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ARuidoso Services
Greg helped me return a door to its place in the hallway. I had hurt my hand in a car accident and he was able to position it in place. He also helped me with the laundry room door which had problems staying shut. He also assisted me with door closing issues in the house including the front door. He reset door locks, routed the door jamb for locks which did not quite meet up.
- Sharon G....
AAccent Southwest Windows & Doors
I bought the coupon and went to pick out the door. They ordered the door then came out and installed it. They had to disturb some of the stucco to put in the door. Overall I was very pleaseed. They did fix the stucco after they installed the door. Exquisite Stucco was the company that fixed the stucco.
- Ann B....
AHome Remedy LLC
I called Home Remedy and scheduled a time for Mike Criggler to provide an estimate for the work. He was very professional. I was pleased with the estimate and Home Remedy ordered doors for my house. Approximately 2 weeks later my doors were ready to install and we scheduled the installation. Paul did the installation. He was on time and very professional. He was very careful during removal of the old doors and did a great job keeping the job site clean. Adjustments had to be made during the job to accommodate the oddities of an older house. Paul did a great job adjusting the work that needed to be done. The doors and the trim look great and I couldn't be happier.
- Adrienne W....
In a word, perfect! The owner came out personally and measured our installation; it was a patio double door. He presented photo album of their standard doors that was extensive with many attractive options. We settled on one, and gave him a deposit. They custom build all of their doors to my knowledge and we needed a custom installation. Installation was done according as promised and the result is wonderful. We live in a rural setting and we wanted an attractive but secure door for the back of our house. The price was actually competitive with generic doors from big box store when you consider the custom fit and install. It has been over a year now, and the door operates flawlessly.
- William W....
ADreamstyle Remodeling
Great. PJ & Mike did a great job of installing all (4) doors. They were courteous, efficient and professional. The doors are nice quality & have helped in eliminating noise from outside and drafts.
- Jill G....
ADreamstyle Remodeling
I have recently had all my windows and doors replaced by two different crews first Jesse and Leon came out to install my windows and now pj and Mike came our to install it doors and one window they all did a very magnificent job thanks again.
- Paul B....
AAccent Southwest Windows & Doors
On time. Professional. Conscientious about prepared. Quality work clean up & customer satisfaction. You get what you pay for!
- Buddy &....
ACalvin Clark Construction
Everyone I know thinks that he is a excellent handyman. He was very prompt. When he got the door for me, he gave me all his contact information and allowed me to look at the door before he ordered it.
- Donna H....
DEnchanted Mountain Woodworks
Enchanted Mountain Woodworks was contracted to make my custom doors for interior and exterior of my home. There were 17 doors total. The woodworker and owner of Enchanted Mountain Woodworks was first contacted in early July 2012. A contract was agreed to on August 02, 2012, for deliver of doors and jambs, ready to hand, with hardware within "a couple of months". This time-frame would allow for us to have the doors hung before the plastering team came to plaster our home. 8/17/12 came along, and Enchanted Mountain Woodworks finally had the door drawings done. On 8/19/12, I got an email that stated "I have already started the planing of the wood". On 8/20/12, door drawings were approved for production. On 8/29/12, Enchanted Mountain Woodworks came to measure the rough door openings at my home, which was in progress of being built. Then, no word for over a month. Emails were sent, calls were made. On 10/08/12, I emailed again stating the the plastering team was coming soon and that I needed ALL of the door jambs ASAP so they could be plastered in (previously, I was told these would be the first thing Enchanted Mountain Woodworks would work on and should be done in 2 weeks "or so" from the date of the contract, over two months ago. There were no updates until 10/09/12 when I got an email that ONE door was ready, "almost". Also, the exterior door jambs were "almost ready too". Exterior jambs were delivered 2 days late and the plastering team had to be rescheduled. Then, on 10/9/12, Enchanted Mountain Woodworks emailed and said the interior doors and jambs would be ready on 10/21/12, in batches of 3-4 at a time and the jambs would be delivered by 10.15/12 (due to the plaster team needing to plaster the interior of my home). On 10/17/12, still no door jambs. Enchanted Mountain Woodworks was "not close" to having them done. Pre-made LOWES door jambs had to be ordered in order to keep my project on time. They were overnighted and showed up on 10/19/12. On 10/18/12, notice was served by my builder that "he was not liable for the worksmanship of Enchanted Mountain Woodworks and could not warrantee the doors, including craftsmanship and installation".  Errrrrr..... On 10/29/12, still NO interior doors at my site but "they are going well" per Enchanted Mountain Woodworks, and "they will be there soon". Then no contact for almost another MONTH. 11/26/12---Enchanted Mountain Woodworks sent another email (they stopped calling completely), stating "The interior doors are moving along very well. All of them are built and in finishing stages." 12/21/12, still no doors. My builder then emailed Enchanted Mountain Woodworks and told them to "just bring the doors  by Jan 5, 2013". My builder was upset at Enchanted Mountain Woodworks and wanted to wait until he was out of the home to finally get the doors installed. 12/29/12 Enchanted Mountain Woodworks states "there is NO provision or intent in my proposal and pricing for installation of doors...all doors are priced for delivery only". Jan 7, 2013, still no interior doors. An email was sent. "they will arrive tomorrow". Half showed up Jan 08, 2013, as "they couldn't all fit in my truck". Jan 12, Enchanted Mountain Woodworks was advised that the doors DID NOT match the jambs even remotely and needed to be adjusted. "The doors were made to specifications" was  all I was told. "Installation NOT included". Jan 12, 2013, I had to hire another carpenter to adjust ALL of the doors and re-stain them because NONE of the doors hung correctly, they did not match the jambs even remotely and in some, the hardware was even on the wrong side of the door! Two 10 hour days with a professional carpenter is what it took just to get the doors hung and able to open and close. Then, on 01/18/13, the final invoice for the doors was received. To my horror, Enchanted Mountain Woodworks was trying to charge me for the JAMBS (which were never made or delivered). Yeah right! I sent an email back stating the I did not agree with the invoice and that my cost for LOWES jambs was being backed out of the contract. Enchanted Mountain Woodworks didn't write back until 02/01/13 when I got an email that stated "It has been one week since you were invoiced for the doors and I have not received a check".  The long of the short, it took longer to get unfinished "custom" doors than it did to build a 2500 sqft home from the ground up. The doors are nice, now, but NOT worth the hassle. 
