement on November 18th with the work scheduled to begin on Tuesday, November 24th. - Damion was also flexible enough to allow us to purchase all materials, fixtures, vanities, etc., and we would solely cover all labor related costs totaling ~$10,000 - Damion provided estimates (based on my information and images shared), contracts, etc. and shared his insurance information with me prior to starting the job. - Throughout the job, you can tell Damion was experienced and knows how to work and build bathrooms as he was able to explain some of the differences with the tiles as he installed him, and as I gave him freedom to share any information / feedback with me on my general design and desire for what we wanted, he would share his honest feedback. Early on, his tile work with the shower walls, bathroom walls, and bathroom floor were done really well. - As the job went on, in my original design I wanted a small white strip of hexagon tile to go along just the shower walls, but as there were concerns he expressed with the mis-level of the light switches and how far up the wall the bathroom tiles went where the tiles only covered half of the light switch (given the light switches were not moved before the tiles went on the wall) he took it upon himself to offer to place the requested border intended just for the shower walls across the entire outline of the bathroom at no additional cost. This would add a different layer of appeal for us, but would also prevent the need for him to re-rip up the wall of the newly placed tile and sheetrock to correct the error with the height of the light switches. - As far as the job itself, the primary pros of the job were limited to the floor/wall/shower tile placements and his flexibility and willingness to cover issues caused on his own by offering alternatives at no additional cost - this is why I am giving a D rating and not an F. CONS: - The project was never fully completed (I elaborate more below) as to this day there is still incomplete painting, and several defects which I will need to eventually fix which I have pictures for - despite DBC's assurances that they would be fixed - The vanity top was not installed properly with the necessary vanity top lip displayed over the vanity based (a total of ~$650 for both pieces where any attempts to fix these parts may result in total loss as thinset was applied to the backsplash and caulking to the vanity/vanity base) - A lot of wall paint was wasted. Instead of fixing compound / wall defects made visible after priming, paint was applied right after the primer dried and then compound was added over the paint to repair defects requiring a 2nd coat (for paint that does not require a second coat - especially with primer applied). In some cases defects and/or compound were never corrected before repainting making them visible on the wall and some walls where sections still have not been painted. - At the edge of the ceiling over the shower where the wall tiles meet the ceiling, compound/caulking is uneven all around. - On bathroom wall behind the vanity, there was one visibly broken tile that was used which is extremely obvious as its at eye level over the sink - The base of the shower door was never caulked well on either side of the door, and it still leaks from the obvious gap of caulking on the inside of the door - fresh caulking will need to be applied - During Demolition, Damion when drilling with a powered saw through the concrete board, cut an electrical line which powered a light fixture in the master bedroom next door to the bathroom where work was being completed. Despite mentioning the need to look into this several times, it was never addressed and we needed to hire an electrician to fix the issue which cost us $400 to repair. As a result Damion did not charge us for the installation of other light fixtures or the shower door which were not part of the original estimate, but it still cost us a repair expense. - After 3+ weeks of this ongoing project which was never fully completed, the electric baseboard that Damion also agreed to install at no charge as a result of the damaged cable/electric repair was never installed in working order, resulting in no heat in the bathroom for several weeks including through the large snowstorm at the end of December. This resulted in yet another $150 expense to the electrician to complete the installation properly - The primary issue I had with DBC / Damion happened to be related to the overall lack of communication, late arrivals, and no-shows as the project went on - especially beyond target completion dates. A commutative time period of over 1.5 week of no shows + short work days pushed the project well past the anticipated 1 week timeline provided. This lack of professionalism led to frustration where it finally led me to express my discontent on December 14th (the start of the 3rd week of the project) on the overall lack of consistency and having to call to find out Damion would not be arriving after telling both me and my grandparents that he would arrive as early as 9AM on any given day - the 9AM arrival occurred no more than twice. After