Celoron Master Bedroom Remodel

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Recent Review: Crowdsourcing site for interior and architectural design. Interesting service and if you are comfortable with internet shopping and a little risk, IMHO, worth the cost.  My project:   Redesigning kitchen and family room (great room concept) and we needed interior design/style advise for the project. The site posts a "competition" for the project, you determine what amount of money to offer for the competition (site recommends an amount, but the customer is free to change if needed.) Within 20 days, we had 20 designers signed up for our competition from all over the world. In the end, 8 designers submitted designs. We picked our top 4, rated all designs and the top three were selected based on ratings -- one from France, USA and Serbia. Honorable Mention went to country of Georgia. First, second and third place received a portion of the award money.   Pros and Cons:  You, the customer, must be comfortable with the risk of paying for something and not knowing if you'll like the result. For me, this was part of the process and an acceptable risk.  You don't have a face to face consultation. The site has a "wall" where you can post ideas, photos, communication with the designers or architects. I resolved this by posting my houzz.com design book on the wall to give designers ideas of our likes, dislikes, etc. You can also post requirements and constraints for your project. Toward the end of the competition (a deadline is set when you submit a project) a lot of communication occurs with the architects and designers. Expect it, it's part of the process.  The website is fairly rudimentary. Online/chat help is available but is somewhat hit and miss.  You can send designs to friends and family to rate. This is helpful in making a decision.  Overall, we got a number of ideas between the designers and were very pleased with the process and project. 
Business Description: For many years I was a sub-contractor for a siding installation company. Over the years I began acquiring small jobs from relationships built during that time. I recently decided to venture out on my own and launched Haldeman’s Construction. Free estimates, licensed, insured, Over 17 years experience. Member of these reputable organizations are Chambersburg Chamber of Commerce, Chambersburg Downtown Buy Local, Franklin County Landlord Association. Certifications & Licensing: Pennsylvania Attorney General Licensing, EPA Lead Paint Certification, Mic Starr Insurance.
Recent Review: Zdenk and his men are outstanding, reliable, trustworthy and very clean and careful.  They were fairly priced, on time and very hard workers.
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Business Description: General home repair and remodeling
Business Description: Remodeling and building of most things. FREE ESTIMATES
Business Description: For a full description of our business and plenty of photos of our recent projects, please visit our website at www.alleghenybuilt.com
Business Description: We do most all residential remodeling from foundation to rooftop
Business Description: Tefft Construction has 30 years experience in home building and remodeling.

