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Business Description: Kleanforce is a full service property preservation & Junk Removal company. We provide preservation services for Banks, Mortgage Companies, Investors, Property Owners, and Homeowners. We also offer 24/7 Junk Removal and Trash Hauling services to help bring your property ready for show in a hurry.
Award 2018Super Service Award
Recent Review: Nathan from Roadrunner was at the house promptly as scheduled and he and his assistant did a great job of removing the old water heater and installing a new one. The job was a little tricky, as the vent on the old water heater was failing, so Nathan had to remove that as well and build new ductwork. He did a terrific job, and it hardly added any time or cost to the job. He also took a look at the furnace and taped up the seams in that vent as well to prevent any leakage. He patiently answered all my questions and explained everything that they were doing, which I really appreciated.  Roadrunner was able to get our hot water heater replacement scheduled more quickly than the other places we called, and their prices were very competitive. I feel really good about the quality of the work that they did, and I would definitely use them again in the future!
Business Description: Climate Heating & Air Conditioning Inc is a New Mexico corporation since 1947. We do accept Mastercard, Visa and Discover as well as checks and cash. We are an independent Trane dealer. Ask for Tammy! Text messaging accepted on cell phone number 575-430-1715. You may email Tammy at ttoncray@aol.com
Recent Review: Overall, it was a good experience. I have asthma and noticed a difference in the quality of air in the house after having the air ducts cleaned. I thought the cost/price was to high for this type of service, but it is pretty much a service industry standard . I went went with Sears because of their reputation for quality service.
Award 2018Super Service Award
Recent Review: I will use them again in the future.
Recent Review: This job ran rather smoothly. They have been the only company I have done business with. There have been a few instances in the past I felt that didn't go as smooth but overall I've been happy with their service.
Recent Review: Very tough job, small crawl space, old duct work. They were incredibly professional and thorough, great to work with, did a fantastic job well beyond what was expected. the cost was very reasonable for the service provided. We would recommend them to anyone. They were very knowledgeable on current technologies, corrective actions, latest cost effective methods for reducing allergens. Very kind and patient. A great crew. Thanks very much.
Business Description: At Dick’s Carpet Care we provide full spectrum cleaning. Our Los Alamos and Santa Fe service personnel are fully trained in all areas necessary to thoroughly clean your home or office including: carpets, upholstery, drapes, oriental rugs, ceramic tile, air ducts, fire and water damage restoration. We also provide carpet and upholstery cleaning service for auto and r.v.
Recent Review: All work was fine and performed by polite clean Techs who were respectful of me and my home. It was a pleasant process and I would use them again.
Recent Review: Workers on time and did a fantastic job with great professionalism.

Reviews in Raton to Replace Ductwork

They required two visits to properly assemble a quote. They then rescheduled the visit twice (during summer months). We asked the Dick's Carpet Care people (two people) to use a cotton drop cloth that we provided to prevent damage to the floors-they disregarded this, which resulted in large gashes to the flooring by their dragging around ladders. We had to repair the floors at our expense. They claimed they used remote cameras and advanced duct cleaning equipment, but showed up with nothing more than a ladder and a vacuum cleaner. They failed to fully remove several vent covers while doing the cleaning, resulting in some wall damage around the vents. They missed 1/3 of the vents in the house and failed to put several vent covers back. Basically, they exuded a "don't care" attitude and failed to return our calls to get them to complete the work we paid for.
- Tom T....
ACarpet Tech
The day of the estimate, they had to people to come out. This was great because our house is large. Their estimate was less than another cleaning service in our area. Their estimate was done before I told them about me calling to get someone else's estimate. I needed the house professionally cleaned, they recommended someone. Who was great, plus the cleaning service gave me a 20%coupon on the cleaning. That sure helped. After having the house cleaned, Carpet Tech came out on two different days. The first day they cleaned the air ducts and as large as the house is it was work. On the second day, they were there waiting on me. That impressed me. When we started discussing the price, he told me they had found one other heating unit in the attic, but the air duct crew did not charge me for that unit which was $75. The cart had the smell of old not being clean for a few years and dog urine. The house one smells and looks great. A plus, I had some boxes FedEx had delivered and could not lift. They were nice enough to lift and carry them in for me. They were fair, courteous and very reasonable. I would definitely use them again.
- Linda C....
