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Recent Review: Dyal and his crew did a fantastic job repairing a section of my floor. The subfloor had rotted. They opened up a section of the floor and replaced the plywood, secured it to the concrete and installed the proper vapor barrier and paper. They then installed the new oak flooring by weaving it into the existing floor. They sanded and refinished the entire room. Other contractors told me it would take 3-5 days. Gemini did it in 1 and at a very reason price. I hope to use them on another project in the fall.
Recent Review: it was very good. the prices were good and shop at home option was great for me. i saw samples and was able to schedule everything at the same time,
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Recent Review: Wood on Wheels was fantastic! They're price was very reasonable and the work that was done was incredible. We had some water leak in our basement which damaged about half of the basement laminate wood flooring. They removed the old wood flooring and replaced with new laminate. They were even able to reuse some of the good pieces from the old floor after carefully removing good damaged pieces. This saved us some money by returning unopened boxes. They also installed an oak wood ledge on our basement ledge. This all included removing the trim, replacing the floor, and installing the oak ledge with trim around it. Their work was incredible! I am very pleased with how it all turned out. I would absolutely use Wood on Wheels for any future flooring needs.
Business Description: When you're looking for dependable hardwood installation, laminate flooring installation, and other flooring services in Bergen County, Integrity Floor Company Inc. has your needs covered. Offering everything from flooring installation to wood floor repair to floor sales, we're the seasoned flooring contractors you can rely on for quality workmanship and lasting results!
Recent Review: when extremely well, the workers were(3) extremely professional, properly dressed in neat, and clean,clothes,one man gave instructions, the other to executed along with his help. They worked systematically moving the furniture, installing the floor and moldings, and then replacing furniture in its proper position. When they were finished all of the boxes and trash was removed by them ,I inspected the room and found absolutely no flaws in the workmanship or the product that was used. NOTE;I really give tips for someone to do a job, but in this case the entire company was worthwhile, from the estimate, their huge selection of product, to their employees, to their workmanship. Regards, Ralph Edwards, 353 West Clarkstown Rd., new city New York, 10956, 845566184
Recent Review: We highly recommend Gems Flooring! Geoff was great at communicating with us (via phone, email and/or text message) and responded to all of our questions promptly. He was patient as we chose the stain color and was great about walking us through the process as this was our first experience refinishing floors. Gems was truly a pleasure to work with and our floors came out absolutely beautiful!
Recent Review: Mel and his team installed a mud tile floor with heating under the tile floor. He also installed over 1400 square feet of floating laminate floor in my other home. Prices reasonable, he does not sub out the work and he is always there with his crew. Very trustworthy and leaves the work area clean. If I had more work I would give it to him.
Business Description: carpet, area rugs, wood florring, laminate flooring, vinal flooring, vinal tile, runners & electric radiant heat systems
Business Description: Wood Flooring- Installation, Repair, Polishing, Buffing, Finishing . Same applies for Laminate floors and bordering.
Recent Review: When the rep came to help me pick out a flooring, I told him I wanted something to match, as best as possible, what I had in the rest of the house. The floor we both agreed upon seemed to be much darker than what I actually got. He also wrote down my phone number wrong, so I never heard in advance what time they were coming. I finally called the day before and was told they couldn't tell me until the next day, when they'd call between 8 and 9 a.m. By 10:15 I hadn't heard from them and called. They said they'd called, and that's when I discovered they had the wrong number. The operator finally told me they'd be coming between 3:00 and 6:00. I asked if they would be calling before coming and she assured me they would. I had her confirm the number to make sure they had the correct one. She did. By 4:15 I hadn't heard anything, when I got a knock at the door. Yep, it was them and they said they had been trying to call, but no answer. They still had the wrong number. So now they're in the process of laying the floor when it appears the floor is much lighter than what I thought I picked out. Okay, I let it go because it looked alright. By this time the lighting was very poor in that room, and it looked okay, but the next morning, I noticed that one piece was several shades different than the rest...and they put it right in the middle of the floor! I will be complaining to them about this today. I would not recommend them as neither the operator nor the workers seemed to care that I was unhappy.