Reviews in Celoron to Remodel Master Bedroom

APrecision Home Improvement & Remodeling
Chris and his crew came into my home and treated it as if it was their own home . They were very professional and courteous  to my husband and I. They had to move the toilet from one side of the room to the other take out a tub and put a shower in on the wall the toilet was on. It was done in a timely manner.They also cleaned up before they left so I just had to enjoy my new bathroom. I think Chris went above and beyond any contractor I have ever used. I would definetly use this company again.
- Joan B....
A2 Brothers Construction
It was a great experience and love the outcome. I would definetly use them again and highly recommend them for all your remodeling needs.
- Jose S....
BLand's Home Remedies LLC
They came out and got the specifics of my project, and then they mailed me my renovation drawings with a notice that they would not be offering an estimate on my project.  He did give me the name of another contractor.
- Betsy V....
FHIS Construction and Roofing
Hired them to remodel our bathroom of our lake house. They had 5 weeks for the job and freedom to come and go as we were not there. We were to have subway tile walls half way up the wall and paint on top half with a chair rail, shower stall with doors, toilet and vanity. We arrived on the contract closing date as we were told they would be finished and we had company coming 2 days later. When we got there at 7pm, they were still working. Nothing was usable except the toilet except they had hooked the hot water to the toilet so it was filling with hot water and steam. Everything was a mess. They weren't even 1/2 way done. They didn't use spacers, so the tile was uneven. I was totally disgusted with what they had done. I spoke to him on the Friday before and he told me all they had to do was install the shower doors. As you can tell by the pictures, I took that night, it needed more than the shower doors. The next morning I gave them 2 choices, either start over again or give me my key and leave the premises. We had already given the $5600 dollars. That should have covered whatever they bought and more. The owner said he would fix everything to the way I had requested. On a side note, the layout I gave them I wanted does not even come close to what I requested. I was afraid to let them to tile, as they didn't know how, we suggested bead board. I didn't think there was much they could do wrong with that and it should be faster. They messed that up too, but said they got the sink and shower working. Next day I went to take a shower, stepped into the shower and the 60lb doors collapsed on me, leaving me with a bad headache and concussion. So right now, we have a half finished bathroom with the plumbing all messed up in the basement as well as new fixtures that are now damaged because one of the doors fell out and landed on the mirror and vanity. They are now scratched up. There is so much more to this, but you can see from the pictures they are horrible. Don't use them! They are terrible works and we caught them in a ton of lies....Stay Away!! There isn't a crew, they are two people and neither knew how to do anything.
- Karin S....
CBraendel Painting & Services Inc
Some of the work was good but the finish quality on the kitchen cabinets was a real dissappointment. Additionally, when they removed the moulding to put in the floor, multiple pieces were damaged and not replaced. We called them back for some patch work but they really needed to be replaced so we just accepted it. Eventually we will replace the moulding at our expense. This is the last time we will use them.
- Bohdan K....
AJeff Holt DBA Holt General Contracting
His name was Jeff. He came and gave me an estimate and we signed the papers. Two guys came the day he was supposed to come to do the work. It was his son and another kid but Jeff didn't tell me he wasn't going to come. I was under the impression that it was going to be him. They did clean up so that was impressive. I had white tiles on the floor and the son asked if I had any tiles left over. I asked if they were sure it was the white tile and they said yes. They put a beige tile down and I can see half of it where they put the vanity in. They knew that it wasn't white so they should have come to me. They didn't adjust the shelves and I had to call the dad. He came and put in the shelves. As soon as he left, it fell down so it is still laying down. I also showed the father the vanity door was not closing completely. He said he would have his son get a magnet and come to put it in. He never came. They came quickly.
- Sandy S....
AEmpire Development Inc
HIGHLY RECOMMEND They did an amazing job. They were professional, competent and fair. I couldn't imagine a better team for a renovation on a classic home. The owner Micah Meredith seems like a guy I would enjoy have a beer with. He's was easy to talk to and listened to me. I had a great experience. For my wife and my first remodel job we were worried about getting worked over by the contractor. Micah made us feel comfortable and we feel like he had our best interests in mind the entire time.
- Patrick S....
AExteriors By Maria
 I met Maria , and right away I knew she was the right person for the job. It is scarey hiring peple to be in your home. However, she had such a can do attitude, that it was infectious. I loved the fact that when she came into my home, she used protective booties over her sneakers to protect my floors from getting dirty. I showed Maria the project, I wanted a new kitchen, I was nercous about her enthousiatic plans, but trusted her. Maria removed everything from my kitchen, she removed a complete wall, and rebuilt one about 18 inches back, giving me so much extra room, then she repaired walls, and installed my new cabinets, and instead of having this big table in my way, I couldnt believe this could happen, but she installed a wonderful breakfast bar type table, I am able to fit 4 stool under it, and it is connected to my wall, this gave me extra space in my kitchen, and the space is wide open to my living room, so the breakfast bar honestly seperated my rooms, which I love. and she installed the cubboards to fit right down on top of the new fridge, which is also great since I hate that things get lost up there at times, Maria also installed new floors. The bathroom was a simple bathtub surround and paint, gutters were always a problem, she added some down spouts, and it is helping the rain to go away from the front door, No more ice. I am so impressed with this women, she worked very hard day and night, and I felt as I was the most important person to her at the time of her project, and she really controls her employees, she makes sure that they are just as respectful and professional as she is, and they seem to enjoy working for her very much, which says allot, she also gave me her insurance information,and interduced herself to my neighbors, provided them with her phone number, and apolgized for any disruption during the project, my neighbors thought this was very considerate, and I agree, I rated her a B on the billing because at the time, i thought this was allot of money, it did not include materials, but she is worth every penny.
- Renee L....
AGugino Plumbing And Heating Inc
Again, we use them all the time for plumbing jobs - we have had them here to clear drains, fix sump pumps, remodel bathrooms, fix garbage disposals - you name it! We're considering getting central air, and I will not hesitate to call them for an estimate. You can be assured they will do the job well and in a timely manner. Everyone charges a lot - I feel I get my money's worth with Gugino's and it is worth it.
- Lori W....
CGugino Plumbing And Heating Inc
Day one they dropped the old bathtub and broke our front steps, but failed to tell us about it. Then when I confronted them he asked if they could just try to patch them - we insisted on a complete repair. Details discussed about the design were left out - ask for a detailed drawing and insist on knowing how much each item is costing. The project was supposed to be done in July or early August. They just finished at the end of October because of a delay with the cabinets, then ran out of tile because they had to rework parts done incorrectly, the shower door was another slow down. All in all, there was poor communication, attention to detail and quality control - tiles had to be pulled up and reset on the floor because they stuck up above the others, finish details were left out and had to be redone, some trim pieces were installed even though they did not fit and then ultimately needed to be removed. Some basic plumbing procedures were not done, such as plugging the sewer pipe while the toilet was disconnected. None of these corrections would have been done had we not complained. The bathtub sat on the front lawn for two weeks until I requested it be removed - same with a trailer that was left there even though work had ceased while they waited for more materials. We are still waiting for our key to be returned, even though it was promised 10 days ago. The final product is close to what I had wanted, but it felt like an uphill battle to get it. We have another bathroom that needs to be remodeled but we will be looking for someone else.
- Barbara S....