Roswell Pool Heater Installation

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Recent Review: Jeff came to our house within a day of of our call and had the spa fixed in 10 minutes flat. The problem was a burned out circuit board for the heater, which he found immediately. Very quick service at a reasonable price.
Recent Review: Took 3 visits. He charged me for only 2.
Recent Review: Tech unable to perform service due to old water heater.
Award 2018Super Service Award
Recent Review: It went very well, it was done quickly.

Reviews in Roswell to Install Pool Heater

AHot Springs Spas of Albuquerque
We purchased a house with a hot tub and were new to hot tubs. When we tried to get the hot tub to heat up, it would not. Hot Sprngs send a great tech out that showed us how the tub works as well as diagnosed the problem correctly immediately. The repair was reasonable and he even suggested a maintenance item that should be replaced that we would not have known about otherwise. Very happy with Hot Springs and will definitely use them in the future.
- Terry L....
ASpa Pro LLC
Our hot tub heater was not working and the tub was intermittently tripping the circuit breaker. We had sold our home and were closing in less than 24 hours. A working hot tub was a condition of the sale. Tom Davis came out on 12 hours notice and repaired the hot tub in no time. He was a lifesaver. He diagnosed the issue, had the requisite parts (a circulating heater pump), and fixed the problem in no time. His "show up" cost was around 25% of Bachmann Pool and Spa. (Bachmann was not willing to adjust their service schedule to deal with this issue - see my review of Bachmann.) You are also dealing with the owner and worker when you deal with Tom - which I much prefer over a faceless company where the owner is removed from the actual servicing. I'd use Tom again in a heartbeat!
- Martin P....
ATrademark Home Services
The technician arrived sooner than estimated, which was appreciated.  They did give a 30 minute call ahead.  The technician checked the outdoor unit, attic unit, and interestingly, my hot water heater.  He cleaned out the outside unit.  All A/C parts were in good working condition.  He made some recommendations to keep everything running smoothly. I was surprised that he checked the hot water heater, though he did note it's age - quite old, but still running.  He made some recommendations for taking care of it, including consideration of a replacement tank. All in all, the work was performed as expected with professionalism.  I would use them again.
- Joan D....
FAlbuquerque Pools & Spas
A couple weeks went by and I had still not seen a new jet, so I called them to see what the problem was.  I was assured that the providing company had just dropped the ball and I would have my new jet shortly.  Another week went by, still no jet so I called again.  Same story.  This went on for a few weeks and I was fed the same line every time.  Eventually, they stopped answering my calls.  I have left numerous messages and have yet to receive a call back.  I have complained to the BBB and the attorney general and both said that the company did not respond.  I will be filing a small claims court case within the next 2 weeks.  My Spa has been rendered useless because not only did they not deliver the new part that I already paid for, but they also took my old part with them so I have no way of even trying to find the right part on my own or through another company.  Not only can I not use my hot tub, but I can't even get it fixed!  I will be suing them for a used hot tub of equal value.  I spent over $500. to get my hot tub up and running & I don't think it's too much to expect to have that be the case for the price I paid.....regardless of what it costs the company who rendered my spa useless and cost me the use of it for the past 3 months.  Not to mention however long it will take for litigation.  At this point, I'm not even sure the jet needed replacing.  I would be happy with my money back for the jet plus the old jet to settle this matter, but I presume that will not happen due to the company's unwillingness to even answer my calls or respond to my complaints.  If I could get my old jet back and it was, in fact, faulty, at least I would be able to show it to a supplier and/or get a part number off of it to order a new one.  Otherwise, I am completely helpless.
- Jeremiah Y....
ACalvin Clark Construction
He tells himself as a handyman but he does plumbing, heating, remodeling and he does the whole smear. He is very good and very reasonable. Whatever he did for me he did it very good and I am very pleased with it. I couldn't close or open my door and he fixed that for me. He was very good and started my water heater. His price was very good for what he did. His quality of work is excellent and he cleans up everything after himself as he is very good that way. If he can't make it then he calls and let me know. I think he is great. He is very professional.
- Rosemary D....
AAdvanced American Construction Inc.
From the beginning we met George, the owner of Advanced American, and he was courteous and up front about the challenges we faced with this extensive renovation. This is a vacation home and we expressed to George how important it was for us to be able to trust his team to work on unsupervised other than occasional inspections. We felt comfortable with George and his honest assessments and decided to move forward with the project. He is the kind of contractor that will tell you from the beginning how much something will cost and not surprise you later with charges for things that were more complex than expected. He is very frank about what is required and how much it will cost in order to do a quality job. He does not cut corners and would rather not perform the work than do subpar work that will lead to issues in the future. He won't sugar coat the difficulty of the work needed and will not draw you in with a low ball quote only to double it on the backend. He is very knowledgeable home construction overall and his team can really take on almost anything. George always picks up his phone or returns calls as soon as possible. We left many valuable items in the home and ordered many things to be received by his team and not one item went missing or was damaged in the home. He stands behind the work and with minimal supervision completed the project and met all of our expectations. We would highly recommend his services and are thankful for the time and effort put forth by his team.
- Victor A....