- Abe B....
ADreamstyle Remodeling
Pj and mike were totally professional. These gentlemen were eficient and cleaned up after themselves. they were here and did an amazing job installing all 14 of our windows and one door. I would recommend them to all my friends and family
- Larry S....

Handyman Services in Farmington

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Recent Review: Matt and his team was professional and on time. When he said he would get everything done in a little more then a week I was doubtful...13 windows and 2 doors....But him and his team worked hard and fast and did an awesome job. We're very happy with the results! While on site he even took the time to fix our front door that wasn't closing extra charge...just really good client service! Around here a lot of "nicer" houses has wood frame windows but here at over 7000 feet the sun is brutal on them. When Matt told me he used vinyl I was hesitant at first thinking back on what vinyl windows used to look like...but I was very wrong...or just 20 years off. The woodlike finish on his vinyl windows looks great and at a glance you wouldn't even take them for vinyl windows at all. I would definitely hire him and his team again...and I might actually do so for some patio work in the future! (I tried to take some photos but it's hard when it's so bright outside. But at least you get an idea of what it looks like)
Business Description: Overhead Door Company of Lubbock, Inc. has been in business in Lubbock since 1952. We are local and family owned. We proudly serve Lubbock and surrounding communities, within a 100 mile radius. We give free estimates and repair ALL BRANDS of electric operators. We are known for our excellent customer service and look forward to working for you!
Recent Review: Two French doors were purchased from Reule and after warranty considerations were performed, the customer service we received was acceptable.
Recent Review: The difficulty with many remodeling jobs is communication. Too often, a contractor promises one thing, and when the unexpected happens, the home owner is left waiting around with everything undone. What impressed me the most with Plasco Sales was not that everything went perfectly to plan, as it didn't, but when a problem arose (a special glass coating had not been added), the owner of Plasco Sales discovered the error and immediately called us to explain what the problem was and how it could be remedied. He took responsibility and step up to correct the problem, even though it probably cost him money. He made sure that we were completely satisfied. I have to admit that I was surprised by the cost of shower doors these days, but I found Plasco's pricing to be very competitive. Further, the owner ensured that we qualified for a promotional rebate from the glass coating company and applied a senior citizen discount. It is very nice to work with a company that takes responsibility for their work and that you can depend on. For me that is the most important aspect of a company.
Recent Review: They were friendly and understanding. We were shopping for door for our newly remodeled bathroom and got poor recommendations and crazy prices. Willy and John gave us the straight facts and had the door installed in a week after it was measured. My wife wanted a unique design in a framed door where 2 opposing doors which closed on a center post were desired. One door is narrower and allows turning on and adjusting the shower temperature and the wider door was for ingress and egress from the shower. They had never done this design and after a bit of thought, John decided he could do it. The result was perfect and professional installed, with the cost under $900.00. They want to come back and take pictures so they can offer the beautiful yet practical design to other customers. Highly recommended!
Recent Review: Working with Tom and his crew was a pure delight. We would do it again if we could. Tom worked with us to help us choose the right doors/stains/hardware for our home and then his crew finished and installed the doors beautifully. Expert craftsmanship at every turn. They were also careful to clean up after themselves. Doors don't appear overnight (We had twelve doors replaced - exterior / interior / screen door) and Tom was careful to communicate with us at every step in this process. The end result is great - the doors were perfectly finished and installed. They open and close beautifully. We really couldn't have asked for a better experience. We highly recommend them for any door project you may have.
Recent Review: The whole process was very painless. The company is very professional and anytime we called or emailed with questions they communicated very promptly. We went to their showroom and picked the door we wanted which wasn't very easy because they have so many beautiful doors to choose from, finally choose the Pietra with kick plate. The salesman/owner told us about a new feature- screens so when the windows on the door are open we still have some privacy. We love them. We also wanted an additional deadbolt besides the regular door handle - no problem. We were told the lead time for the delivery of the door would be 3 months from the day we ordered it - and that's exactly what the timing was, we put in our order on Aug. 9th and the door was installed Nov. 11. That is an A+ in our book. The installers came right on time. They said that the whole installation would take approx. 7 hours. They were installing a double door entry and taking out our existing doors. They arrived at 10:30am and finished at 4:30pm with maybe a 1/2 hour for lunch. They did a wonderful job. We were very happy with our whole experience. We would most certainly recommend Universal Iron to anyone.
Business Description: We are with over 36years of experience in new overhead doors.
Business Description: Garage doors and parts
Recent Review: Very well. They showed up on time and got the window job done in one day. They did have to replace one window that did not fit correctly. The doors were ordered afterwards. After getting one door that was not what I ordered, I did get the correct door. I must say that the seal on these doors is fantastic. I actually feel safe in my home.