expressing my discontent, Damion did show up the next day the 15th, but since then, he has not appeared to finish the minor cosmetic work that still remains that I will now have to finish myself. By chance and just to once again offer the benefit of the doubt, I messaged Damion on Sunday, December 20th requesting when he would complete the job and he replied Tuesday, December 22nd. Sure enough, no one showed on the 22nd and after once again expressing my discontent, I have not bothered to reach out since then. In the end, it became obvious that Damion was juggling multiple jobs as he even told us he did not expect this to take as long as it did, but in his own words it began to roll into other projects. After expressing my frustration in sms conversations with him as mentioned above, I found it even more frustrating that I had to re-explain that the timelines we went by were provided by him and our lives were put on hold through out the entire time, requiring special accommodations to shower as this was the only shower in the home. Had the constant no-shows early on in the project never occurred, this review may be entirely different and the minor defects mentioned above may not even exist as there would have been a lot more time dedicated to allow for a better focus and attention to detail throughout the job. It is not easy for my elderly grandparents nor myself (coming from NYC driving 2 hours each way to monitor the job) to have to put their lives on hold only to be let down time and time again, especially when we really did our best to make sure DBC and team had all they needed whether it be materials, or simply feeling as close to home as possible while working to the point where even lunch / drinks / etc. were provided throughout the day. Given all of this, is the bathroom better than before, sure, but do I feel that the $15,000 paid for the outcome was worth it, no. I would much rather pay a bit more for a perfect bathroom with no defects, shorter timelines, and professionalism throughout the project than to have to put up with this again.
- Steve P....
ANorb Miller General Contractor
Norb removed my old kitchen and reinstalled a complete new kitchen. He knows what he is doing and was helpful in design suggestions and making changes that worked better for the kitchen. All the work they did was high quality, and he is really good with tile. His pricing is reasonable and he made things right without charging more. Only negative was dusting the house when they removed the old tile and they could be neater but it is construction work. You shouldn't hesitate to hire him for your remodeling project.
- Christopher L....
AJGP Carpentry and Construction
JGP did a FANTASTIC job. John was friendly, personable and extremely professional. Without a doubt, I would (will) use home again and certainly refer anyone who needs work done.
- Mike J....
AJGP Carpentry and Construction
It went great. John and his guys did a great job and left my kitchen clean and no remnants of new work being done. I would definitely use him again for other projects.
- Robyn W....
FMack Of All Trades
Terrible they started by coming on to quote with all these promises of time and quality. They postponed us over 4 weeks and a jury b that was only supposed to take two weeks took over two months. I have pictures of the terrible work. We had to send a cease work letter and hire someone to redo and finish the job. Make sure you get a scope of work so the quote is legal and you have a leg to stand on when it all goes wrong. This was one of the worst experiences I have ever had with hiring a contractor.
- Judith G....
All aspects of the remodel went very well.  Any issues (cabinet adjustments, wall irregularities) were dealt with without significant work stoppage. Chris was receptive to small changes during the installation ie: outlet moving, plumbing rerouting to better utilize the new fixtures and appliances.  Chris was prompt and worked all day cleaning up each day before he left to avoid tracking dirt throughout the house.  Plastic was used in doorways to help keep down the dust during the installation.  When completed the remodeled kitchen looked great with very good trim work being a high point.  I would recommend Chris for any kitchen or bathroom remodel.
- Larry S....

Kitchen and Bath Remodeling in Downsville

Business Description: Bath Fitter of Syracuse specializes in all types of bath remodeling - we'll transform your bathroom in as little as one day! Corporate location owned and operated by National Bath Systems, LLC., doing business as Bath Fitter.
Business Description: Established in 1994, Max Parangi Architects P.C. provides complete Architecture, Interior Design, Planning & Landscape Architecture services. When Max Parangi Architects first opened its doors in New York as a "boutique" architectural firm, the goal was to develop and maintain the highest design standards as reflected by the Company’s motto: "Architecture of Distinction.” After two decades of expansion and the establishment of a second office in New Jersey, the firm’s vision and philosophy of excellence in design have remained unchanged.
