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FAdvanced Security Integrated, LLC
I contacted this company to upgrade and replace 4 security cameras at my home at a cost of $929.33. 1. The night vision on two of the four cameras did not work at all (see picture). Pat returned to my house to open up the cameras and adjust the interior settings. The night vision still did not work. Finally, Pat replaced those two cameras. He informed me that the distributor had told him that other dealers had had the same problem with this camera. Pat is now fond of saying there was a "slight" lighting issue with the night vision on those cameras 2. The night vision on the replacement cameras was an improvement but still did not work properly. I told him I wanted those two replaced with a comparable camera or a refund of one-half my money since those two cameras accounted for half the job. Pat told me that he would have to rewire and upgrade my entire system at an additional cost, of course, or replace the cameras with a much more expensive model. I asked him to talk to my son because the situation was becoming too stressful for me. Pat refused to talk to my son. However, in the same email, said that my son should call him at night from my house so that Pat could walk him through the adjustment of the interior settings of the camera. I thought that's what I paid Pat to do. Pat later insinuated that I should get up on a ladder and make the adjustments myself (I am disabled). 3. Pat finally agreed to replace the cameras with comparable camera and we set a time. I asked for the make and model of the replacement cameras. The retail cost of the camera was over $100.00 less and operated at less than 1/2 the capacity of what I paid for. I would be losing over $200.00 on this deal plus suffer in quality. Pat installed the first set of cameras nearly 3 months ago and he refuses to honestly resolve the problem. I have never been the victim a bait and switch scam like this one. I am astounded by the shady, dishonest attempt by this company to swindle me.
- Julie A....
AArmed Response Team
For the three years that I've had service with Armed Response Team, I have never had to worry about anyone breaking into my home. One time, there was some suspicious activity going on outside our house and within minutes Armed Response Team was there to check it out. Unlike other companies, ART does not charge you for faulty alarms if they go off without a threat, and they don't require long term contracts.
- Megan R....
Our experience with Mark couldn't have been better.  He's technically excellent, very professional, and easy to work with.  This was not an easy job due to the remoteness of the location and the nature of the terrain.  Mark planned the job very well so that as few trips as possible had to be made to the site.
- Gerry H....
FNorthStar Alarm Services
The Northstar Home Alarm Sales Representative came to my home and stated that the alarm system panel I had was outdated and that the company I was currently with was only the monitoring service and would not repair or address any problems with the panel (panel was not outdated and my then service is more than just a monitoring service).  The Rep offered me the same services I currently had and included other amenities such as the temperature control panel,  door lock and a camera for about $15.00 more than the cost of my current service.  All items were included except for the camera.  I was told they did not currently have one on hand but would return in the next couple of days to install it,  Northstar never returned so I tried to cancel the agreement but was told I was four (4) days too late to cancel.  I was contacted by the Sales Rep who tried to tell that he did not mislead me. After I reminded him of what he told me, he then said he was going to have to change the way he stated things.  He then promised me the camera installation (which never happened) and three (3) months of free service (payment was deducted out of my bank account for the first month).  Northstar did not follow through on anything they have promised and will not let me cancel the agreement.  I will not recommend them.  I would advise you not use them at all.
- Marybelle D....
DVivint Inc
Stetson sold us the vivint system, I also got a system for my mom. This guy is a crook and liar. We got a lot of promises but we saw very few of them. We were told all windows and doors would be protected but when it came time to install, we got a lot of excuses why certain doors and windows couldn't get devices on them. Thermostat, appliance module, and camera weren't set up by installers, I had to call and complain in order to get them to come back. Same thing happened my mom's. Stetson told us he would notify our insurance about the alarm and after a month I gave up and did it myself. We were told that the thermostat would save us money and our bill had gone way up. Stetson told us if the bill went up, then vivint would give us the difference back off of our monthly bill. I called vivint and they told me they didn't care what Stetson said because I didn't have proof. At time of install he said no hidden costs to me but he failed to tell me about activation costs. He said they would return to check on us in two weeks, but never did. He said we would get carbon monoxide detectors but never did. These are horrible people. *************************************** As of Sept 20, no one has yet contacted us with any kind of resolution or offer or explanation.
