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Business Description: Count on our full-service septic contractor in Cicero, New York for the service you seek at a price you can afford. From sewage pumping to grease trap cleaning, Hahn's Septic Tank Service does it all for homeowners and business owners throughout the area. We never cut corners with our services. For your convenience and peace of mind, we employ knowledgeable, licensed plumbers to ensure that work is done right the first time.
Recent Review: Awesome. Punctual. Professional. Hard working. Honest. Approachable as they let my toddlers watch and see what was going on at times. They had to demo the two walls, of course the floor along the foundation for half the house, install the system, concrete etc. In and out in under 3 days. We just had them over again today because we have another water issue. He found the leak which was the shutoff valve to the spigot above my kid's room. No nonsense, he could have lied and had me get that part of the basement done. Nope, he diagnosed it, looked up the plumber we have used in the past for their number. With parts, call out and labor, I might pay $50. Obviously, he saved us thousands. They take pictures of everything they do. Feel free to show him this review. I bet he will remember my house and show you the work they did, as well as the issue with the spigot.
Recent Review: There were two jobs I asked them to do. Once was to pump out a 2000 gallon septic system and the other was to check the system for leaks as I thought the system was leaking. It turned out that the system was not leaking. I have a natural spring in my lawn that overflows when we get a lot of rain. The workers who checked the system for me told me how to put in a drain to eliminate the wet spot. I was impressed.
Recent Review:   I would recommend this company to anyone! From the president, to office staff to the incredibly wonderful workers ---they have been excellent. Throughout the cellar, I had the front wall braced, a sump pump installed, a moisture barrier put on the walls and plywood over all the walls. The company dug out and sealed cracks in the floor and  arranged to have it painted. Midstate also dug around the front and side of my house and installed pipe and stone to wisk water from the front. I sit in an usual place because I get run off from state and county roads and a farmer's 107-acre field. Of course, no one will to do anything about it. For the last three years, after a moderate rain I would listen to my sump pump go off every two to three minutes. I was a nervous wreck. Since the restoration, everything is dry and I really haven't heard my sump pump run. It has been pure heaven. Everyone I have dealth with from Midstate has been caring and professional. They even sent flowers when I had a car accident! They truly are a wonderful company.
Recent Review: I called to get an estimate on replacing my well pump.  I already had an estimate from another company who had come out and looked at the well at no charge.  This other company showed me the problems and explained in detail what would be needed and why.  The key point was that the connector from the well riser to the house supply pipe was aluminum, severely corroded and would need to be replaced.  This would require digging down to the connector. The Barber & Deline service man gave me a estimate over the phone, but wasn't interested in hearing what I had learned about the problems with the well.  He assured me that replacing the pump would be no problem.  As a result, he came on a service call, discovered he could not pull up the old pump because of the corroded connector, and charged me $270 for a service call. I feel that, under the circumstances, there should have been no charge, or a substantially reduced charge.  If he had listened to what I had to say about the corroded connector,  he may have realized he might not be able to replace the pump.  At least not without the fitting being dug out first.
Recent Review: I am satisfied with their work. I give them an "A" overall.
Business Description: Over 30 years experience installing and servicing pumps and pump systems. We only use top quality components, including Goulds pumps. We are a small, owner-operated business, and respond quickly to your calls. In many cases, we can provide a rapid solution to your problem.
Business Description: Certified Licensed Plumber #331 City of Auburn Cayuga County for over 24 years
Recent Review: Shutes Lafayette Well Drilling did an extensive amount of work and they did an awesome job. They told me exactly what they were going to do and how they were going to do it. Actually, I was at work. My son was at home. He was here and he related on him. He talked to me and got on the phone with me. They were very, very good and extremely knowledgeable. If there was a mess or spills, they made sure they cleaned it up. There's nothing that I didn't like. The fact that it was an emergency situation on a Monday morning, they came right out. The price was a bite for me but it was reasonable. My son was very impressed with them.
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Recent Review: Good for someone we didn't know,he did a good job got our water back that day.

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AMcdonald Plumbing & Heating
Checked Angie's List for plumber as we are new to area.  Saw McDonald's had great reviews, but was expensive.  Decided to try them out since I needed a good plumber quickly.  He showed up the same day with the proper replacement pump in his van.  I couldn't believe it.  Normally someone would want to come out and evaluate the situation, then go out and pick-up the part and return another time to install it.  They were well worth the money.
- Sherill K....
ADo It Right Plumbing Inc
Our system stopped working on Thursday night. We were planning to go away on Friday and thought it would be OK for the weekend, but on Friday morning we found that the pump system was leaking and there was water all over the basement floor. We called Do-it-right at 8AM. They promised to have someone there in an hour. The guys showed up in 45 minutes, quickly diagnosed the problem, went to get a replacement pump, returned, installed it and were gone 2 hours after I placed the call. Our weekend away was saved. The guys that came were pleasant, courteous and very professional. I would call Do-it-right for any plumbing job in the future. Excellent work, excellent service.
- Christine L....
Getting them scheduled was tough, although it hasn't been in the past. They are always very nice, and always have done great work.
- Sheila S....
AJerry's Plumbing & Heating
Excellent! We were certainly concerned when the water started to rise and the pump did not turn on. A quick check on Angie's List for a highly rated plumber led us to call Mike at Jerry's Plumbing and Heating. He returned our call quickly, came over immediately and replaced the pump in a short amount of time. It helped that we had a back up pump on hand. I might add that he did all this while we were talking to him from out of town.
- Karen H....
APotter Heating/A-C & Perrone Plumbing
They were available when I called. Price was average. Workmen were very effecient and courteous. Stayed until they and I were assured that all was going well. Considering that this was an emergency plumbing problem (at least for me), I was very pleased with the experience.
- George W....
ACountry Gentlemen Plumbing
Excellent! Have used Country Gentlemen in the past and they are always fast, reliable, courteous and professional. Price was very reasonable. Rick did the work and I highly recommend him.
- Peter G....
ACNY Water Warehouse LLC
We had used CNY Water Warehouse earlier this year for a new water softner and pressure tank.  So when our water pressure fell to 0 on a weekend, we called Dave for help again. Dave responded very quickly - in spite of it being Noon on Sunday.  After some diagnosis - it was determined that our old well pump was the issue.  It required pulling the old pump 290 feet from our well - and then found the wiring was also a concern. (note:  pulling the pump is not a small job!)  Fortunately, Dave stocked the Goulds pump that we needed - and replaced it and the wiring - and even clorinated our well!  Dave also placed a followup call - to check that everything was good. The new pump has been working great for weeks now - and I cannot thank Dave enough for responding to our call for help on the weekend so quickly and getting us back to having running water again. We've consistently found that Dave takes pride in his work and puts a strong focus on customer satisfaction.
- Judith B....
AAustin Plumbing & Drain Cleaning
They were prompt and provided excellent service. We have used Austin before and they are reliable and a great company to use.
- Michael B....
Very well. John was very quick when I called with an "emergency" repair need. He assessed the situation and then we went to Home Depot together to buy the sump pump and piping that was needed. That way I didn't have to pay extra for the sump pump and the warranty/receipt would be in our name. While John was here he gave me some ideas for better drainage out in the yard. He told me how we could do it ourselves.
- Barb C....
AB-Sure Systems Inc
Could't have asked for anything more...They were prompt and Professional from the very first phone call to actually completing the installation!
- Lisa G....