Award 2020Super Service Award
Business Description: At Ace Handyman Services, we want to help you love your home. You can expect the best in repair, remodeling, and/or routine maintenance. Our office is locally owned and operated by Nate and Amy Creery. We believe in providing exceptional customer service, fair pricing, and top-notch home maintenance solutions in the Southern Tier. We gladly provide the best quality workmanship in a timely manner. As a commitment to you, we guarantee all of our work and our handymen are bonded and insured for your peace of mind. When you contact our office, our friendly staff listens to your concerns and project details. Our team will schedule a convenient time and match you with the ideal craftsman to complete your job on time and within your budget. Our craftsman will call you the night before the work to ensure the appointment time and the scope of work and you can track their arrival on the day of your appointment. What makes our company different than our competitors? We give back to our community. Whether it's through volunteering our time or going the extra mile in our work, we value people and their needs. We hire professional craftsmen than background check, train, and continuously evaluate and financially incentivize our employees to create sustainable, trustworthy project partners. Ace Handyman Services is making strides to enrich our community and through its uncompromising standard of excellence is changing homes and lives.
Recent Review: Crowdsourcing site for interior and architectural design. Interesting service and if you are comfortable with internet shopping and a little risk, IMHO, worth the cost.  My project:   Redesigning kitchen and family room (great room concept) and we needed interior design/style advise for the project. The site posts a "competition" for the project, you determine what amount of money to offer for the competition (site recommends an amount, but the customer is free to change if needed.) Within 20 days, we had 20 designers signed up for our competition from all over the world. In the end, 8 designers submitted designs. We picked our top 4, rated all designs and the top three were selected based on ratings -- one from France, USA and Serbia. Honorable Mention went to country of Georgia. First, second and third place received a portion of the award money.   Pros and Cons:  You, the customer, must be comfortable with the risk of paying for something and not knowing if you'll like the result. For me, this was part of the process and an acceptable risk.  You don't have a face to face consultation. The site has a "wall" where you can post ideas, photos, communication with the designers or architects. I resolved this by posting my design book on the wall to give designers ideas of our likes, dislikes, etc. You can also post requirements and constraints for your project. Toward the end of the competition (a deadline is set when you submit a project) a lot of communication occurs with the architects and designers. Expect it, it's part of the process.  The website is fairly rudimentary. Online/chat help is available but is somewhat hit and miss.  You can send designs to friends and family to rate. This is helpful in making a decision.  Overall, we got a number of ideas between the designers and were very pleased with the process and project. 
Recent Review: They're excellent.  That was great.  They come out and take care of their job.
Business Description: 40 years in business & New York’s largest family-owned and operated Home Improvement contracting company! We offer our customers in the Otsego, Chenango, Delaware, Broome and Schoharie counties, the best value and peace of mind that only a long-established and experienced company can offer. From your home’s roofing replacement needs, new and efficient windows or doors, energy conservation improvements like insulation or high-R vinyl siding, remodeling your bathroom, and even building you a beautiful deck or boat dock, we do it all! Just call or e-mail us for a prompt and professional FREE CONSULTATION. Our company will work with you to assure that you get the strongest warranties on the highest quality products and service. That is the only way to get the best value.
Business Description: For more than 10 years, Logan Balla has been working hard at making things work! Whether you need something fixed, replaced, installed, maintained, updated, or fully renovated, Owryen Interiors strives to exceed your expectations. Owryen Interiors is a husband and wife team that has been doing business in this area since 2004. I choose to work in this industry because I love to see a finished product that I can be proud of.
Business Description: DKS Quality Construction is a family owned company located in Brewerton, NY. We also perform work in surrounding counties, especially Oswego County. We specialize in building, remodeling, and custom home work. We believe that quality should always come first, along with customer satisfaction.
Business Description: No job is to small or big. We offer any construction or restoration related services, and also landscaping. Call anytime for emergency issues like a leaking roof or pipes.
Business Description: Owner operated. Occasionally uses subs. Cost is determined by the job. No travel charges. Fully insured.