- John T....

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Recent Review: Very well! Everything was done professionally. The electrician was very pleasant and knowledgeable.
Recent Review: It was a self-installed security system. The security system is really good, I like it.
Recent Review: Without a doubt, this company beats the other security providers by a mile!!
Business Description: We are one of the largest stocking distributors of CCTV products and accessories in the United States. Our inventory includes both our own cost-effective and fully supportable house brand of CCTV products as well as all the industry top-sellers. What that means for you as a potential customer is that you can leverage the economies of scale we’ve created and take advantage of volume pricing on every order. Why choose USA SSC? Customer Leasing Program – Our turnkey Customer Leasing Program provides you the tools you need to sell a higher volume of security systems while providing your customer with the many advantages of leasing. Once your client has been approved, 50% of the project cost is available immediately, with the balance funded upon job completion My Account – As soon as you create your USA-SSC account, you’ll enjoy instant access to pricing, online product search with easy-to-use find and filter options, saved quotes, and one-click-checkout. View and track your orders in your account, save and label serial numbers by order and location, and initiate and manage online warranty/RMA submissions — all directly from our platform Project Pricing Specialist – Not sure what you need or require extra assistance? USA-SSC has a dedicated team to support our dealers and are available 7 days a week to assist you in any way. Industry Leading Product Warranties – Our warranties exceed industry standards on select USA-SSC manufactured products and all your warranty information can be tracked from the “My Account” portal. We want to be your preferred purchasing partner and aim to make your ordering process as simple as possible. My team and I look forward to serving your security needs.
Recent Review: It went perfect. Great price. Great service.
Recent Review: Great. Everything works and is easy to operate
Recent Review: I was searching for a cheaper alternative to home security monitoring. My family and I are on a tight budget, and we could not afford the steep charges from Suddenlink and other local home security providers for their systems. The two things causing the services to be so expensive were: (a) the cost of the monthly phone service we would need, since we don't have home phone service, and (b) the cost of the monitoring itself. We would had to pay about $80 a month, or more with these traditional companies! Thankfully I found NextAlarm after some careful googling. They are a fraction of the price of any of their competitors. Their system appeals to me, because it uses the internet rather than a phone line, saving lots of money. Their monitoring itself (done in the traditional way, with real people in a dispatch office) is also substantially cheaper on top of that. I paid $250 for the home security kit and now I only pay $13.50 per month for the monitoring! Its so cheap that the costs are literally offset entirely by the savings to my homeowner's insurance premium. The support staff at NextAlarm are great. They are so patient, and they will help you with anything related to your system. I have called them numerous times with little questions about this or that, and they are always super nice and knowledgable. They even walk you through how to make changes to your security system, step-by-step, when you want to change delay or change the programs. Please make note of the fact that they do not have a local installer to do the installation. The third-party vendor who offers an and quot;Instal cardand quot; will not be able to install your service in East Texas (they will refund your money once they see where you need the installation). Point being, you will need to hire a local handyman to install the home security system for you. As I already mentioned, I used Stephan du Toit -- ( He charged my $60. Besides that little hiccup, NextAlarm is amazing. In summary, I love my service. I hope more people in my area sign up with them. It is such a great deal and they're so great!
Recent Review: Everything went great. I got the system a few days later and started to install it. All the devices were easy to put up all told it took about 45 minutes to get up and running. During the install I set the alarm off and Getsafe called me right away. I like the way it looks in my home and by that I mean I hardly notice it is there. I like being able to control the system from my phone and being able to check on my house with the camera when I am away.
Recent Review: It started with the name Pinnacle. It started going downhill maybe when somebody else bought it. My husband picked them. He had a cold call and then he went with it. I think we had another system at that time.
Recent Review: quick, easy, inexpensive.  I just wished they had cameras to go along with the rest of the security system.