Reviews in Central Valley to Install Laminate Flooring

FLexi Floors LLC
This was a nightmare from the start. After calling Lexi Floors and setting up a time for someone to come and give us an estimate we were "rescheduled" TWICE by Lexi floors for said estimate. After a week of waiting for Lexi floors to contact us we placed a 3rd phone call to Lexi floors to inform them that we would go elsewhere for our flooring needs. (This alone should have been a red warning flag). Facing the prospect of losing the job/work, Jay Selvanto (owner/Lexi floors) appeared at our home that afternoon. After Jay surveyed the job (in 7 minutes) he gave us a total price of $1650 if we paid cash (this was about an average price given to us by other competitors). Since Lexi Floors was the most local company to our home, we decided to let him do the work, and agreed that the work would begin and be completed on 4/12/12. We were told that workers would be at our home to start the job at 8:30am on 4/12/12. On the morning of 4/12/12 nobody showed up or called us. At 12 noon that day we called Jay repeatedly to see what was going on. After the 5th call was made, Jay (the owner) returned our call and gave us some long winded story about why nobody came. After this episode Jay told us that the workers would be at our house 4 days later on the 16th to do the floors. (Since my sons birthday party was on 4/17/12 and family was visiting, we had no time to seek another option) . On 4/16/12 the workers finally showed up and completed the work/job. Ten minutes after the work was completed, Jay showed up, collected the cash, and then left. Within 8 weeks of the floors being put in ALL of the defective materials (floor) and poor installation began to surface. The Laminate flooring started to peel and raise and also loosen when walked on. After calling Jay (owner Lexi Floors) 23 times with no response , we decided to call around and contact a REAL professional (for a change) because our floors looked hideous in less than 2 months. After scheduling another flooring Company to rip up and remove the defective flooring (installed by Lexi). Since my wife and I felt cheated and scammed by Lexi floors we called Jay (owner Lexi floors) a 24th time and left a detailed and curt message. Within 5 minutes Jay (owner Lexi floors) called back to give us every reason why he could not or would not come to our home to inspect the horrible mess/job that he left at our home. When Jay (owner Lexi floors) was informed that this would wind up in small claims court he replied " I have been there before" and "you live like animals". As I write this, my wife and I are filing this in small claims court. PLEASE read this review and take your flooring needs elsewhere!!! DO NOT use Lexi floors.
- Anthony F....
They came when they said they were coming. They did a very neat job. The floor is smooth and the edges are cut precisely. They charged us less than we were expecting.
- Alessandra M....
FCernilli Remodeling Inc
Terrible install.  My late husband , who had no experience at all, did a better job in another area of the house. Sloppy, unprofessional.  Left multiple things unfinished.  Left my old carpet in the middle of my front lawn instead of putting to the street.  When I complained they did come the next day and took it away, which I did not expect. Waited at home for them 4 times when they never showed up and did not even call to say they were not coming.  They were also totally unprepared.  Didn't have enough or had the wrong material.  Just yesterday, 8/30/15, a piece of molding fell off.  I figured they had glued it instead of nailing it on.  They had done neither, just shoved it into the space.  Had to take care of it myself.  I have spaces in corners that should have been filled in with putty.  I will also take care of this myself.  It took almost a month for a 1 day install with profuse apologies and excuses made with each misstep.
- Paula D....
FManhattan Carpet Flooring Center
Management was responsive, but the installation was terrible.  They came back twice in an effort to repair it and we finally gave up.  Planks became constantly loose. As a result of damage from Hurricane Sandi, we had our floors replaced and used someone from your list who did an excellent job at less cost and we've had no problems since.  
- Nina D....
AEuro Floors LLC
Marcin did a fantastic job. Showed up exactly on time and did a superb laminate floor installation. We'll be hiring him again to do a similar installation in another room.
- Val S....
AKennedy Flooring Co Inc
Everything went fine. After getting 4 contractors to give advice we were at a standstill. The last one gave a detailed estimate but he told us that because of the age of existing flooring(s) we needed an asbestos check. Tim then came in and we could tell he had been in business a long time. He was a real pro and immediately told us the make of the existing floors and said there was no asbestos problem. He estimated the job (without using a fancy computer tablet) and the price was in line. The installer, John came right on time, 2 weeks later, finished in 2 days, was very neat, even managed to put back existing molding, with no damage. I would highly recommend them to anyone.
- Richard H....
BTools To The Rescue
Overall Rudy was great. He was quick to respond and easy to contact. He was reliable professional accommodating and we were happy with the end product. He also took the time to explain the best way to complete our finished basement project. My husband and I would definitely work with him again
- Colin T....
AAccurate Floor Service Inc
We are so happy we decided to go with Accurate Floor Service. Dennis and his crew's quality of work was efficient and timely. He also had an impeccable attention to detail. They installed flooring for our first floor living room, which originally had somewhat of an uneven concrete. They made what seemed to be an impossible job look easy. They also did our bedroom flooring on top of some hideous tiles. Both rooms came out beautiful! We would certainly use Accurate Floor Service again in the future and refer our friends and family to this company.
- Mary Q....
AGeorge Ferrera Construction
They were great!! I love my floors, they were professional and did a wonderful job. Very, Very Pleased
- Maureen M....
ALexi Floors LLC
Lowes wanted $750 for labor alone to install a laminate floor. Lexi Floors did everything for $960, with a better grade of flooring than you can get at Lowes.
- Stephen C....