Celoron Concrete Sidewalk Installation

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Business Description: Employee 13 people, Sales are 2-3 million per year, Service a 75 mile radius outside of Jamestown NY

Reviews for Install Concrete Sidewalks in Celoron

I called RPatti and recieved a speedy estimate. I decided to go with this company due to the price being much lower than other companies. I guess you get what you pay for, becuase even though I was told my driveway was going to be lowered and new concrete poured to replace it in a few weeks it was more like a few months. Once the driveway was dug out and the concrete was poured, the company did not cover the concrete eventhough it was scheduled to rain. I ended up covering it myself. Once dry, I backfilled the dirt around the new concrete and seeded the soil. Following the winter, I had noticed that there were 2 small cracks spanning the concrete and one large one across the new sidewalk. Cracks, as my neighbor who works with concrete said, were because of inadequiate breaks/relief joints in the concrete. I called RPatti and asked them to come out and look at it and fix it. They had said concrete sometimes cracks when it settles. After afew calls I was told they were going to ground out the crack and put a sealant init. Afew more months went by and nothing, so I contacted the City of Jamestown as they had somewhat recommended this company (having it on the approved list of contractors). Shortly thereafter, I received a call from RPatti and I could tell they were not happy with me contacting the city. They came within the week and ground out 2 of the 3 cracks. I had to call them again about fixing the 3rd one. Overall, this experience showed me you get what you pay for. Even though RPatti was cheaper it left me with many issues and I think about them everytime I see the and quot;sealedand quot; cracks.
- Jennifer F....