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Reviews in Amherst for Sunroom Builders

ASunroom Additions & Improvements, Inc.
The project took about two weeks. All materials were delivered. A crew of five to six dug the post holes and secured the joists. Every one on the crew was courtious and pleasant to work with. They answered all questions respectfully. An issue came up with our town which had passed a law since our house was built that houses must have a 35 foot setback. Ours was 33 feet. They decreed that the sunroom could be built no closer than 35 feet from the road. This would have the outside wall of the sunroom in the middle of the living room sliding glass door. We were required to move the door over two feet. This was not included in the original contract since it was discovered when they applied for a building permit. However, Sunroom Additions complied with the law, not only moving the door but replacing it with a new one at their expense. Another issue was the roofing. Our understanding was that this company would be applying roofing shingles to the roof. Coincidently, our roof had blown off during a recent windstorm and we had contracted with Seibold to replace it. We told Seibold about the the new sunroom. He priced our new roof for the original roof size since that is what the insurance would allow. When the sunroom roof was finished, the roof was white metal. We had a disconnect. After discussion among the homeowners and the two separate contractors, Sunroom Additions agreed to pay Seibold to shingle the sunroom roof so it would match the house.They have been back several times to check on the job and have made a small repair. We are very pleased with the new room and with this contractor. We would hire them again.
- Frank M....
DFITCH CONSTRUCTION, Inc. & the Fitch Design Studio
The company completed the install of a Four Seasons room addition to our house on August 12, 2020. Since the install, we have had numerous leaks which resulted in wood damage, and in some areas rotted wood was covered over without replacing. First on August 18th, our flooring installers exposed the water barrier membrane around the perimeter of the room to begin the tiling, which revealed soaking wet, rotting wood. This wood is 32 years old from when the original sunroom was built and it supports the entire room. In my opinion, for $100 in wood this should have been replaced. ( tiling is cancelled the first time) On August 21, the production manager came out to look at the damage. He cut out a piece of the wood which showed considerable rot on the top and the bottom of the wood.. He said exactly "that the wood still has some meat to it" and the solution was to take down the room and replace the rotted wood, which he said they have no intention of doing. Apparently water got trapped under the water shield barrier around the perimeter of the room as it was exposed to the elements for a week or so during the rebuild process. No real explanation was given as to why this happened other than its very unusual, and we were told to run fans and a dehumidifier. I am just hopeful that its integrity hasn't been compromised and that we don't have issues down the road,The most recent leak became apparent on September 4, 2020 after a heavy rain, which has caused further delays to our construction schedule ( had to cancel tiling again). As there were new water stains around a wrapped wooden support beam, we decided to remove the metal to see where the water is coming from. The beam was completely rotted and soaked and we found out that each time it rains the metal wrap around the beam had disguised the leak. It was so deteriorated that you could put your hand through it. I had to hire a contractor to replace it immediately as I feared the structural integrity was compromised. Now we are on standby, waiting for the company to respond , have someone come and repair the room to eliminate the leaks. Meanwhile our floor installer, electrician, painter, and carpenter is kept in limbo. We have sent several emails, texts and left voice messages for the owner and the production manager and have received no response for 4 days now.
- Aniko M....
It went well. They took longer than they originally quoted. As far as the quality of the work is concerned, it was very good. It was just a very timely job. They said it would take two and a half weeks and it took a little bit over eight weeks. The price was good. I know that they had an injury of one of the foreman and I think they've tried the best they possibly could. I would hire them again if they can guarantee me that it is going to be done when they promised me.
- Wende W....
