Campbell Natural Stone Tile Installation

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Recent Review: I initally called Mr Duddy for an estimate on getting all the hardwood floors in my house sanded and resealed, he was very responsive and came out to take a look at the floors within a few days. The entire house has hardwood flooring except in the kitchen and 2 bathrooms. There were several surface scratches in one room from the previous owner's furniture and some old pet stains in another room. Most rooms had markings on the floor from when they had been covered with carpet at some point in the past. He was very thorough and straightforward when explaining to me what he would be able do to remove the imperfections. His estimate was right around the amount that I wanted to spend and was lower than another I had received from someone else. Mr Duddy was very flexible and able to complete the job around my unusual work schedule. He was careful to put up plastic sheeting over all doorways to help keep the dust out of other rooms and vacuumed up the dust each day before leaving. I was very satisfied with the work he performed, he was able to remove all the scratches and most of the stains. One pet stain was very persistent not able to be completely removed without replacing the floorboards however it was lightened significantly and is still a big improvement. I was very pleased with the end result, the oil based finish he used made the floors look as good as new.
Business Description: Integrity Creative Contracting LLC Free Quotes & Estimates Cash or Check
Recent Review: Great service. Very knowledgable. Product is amazing. Had some issues With some of the wood and the took care of it quickly and professionally. It can be scary to order online but Brazilian Direct is a legitimate company Providing an excellent product. Nicky who worked with me addressed all my Concerns and I even spoke to the owner Dan a few times and you can tell they both Care about customers very much.
Recent Review: Due to a Water Damage caused by a faulty Baseboard heater, Stanley Steemer was called by the General Contractor to perform restoration on a new addition to the house. Their work was done in a timely manner however when I stopped by their offices later in October to ask a few questions about the mishap that happened on their part while on this job, their manager got very defensive & at times hostile towards me. During the restoration process their crew accidentally cut through the floor joist & the attached PEX piping under the newly installed Subfloor; water containing Glycol Anti-freeze gushed out as a result; Luckily I was around to shut the valve off immediately otherwise there may have been another case of flooding to deal with as a result of their work! .
Recent Review: I was very happy with the outcome and look of all the resurfacing, particularly the floor. The finish was exactly what I wanted.  Work was done on time with minimum inconvenience.  Cleanup was great. I would recommend this company without hesitation!
Business Description: Superior Subcontracting Services
Business Description: We are a full service construction company that operates year - round. There is no job too small or too large for our team of quality craftsmen. We give free estimates and do all project work by contract. All service and maintenance work is invoiced, so you'll always have an explanation of the work that was performed. Warrantees vary from 1 year labor to 40 year manufacturer, depending upon the work being done and you can rest assured that the job will be done on time, on budget in most cases. We only use sub - contractors where job specific licensing like plumbing is required.
Business Description: Quality workmanship at competitive pricing
Business Description: We cover all ranges of flooring and floor covering installations - All employees are in house
Recent Review: They were very good, very good.    The interaction was very well, it all worked out well.  They were very courteous, they were on time, you know they got the job done right away.  We were happy with them.  I would tell Angie list members to try them, they were very good, everything went well.

