Gallup Bamboo Flooring Installation

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Reviews in Gallup to Install Bamboo Flooring

AProfessional Contracting
Crew arrived at agreed upon time.  Professional and efficient, but friendly.  Very courteous.  Laid paper over carpet in traffic area.  Very tidy and clean in work areas inside and out!
- Paul E....
AGuys Unlimited 4 Rent
Really well. Guys limited we’re very professional and performed all work, finishing and cleanup with skill and if our home was their home. Laying the floor tile required expert cutting and fitting because our hallway went around a corner. We had a grand piano delivered in the middle of laying the flooring. Guys Limited was aware of the schedule and made sure the work in that area was completely finished in time for the piano’s arrival. We really appreciated this. They came to do work when they said they would. The house where they did work looks beautiful.
- Wilbert R....
They are awesome and made good on everything. It's a good company to work with . They have one of the best installers I have ever met.  He has installed my flooring and my sisters.  They initially installed the flooring and it began to come up. I called them and they came to re glue the flooring but it happened again.  They then came out to install it for a second time. The same problem occurred.  They had the owner of the company who manufactured the flooring come out and assessed the situation too.   They then came a third time and installed the flooring.  We have experienced no problems since.  I appreciate that they were nice and worked really hard to make it work. I would recommend Floorscapes to anyone.
- Elizabeth H....
ABarnett Carpets
Measured and priced complete re flooring of entire home. Punctual, thorough, competitive, very nice,and complete showroom. |Personable.
- Mark H....
ADeherrera Construction
I called and got a quick call back. He came over right after his son's practice. We made an appointment. He showed up on time and gave me a play by play on what he was going to do. The job was to repair a floor that had been flooded back in March. He and his partner took out the floor and the wall where the waterheater was located. They replaced the floor and wall and insulated the waterheater with a new blanket. Overall I woudl recommend them to anyone. Thank you... Josie
- Josie M....
DRoyal Floor Co Inc
This was my very first home improvement project on my  first home, and they knew that I knew nothing.  I was told off "royally" by the owner for upsetting his workers with too many questions.  I did get upset when I realized that when they finished, I'd have another project.  I thought someone should have explained that the baseboards would be located differently spoiling the existing nice paint job.  I left, calmed, and called saying, "I'm not sure how upset I should be, and I think I upset the boys." My husband wanted the  doorway fixed as door was now diffficult to close.  One toilet removed for install was not working and we told we would be bringing a new one and asked, "OK?"  A shrug of the shoulders and "sure" was replied at initial estimate walkthrough and mentioned to the young men installing. The owner ranted on and on that he'd been doing this for 60 years and that I was trying to tell him how doors should close and that he should have charged $160 for installing the new toilet (later in his rant: $260).  I could barely get a word in trying to remind him I knew nothing and asked questions for that reason.  He told me I should have waited until they were done and then asked.  I said he should have told me ahead of time how to behave if there was that expectation.  He even went up and told the boys they didn't have to finish the job. (They did.) I should have hung up on him and just couldn't; he is elderly.  I just feel awful and thought I'd be all proud of this, what was to me, a very big deal: moneywise and my insecurity/lack of confidence/inexperience in home decorating. I guess I know more now and will learn from this experience.  The owner kept referring to common sense with the baseboard issue.  Sorry, I had no idea and felt they should have told me what would happen.  Instead, they became angry with me and finished poorly. I was impressed with how much work was involved, how hard his installers worked, seemed to know what they were doing, & didn't take breaks ( I questioned them about not eating lunch.)   A missing tile in master shower & some caulking in shower were "thrown in" as part of initial deal.  I later asked what they'd charge for some caulking along top of kitchen counter; $30-40 quoted wasn't charged.   They put a slice in middle front tile when helping the door-closing problem; chipped floor tile being installed in master bath; there is a slice in a master bath tile; caulking (?; I didn't understand that either) under baseboards bleeds into grout (Shouldn't my grout lines be clean to the wall?) and bows out on to tile rather than straight down/flush to board.   A female employee at the store had better "people skills"; was not condescending when fielding my questions; and was helpful and encouraging with suggestions about other improvements I wondered about.  She and the others were very nice the many times I showed up wanting to take the tile samples to the house trying to decide which to install.  Thankfully, I am very pleased with the final decision. Misunderstandings?  Lack of communication?  I also wonder about being told they were to finish in one day when they started the job and was told the job would take three days by the owner's son earlier in our dealing.  A worker mentioned a job scheduled for the day after they started mine would get pushed back.  Pressure?   This was the most money I've ever spent on anything other than a car and this recent mortgage and wish my experience would have had a pleasant end.  What about my warranty?  He indicated they did not want to work for me anymore.
- Donna G....
ADone Right Home Repair & Renovations
James was very profesional and did a wonderful job on our floor. He is very good at what he does. Our home looks beauiful. 
- Jannet S....
AJim Bremac Services
Jim was recommended by my main remodel man, Justin Sanchez, and he handled all of the communication and setup work with Jim. The work was done simply beautifully. The floor is gorgeous, and if possible, better than I'd hoped. Two things. One, not as important, but on the last day of the work, I dropped by just as Jim was finishing up, and that was when I discovered that my floor man was also my backyard neighbor. Two, since he did such an amazing job, I also decided to have the floors in my old house refinished, and I have decided to have Jim do those too. So, after one month, I will be hiring Jim again. I can't give a more positive recommendation.
- Rob D....
AAffordable Roofing, Inc.
I called Affordable Roofing to get an estimate of replacing my floor that was water damaged. They do other construction also beside roofing. They were very professional in working with my insurance company as well. They came out and looked at the project, gave me an estimate, and we proceeded with work. They purchased materials and provided labor to do the project. All workers and owner was very professional in what needed to be done and they did it. I now have a very beautiful wood floor in my kitchen. Thank you very much. I would recommend them to anyone who needs construction done.
- Linda C....
It went pretty well. The store manager came to the house a couple of times to check on progress. The only problem was with the sub-contractors Band B Carpets employed, but the manager's visits took care of them.
- Bernard M....