FWarren Sunrooms Inc
I am so disappointed with this company.  I signed the contract with them in October 2008, and they dug the holes for the support posts with the promise that my project would be the first done in the spring.  THen they called to tell me they couldn't get the hot tub I wanted, so I had to pick a different choice.  Then they told me they had changed hot tub companies and I had to make another choice.  The company they use is a company out of Canada that I do not know.  I had many issues with the company, they didn't show up when they said they would, and the project took 3 months instead of the 3 days I was told it would take.  The morning after I filled the hot tub, the water was gone, and when I called the company, I was told they were not in the hot tub business, even thought they had sold me the tub!!!  They did come and fix it, claiming the manufacturer had left off a part, however, the next year when it began to leak again, my plumber informed me that there was a broken pipe underneath that they had just covered with a rubber boot.  He had to cut out the pipe and replace it.  The roof has leaked since the room was put in.  I called the first two winters and they said they would fix it in the spring.  The first time, they claimed they came and fixed it while I was at work.  The second time, they just never came, even though I called multiple times and they kept saying they would come and fix it.  It still leaks every winter, and now is leaking during very heavy rains.  I would never use this company again and would urge everyone to steer clear of them!!
- Mari S....
APro Home and Sunrooms
From start to finish pro sunroom was great to deal with. Communication was perfect very easy to get a hold of Mark to get any questions answered. The workmanship was second to none are screen room came amazing. Would definitely hire again.
- Phil P....
FPatio Enclosures
bill wirth, who did the estimate, and guaranteed "one week" finish date wrote me an estimate for project. my main concern was installing a door directly from kitchen. there was a 2" step that i wanted eliminated. that was included in the estimate. never done. afterward they said it couldnt be done because the other stairs would be uneven. this was the objective and as professionals i believed they had a system in place to do what i wanted. needless to say they never arrived on time. just  showed up at random. as this job left was directly connected to my house i did need to be there when they worked.  i scheduled my medical appts. around their schedule and secured the house when i left. imagine my suprise to return home and find that the had actually broken in to do their sporadic work. i did confront them on this and was told that they installed it and knew how to get in! this happened several times.  their "7 days" in and out  went on for over 2 months!!! the problems were endless. as i was very very ill during their work they took full advantage of this fact and pretty much steam rolled me on my complaints. each and every one of the contractors wanted me to hire them on the side for work. EACH AND EVERY ONE!  bill the salesman and duane the main contractor took me for$1000. cash to drywall ONE wall. duane had originally told me not to tell bill but when i saw that they came to do the work after hours together i finally got the big picture.  they are still not done. the electricianscrewed up my whole electrical panel which is still not fixed. the only way to get brian the manager to return a call is to call the corporate phone number.   brian did come out  august 29, 2012.he gave me one wall of inferior vertical blinds to make up for the situation.   afterward, since my calls were not being returned  he did call and was alarmingly irate and told me he would send out an electrician but then I was done. he would not send out any of his people. he said I would have to sign off all issues. i spoke with him again thursday and he said  "ok I'll call you right back"   it's monday and I'm still waiting!!!! UPDATE:   NOVEMBER 13, 2013 -  It is now over a year later, i just had my electric fixed from what patio enclosures destroyed. final bill - $1320.00. apparently along with not wiring the sunroom correctly, removing a circuit braker completely from my panel, they broke the underground conduit which ran the electric to the pool and out building. * Approximately 6 monyhs ago i also had to hire roofers AGAIN to re-attach the siding as it blew down and i was informed that patio enclosures did not even attach it completely to the solid wall. they had "tacked" it to insullation. This was another $800.00. *** i have been hearing creaks and groans from the structure for several months, could not detect a problem until today. Now I see that the entire structure is slipping from the house. Also; Nothing was sealed or caulked so you can acually see daylight through the wall cracks. **** My complaints on Angies list lasted only a very short time, then Patio Enclosures managed to switch the negative complaint to the account GREAT DAY IMPROVEMENTS. This appears to be a type of "shelter" that contractors use to deflect any negativity.  I insist that this review be posted  under both names. * pictures to follow
- Lynn P....
DSunroom Additions & Improvements, Inc.