Reviews in Campbell for Natural Stone Tile Installation

ATile Solutions
Jayme (Tile Solutions) responded to our calls in a timely fashion and gave a detailed estimate on July 7. The price was right and Jayme presented himself well so we selected him for the work over two other contractors. We changed our minds several times through the process and had lots of questions and Jayme was always very good about getting back to us with answers. Time to complete the job stretched out over 2 months from the date of the initial estimate. The reason it took so long was mostly due to my wife and I changing our mind about tile and stuff like that, but some if it was Jayme too, for reasons unknown. He seemed very knowledgeable and he and his assistant were fairly clean and efficient in their work?and they were pleasant guys ( I work from home so I'm able to say that first hand). There could have been more attention paid to covering floors, and there were some drips here and there when carrying wet tile through the house, but overall not bad. The quality of the work seems very solid. I always do a lot of research about the projects we have done and I feel that Jayme's technique was very good. He warned us away from using large Travertine tiles in the bathroom suggesting they might break, and we're glad that he did. When we had problems with the layout of the shower or with materials, Jayme was read with suggestions for a fix. My biggest complaint is that I wish there was a little more attention to detail with the finishing touches. Some grout and calk was slopped onto the door jambs and casings and soaked into the stained wood and won't come out. This could have easily been avoided by taping off the jambs/casings. But compared to the scope of the work it's not that big of a deal. Overall I'm really happy with the job he did and we would definitely use him again.
- William P....
ARestoration builders
Restoration builders rewired my whole kitchen and also put down a tile floor in a week. They were very fair with their prices. They also came and gave me a free quote first hand. They were very polite and professional. Being attentive to detail and my wishes. I would recommend restoration builders. It was a positive experience at a very fair price.
- Tiffany D....
ANorb Miller General Contractor
Norb does really nice tile work. He is pretty meticulous. I would definitely recommend him and hire him again. He was quick to return our call, came over to look at the job soon after and gave us a price. He was flexible and worked with our other contractors on timing. When he says he is going to be there, (unlike other contractors we have used) he ACTUALLY shows up. My husband's only complaint is that he should use his own shop-vac. He didn't clean out the filter when he was done and it was really a mess - small issue - but otherwise a really nice job.
- Kathy F....
ASkips Custom Flooring Inc
We really liked the people at Skip's flooring and we liked that they were a family company but we did not end up ordering our flooring from them.  The only reason was because they did not carry the brand of flooring we really wanted.
- William T....
ARenovace Development LLC
It looks amazing. They did awesome! The estimate was fast and they were right on schedule! Great quality work for an affordable price.
- Amanda T....
AMike Pollock Flooring
I purchased the actual vinyl flooring from a flooring store and they recommended the contractor, Mike, who kind of works with them, for the installation. He came in and just did it so quickly. He moved the refrigerator into the other room and laid the new floor down. I think he put it on top of the old floor.  His price was amazingly cheap. I could not believe it and it looks beautiful. He had people help him. He was great.
- Denise W....
They had a lot of different brands of flooring available to look at and we found one that we liked.  It was on sale which made it even better.   The only thing we did not like was that we were told the flooring had to be ordered but it was in stock and would be delivered the next week.  It was closer to three weeks before we actually received the flooring.  We had taken everything out of the kitchen, torn up the old floor and had our son in law available to do the flooring the next week because we were told we would have the flooring then.  If we had known it was going to be three weeks before it came in we would have waited to tear our kitchen apart and our son in law could have done another job while he was waiting for our flooring.
- William T....
Aprestige hardwood flooring
Kamil and his crew have done many jobs for me. They are clean, neat and curteous. Most importantly their work is top quality. People think hardwood flooring is just flooring. That's not the case! These guys are craftsman and artists . Have you ever heard of a 3D hardwood floor? Well these guys can do it. They dont leave a mess behind and they do every step properly so that when the job is done it's like glass. I wouldnt use anyone else but them.
- Aleks V....
AHarding's Attica Furniture and Flooring
Excellent! Two days after my initial call the owner was at my home with sample flooring and measured the area for installation. I made my choice and was scheduled for a about 10 days later, allowing time for the material to arrive at their store. I then had to ask for more time at the last minute because of some issues with the subfloor that I needed to take care of first and they graciously rescheduled me for their next available date. Installers were professional, friendly, and did an amazing job on a difficult floor area. Perfect cleanup and perfect transaction from start to finish. Price of materials was competitive and installation was actually slightly lower than 2 other places I had contacted! Highly recommended.
- Debbi S....
Pat was great.  He helped me select the right product for my budget.  He was very clear about the issues he might encounter during the instalation.  He installed the flooring when he said he would.  He always got back to me. He did everything you'd ask froma flooring company.  I would recommend anyone looking for flooring work to use a good local company like Living Floors rather than be sucked in by the cheap claims made by the big boxes.
- Kerry M....