Cohocton Pool Heater Installation

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Business Description: Additional phone numbers - (800) 866-4681, (315) 331-6688 & (315) 781-6600. Additional fax - (315) 789-8669. Additional DBAs - Interstate Heating Inc, Interstate. Cost is determined by the job. Additional contact names - John Blume, Nicki Lawrence, Craig Carlson & Anna Blume.
Business Description: East Coast Pools is the premier swimming pool contractor on the East Coast and specializes in commercial and residential swimming pool repair, resurfacing, and remodeling. Do you have an old tired looking pool? Worse yet is it cracked or leaking? In need of a new deck, plumbing, or a heater? We can take care of all your pool needs and make it look and feel like new regardless of its original construction materials.
Award 2018Super Service Award
Recent Review: Excellent ! Josh &'partner did a efficient & professional job with the electrical installation for the HP. They kept me informed of the work in progress & completed a review of the work with me to answer all questions. Very good crew. Gerald ( Company owner ) also very informative & great to deal with.
Business Description: Small company doing great things. We can help you from the smallest of items to the biggest issues, we do it all. Additional DBA - J's Construction.
Recent Review: Raul came that afternoon. He assessed the situation and gave a reasonable quote for the work to be done. He rebuilt the pipeline and had the pump working in about an hour. He further inspected my pump system and determined that the seals on the valves were leaking and letting air into the pump intake. He proceeded to disassemble the valves and put a temporary fix in with pipe tape. He told me what must be done to permanently fix the problem. He gave straight answers and saved me money. I highly recommend.
Recent Review: My hot tub froze and he brought over heaters to warm the pipes. It took a few days to thaw. Jason replaced parts and I was up and running in less that a week. He kept me updated on pricing each step of the way. He even called to check on the hot tub a day after the service was completed to ensure all was well. The work was well done and the spa is running well today!
Recent Review: They were awesome. They came back when I didn't understand something about the pool heater and explained it to me and never charged. I was having trouble balancing the water and they walked me through it over the phone. They are incredible and totally a service oriented company! They are worth every penny!
Business Description: 30+ Years Experience

Reviews in Cohocton to Install Pool Heater

ASuperior Co-Op HVAC
I didn't know this guy, and he took time to understand what I needed. He didn't oversell me on something I didn't need. He went out of his way to make it happen. I paid him for what he said he was going to do. He delivered and so did I. I'd recommend Gerald and his company. You get what you pay for, and I like that. It's rare that you can set an appointment online, that far out, and he made it happen. Keep up the good work. You and your team...two thumbs up.
- Matthew D....
FSprague's Mermaid Pools
They told me that I have an electrical problem.  However, I had my electrician check out the electrical for the pool heater last year and this year and it's fine.  The pool heater is faulty and since it's still under warranty, it needs to be replaced.  The manufacturer is will to do this if Sprague requests it, but they won't.  They would rather point fingers at my electrical when that's not the problem. Sprague would rather blame someone else then provide the customer with the satisfaction they deserve.
- Michael M....
AAqua Care
Raul and Irit were a pleasure to deal with. They went above and beyond to address every question and concern we had and did an excellent job in the installation of the new equipment. All of the Pentair components they installed are working out great. The prices they quoted were very fair, and they delivered exactly as promised. They arranged a meeting with the Pentair representative who was very helpful in explaining how to use the new equipment. We are extremely pleased with Aqua Care and intend to have them re-plaster and re-tile our pool at the end of summer. We enthusiastically recommend them.
- Robert B....
ASummer Haven
My hot tub froze and he brought over heaters to warm the pipes. It took a few days to thaw. Jason replaced parts and I was up and running in less that a week. He kept me updated on pricing each step of the way. He even called to check on the hot tub a day after the service was completed to ensure all was well. The work was well done and the spa is running well today!
- Michelle Q....
AHamed's Electrical Svc
He could have done it for me, but it would have cost me more money, so I just went out and bought a new one.  I would highly recommend him to others.  His rates are very reasonable.  He is also very courteous and he always calls back.  He spent a lot of time trying to do the research and he took the heater out and everything and did not charge me anything.
- Jean F....
APenfield Hardware And Handyman
Excellent, as always!   I have used Penfield Hardware and Handyman Services for 15 years for countless repair projects at my home.  Dave would provide good advice and creative ideas to solve problems.  Dave and his crew do everything from water heaters to plumbing, to painting, lighting, new bathrooms, tile, and electrical work.  I could always trust him alone in my house.    Penfield Hardware and Handyman is the best!
- Christine S....
On May 12th I called and spoke again with Corey. I indicated that the pool was open, and that I had encountered a second problem. The filter pump was tripping the circuit breaker, and would not remain running. I asked if he could come sooner than the following weeks appointment, and he said he would try to come by the end of the week (the 16th). He said he would call before coming out. During our discussion, he said he thought the problem was likely that the pump had simply frozen (even though I told him I had stored it inside my basement for the winter), and he would try turning the shaft by hand to get it going. I let him know that this was a new pump (2007), and in any case I thought the problem was with the automated Jandy system relay. We ended the call with him saying he would try to get to us by the end of the week. That same day I removed the pump, took it to a local dealer, and had it bench tested. It ran fine. I brought it back home, and after reinstalling it had the same circuit breaker problem. I put in a new breaker, with no change in result. I called the pool company (Leisure Craft Pools) left messages for Corey, including information about my efforts, and got no responses to any of my calls. I called again on the 16th or 17th, left messages, and got no response. You should know that I rewired my pool pump so that it would run directly off of an outside outlet, and it has run just fine. Unfortunately I still do not enjoy the ease of use that I had with the automated system. Anyway, on the 19th of May, the day of my initial appointment, no service. I called and was told that Corey would contact me. By May 23rd I still had not received a call, nor a service visit. I called, and got no response to my phone message. On May 30th I wrote to the company president, Mike Kohlhas and laid it all out again. I also stated that I would no longer be a customer of his. If you guessed that I got a response from the letter you would be mistaken. This company, in my opinion, should be avoided at all costs. Had I not had the ability to rewire my pump to run the pool I would be looking at a green mess instead of clean water. I suppose it's easy to run around and open pools in the Spring, or install equipment components, and get the fast bucks. When you have a technical problem it's clear that they are not equipped to handle the job. Find another company to do your work. I have contacted another local company, and because it was already 'high season' I could only get an appointment for service on June 12th. I will be sure to write an update on what I am hoping will be a better experience.
- B S....
AAqua Care
Aqua Care is a highly professional company, who did exceptional work at a fair price. They made sure that all work was performed to our satisfaction and have stood 100% behind everything that they have done for us. They are easy to communicate with and informed us of what to expect during each step of the process. Raul, Irit and their staff are a pleasure to work with. In fact we have been so pleased with their professionalism and responsiveness that we got rid of our previous pool cleaning service and have hired Aqua Care to perform our weekly pool service.
- Robert B....