FUV Plumbing
The owner of UV works with a Company called American Restoration water and fire llc. We hired them after a house fire and they subcontracted out to Uriel. His workers installed crappy ductwork with gaint gaps between the vent and wood, did not return to fold vents over before tile was installed. So he returned with a grinder! He used the grinder to cut the metal. Sparks flying down into the insulation under our manufactured home. Leaving sharp jagged cuts and broken tile in his path. No fire extinguisher on site....Giant gaps that small critters could climb thru. They also broke into our only locked room with very personal and sentimental items stored in there to place a vent cover even tho they knew we were here during the day everyday. Hint* a locked door means don't enter! Leaving the doorknob and door jam broken an both had to be replaced. Left the brand new rigid he installed without being sealed properly so now the heat goes under my house. He did not follow code and use pookie (stuff that seals sheetmetal) to seal anything. Only placed screws in convenient places instead of following code. Knowing the inspector wouldn't be able to see the tight areas without screws. His workers do not wear company logos or uniforms to show they belong here. He "installed" a thermostat and we were told it and the furnace were tested and worked. When we couldnt get it the furnace to work when we returned home after the fire rebuild, we had to put a whole new furnace in costing over 3000. Upon trying to turn the new furnace on the thermostat wasnt working, so we started tracing the wire when doing so it just came out of the wall and was NOT even wired to the furnace!! Not to mention the hole made by his workers looked like the used a butter knife to punch the hole. So I installed a new furnace that didnt need replacing because of the actions of his company and employees. I wish I could attach my video of the thermostat wire trace... but the few pictures I'll attach will speak volumes. I honestly expected better workmanship from Uriel and his company since my husband and him worked together in the union. SBrown
- Shannon B....
AAxiom Home Services, Inc.
It went as smoothly as possible. They went the extra mile in every way. They built a new stand for our furnace in order to correct air leaks that had existed since our house was first built (something that was not at all addressed when we had our furnace replaced three or four years ago). They upgraded our ductwork to the furnace AND the water heater (which was not even in the quote), and they fixed our ductwork to some vents in order to get the correct amount of air to every register in the house. They were professional as can be and went the extra mile in every way.
- Frederick S....
AGunderson Heating & Cooling
They were very good and reasonably priced, because I did a lot of pricing before I used them. I just went out in my room and they had not done that one, it was hot and they were busy but they still went over there and did it real quick.
- Wendy R....
They did a great job and they were very professional.  I would recommend them to anyone seeking duct cleaning services
- John E....
BClaiborne Refrigeration Co Inc
This job ran rather smoothly. They have been the only company I have done business with. There have been a few instances in the past I felt that didn't go as smooth but overall I've been happy with their service.
- Walt R....
APriority Plumbing & Heating Inc.
I called Priority in the morning after the furnace motor had gone out overnight. Originally the appointment was set for 12-2, but Brian was able to come by around 10, which was good. We asked him if he could also take a look at the ducts and bring us a filter, which he did. He was friendly and responsive to our requests. Because of other calls and a trip to Albuquerque to get parts, Brian couldn't get back to us until after 5. However, he came and worked late, got the new motor in and the ducts tightened up. It blows real well now.
- Lynn P....
AABQFLSC Absolute Mechanical
This was a big job. Our old furnace needed to be replaced. We wanted to add central A/C and move everything outside. Two men worked in a small cramped attic space to install new ducts to minimize the space used in the house. They also worked in a crawl space that was about two and a half feet high under the floor joists. It was hot, dirty work and they did it cheerfully.  Work was started on time. They worked hard and did everything we expected and more. Best of all, everything works really great. They tested all parts of the new HVAC system, explained how it works, how to set the thermostat, and how to change the filter. We are truly comfortable in our home.
- Kelly T....
MGS declined to abide by the payment terms of their own proposal; requiring me to pay early before completing job.  The terms were: "100% upon completion."  MGS wrote these terms into its bid. I was rebuilding my house after a fire.  I solicited heating/cooling bids from several local contractors.  Gary Stevens himself (owner of MGS) plus another MGS employee visited my house to estimate the job.  On June 3, 2011 MGS submitted a written bid signed by Mr Stevens.   A day or two later I called him to clarify a few items, but I did not ask for or negotiate any changes.  He examined a copy of the bid (he told me he was holding it in his hand) and answered my questions.  Payment terms were not discussed, as I had no question about them.  They were clearly spelled out. On June 8, 2011, I called to accept MGS' bid.  Mr Stevens personally came to my house bringing a copy of the bid.  We each signed in each other's presence, and we each took copies signed by both of us. Upon completion of about half the work (June 16, 2011) the crew chief (Trent) told me he had been instructed to collect 75% at that time.  I showed him the bid, and he acknowledged that I was correct; that I did not owe anything until completion. The next day (June 17, 2011) the office manager (Carol) told me by phone I had to pay 50% before work would be continued.  I went to the office and discussed this with Carol on June 21, 2011; she still required 50%.  I asked her to have Gary call me.  He did not call. On June 27, 2011, I wrote a letter to MGS.  I left a few more phone messages, but to no avail. More than 4 months later, on Nov 10, 2011, I gave in and paid $4000 (winter was coming and I wanted heat).  The work was quickly completed, and I paid the remainder on completion on Nov 15. MGS proposed the payment terms and wrote them into their bid; I accepted their bid on both price and terms.  But after doing half the work they required me to pay early before they would continue. They did not abide by the terms they themselves had proposed and that their owner, Mr Stevens, had personally examined and signed, had presented to me, and that I signed in his presence.  To this day, Gary Stevens has not called me back. All work was done properly and professionally, all workmen were friendly and helpful.
- Bill S....