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Business Description: 20+ years Construction/Master Carpenter experience. 7+ years in one of a kind custom Treehouse's with slides, rock walls, ziplines, bucket pulls, trap doors, etc. Custom Sheds and furniture. Custom wood tables to custom porch swings. We accept all major credit cards and Pay-Pal. $200 Consultation fee (goes towards project).
Business Description: Wills Builders has been performing excellent work at very high standards in all phases of residential and commercial projects since 1972. We are fully capable master craftsmen who have proven experience including, but not limited to, new home and/or building construction, garages, pole barns, additions, excavation, masonry, concrete, framing, siding, and all phases and types of utilities. Wills Builders employees are covered by worker's compensation and we carry a $1,000,000 liability policy. We also provide 24 hour emergency services. Call Keri or Maria at our office to set up an estimate for your upcoming project. Additional contact name - Jacob Jordan. Additional email - jakethegrate88@gmail.com. Additional phone number - (814) 590-0866.

Reviews in Celoron for Building a Pool House

AEnhanced Spaces
Frank White removed 3 damaged walls in our utility shed which measured approximately 10 x 14. The walls were replaced and reinforced. He built double swing out doors. The entire building was primed and painted.
- Linda C....
FWills Builders
Towards the end of the job the prices excessculated and they said it was due to the prices going up and the contractor doing the excavating. Then they tell me that they did the job time and material, this was never discussed. I think I made the mistake of telling them I would be paying cash for the building of the home. Being an honest person I was paying them what they said it cost. Hired an attorney and found out they have a lot of leans on them and they were a bunch of no goods, drugs, prison for forgery. Found out  they had a smart lawyer and can't get any or my money back due to the leins. They own property and rent it out but don't have any equity. They said they did the jpb time and material but refused to provide receipts, hours and dates work was supposed to be done. Talked to other people that had work done by them and they weren't satisfied with them, said they were crooks. Would not recommend them to anyone!
- David Y....
On 8-11-08 Jeff Olson was hired to build a shed and was paid half the total agreed upon price. A contract was signed by both parties. He cashed the check, taking my money, and promised to do the work within a week. One week led to another with more empty promises to start the work. After weekly phone calls and no work done, he stopped taking my phone calls. Only after having a friend call posing to be a new client, did he answer the phone and after a long pause did he decide to talk to my husband who got on the phone. My husband gave him slack for stalling on the job, and gave him another chance to do the work or at least give us our depost money for supplies back by giving us the supplies. Jeff again said he would do the work and drilled one tiny 8" hole in the dirt in which we believed he was going to start building the pole building. He never did any more work. My husband left yet another message that he was going to fire him and hire someone else if he didn't resolve the issue. We never heard from Jeff again; he took our money and never performed the work.
- Jackie V....