After waiting 10 months to write this review to keep my emotions out of it I still feel the same...Very disappointed in the workmanship and install of this sunroom. The first day it rained after install I had a leak. Quick respond and re-calked seams. Flies were entering unit and they came back at least 5 times to try to figure out where there coming in. I suggested the calk all inside seams. Calking job was very unprofessional and I'm still cleaning up all the smears and did not complete...Inside seams also are not straight and look very cheap. Outside 10'' trim piece that runs along outside of unit has a bubble that I was told comes from factory like this and nothing they can do...I had to plant high shrubs to help hide. If I had a another chance I would go with a different contractor and unit...
- Richard S....
AA+ Contractors of WNY LLC
Everything went well. Communication could have been a little clearer. I wasn't exactly sure of payment methods etc, when payment was due. Overall they worked efficiently and was done in a matter of hours.
- Ryan J....
FSunroom Additions & Improvements, Inc.
The company knew of existing problem with trying to build a sunroom and needing a firewall next to existing garage. The salesman said it could be done anyway. He assured us that everything was worked out with the town before the contract was signed and a deposit of 1100.00 was given. Approx start date was 6/13/12 , when that week arrived and nothing had been heard from the salesmen or the contractor doing the work the salesmen was called, that was the first phone call that was unanswered. The builder was called and he said they were behind due to the rain and work would hopefully start the following week. The salesmen was finally reached and he said the plans were already sent to the town the week before but there were some problems. When the Town building inspector was called he said the plans had just arrived the day before not the week before and he couldn't reach the architect. When we got involved to try to get resolution between the architect , the builder and the town, calls still went unanswered by the salesmen. Finally the architect said it just couldn't be done as a sunroom because of the firewall situation and when asked why the project was even taken on knowing that in the beginning he said the salesmen had asked him to try. He said the salesmen would refund the deposit. Several calls were put into the salesmen to see if a 4 season room could be done, when the calls went unanswered and the architect had given up on the three season room the deposit was asked for because the job couldn't be completed as contracted. The calls still went unanswered but on Monday a check was received in the mail for 350.00 and the building plans that would never be approved along with a note saying the missing 750.00 from the deposit was for the plans. A Better Business complaint was put in and at that the time the salesmen said he would give back another 375.00 if the complaint was pulled. After this conversation a complaint was filed at the Town police dept and we are awaiting word. The salesmen should never have taken on the project knowing the problems involved and telling us that it had already been worked through when almost every word that came from his mouth was a lie. Also as the start date approached the price had been changed at least twice for modifications to get the plans approved, which never were and no work ever took place.
- Michelle I....
AIvy Lea Construction
They were great, arrived on time, worked steadily, gave fair prices, kept a clean work site and knew what they were doing.
- Clyde M....

Sunrooms and Patio Enclosures in Amherst

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Business Description: Comfort Windows is Upstate NY's Premier Home Improvement Company. Local experts for windows, doors, bathrooms, basements, insulation, sunrooms, siding and more.
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Recent Review: We had a three-season room built on top of an existing deck. The owner was involved every step of the way. He came out for the initial consultation, and was around just about every day during construction to update us on progress and timelines. He and the construction crew were personable and upfront with any issues they encountered. During construction, the crew found significant wood rot and water damage left to us from a previous owner. They informed us of the damage, gave us some options, and performed the repairs themselves, all for what we considered a very reasonable price. We really appreciated the level of communication and them being forward about this, and are grateful for the repairs. The room is just what we envisioned, and we are very happy with the results. We would highly recommend Pro Home and Sunrooms. The one small thing we'd change would be the amount of communication we received prior to the work starting. Construction was delayed by COVID-19, not due to Pro Home and Sunrooms, and we had to reach out to the owner once our initial start date had come and gone for a new schedule.
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Recent Review: Everything went well. Communication could have been a little clearer. I wasn't exactly sure of payment methods etc, when payment was due. Overall they worked efficiently and was done in a matter of hours.
Recent Review: Nick and his people did a great job.