Flooring Sales and Installation in Gallup

Recent Review: We spent over an hour at the store speaking with the owner about what we wanted and looking at samples. In the end we told her very specfically we we wanted a quote for. Just one type of flooring for x number of sq feet. Materials only! This should not have been a difficult request but it must have been because we never heard from her again. 15K-20K worth of flooring she missed out on selling us. Her loss.
Recent Review: We are very pleased we chose the The Floor Store to help us select new flooring and have it installed. We worked with Bill Cunningham to choose carpet and vinyl flooring materials that we are very satisfied with. The installation crews for both the hard floor and the carpet were incredibly professional and highly skilled. They arrived as scheduled, worked consistently throughout the day(s) and completed the work when expected. Between the new flooring and new baseboards, our house feels refreshed and contemporary. This was a great investment in our home and we're so glad we made it.
Recent Review: Cannot say enough good things about these folks. Their designer has an and quot;eyeand quot; for color, product and design that is impeccable. Their product offerings are superior. Their installation process is beyond description - rarely these days do you find such dedication to the customer and desire to do a job 1000% perfect! They were on time. They were creative. They LISTENED! They offered suggestions. They did superior quality work. It was an experience beyond our dreams and each day we stand in our living room and admire our and quot;newand quot; house! And taking a shower is now being described as and quot;being at a resortand quot;! But again, the most important thing was their total commitment to a please client! That cannot be purchased!
Recent Review: Excellent job. The new hardwood floor is very high quality. Transition to existing floors is excellent. Refinishing job was also of high quality. When the floating panel floor had mistakenly had the wrong finish (gloss rather than satin), the owner of Benchmark Flooring came over himself to inspect and did not diminish the obvious contrast to the other floors. He personally applied a new topcoat so that the satin finish is perfect.  This experience could easily have gone bad and instead they were pleasant to deal with.  I highly recommend Benchmark Wood Floors for new installations and refinishing jobs.
Recent Review: They did an excellent job. Completed the entire job in three days. We are very pleased with the work they did. Would highly recommend them.
Recent Review: Great service. Very knowledgable. Product is amazing. Had some issues With some of the wood and the took care of it quickly and professionally. It can be scary to order online but Brazilian Direct is a legitimate company Providing an excellent product. Nicky who worked with me addressed all my Concerns and I even spoke to the owner Dan a few times and you can tell they both Care about customers very much.
Business Description: Chucks Cabinet shop has been a locally owned and operated business in New Mexico for over 45 years. We have a small shop to guarantee quality and Chuck personally builds and over sees all jobs.
Business Description: We've been installing hardwood floors in Farmington NM and all surrounding areas since 1974
Business Description: Remodeling company.
Recent Review: He did an excellent job.  Everything looks beautiful.