Espanola Deck Waterproofing

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Business Description: Innovation Painting offers a variety of services from painting and finishing jobs for new construction, custom samples to find the perfect color or finish, and ongoing home maintenance.
Business Description: Magic Roofing continually employs approximately 20 to 40 highly qualified construction professionals concentrating on exterior waterproofing and construction. While we usually perform the work itself, we do subcontract mechanical and electrical, as well, architects and engineers when needed for specialty projects. Magic is known for taking care of large clientele based customers with numerous buildings. Financing is available.
Recent Review: Great work ethic, experienced and knows all facets of building, fair price, serious about getting the job done and doing it right, great guy.
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Business Description: 27 years experience, dependable, reliable, honest and satisfaction guaranteed .
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Business Description: Amazing EZ-Screen Porch Windows are uniquely designed and custom-sized screen porch windows made to fit existing openings without expensive re-framing. They are also ideal for new construction. It’s easy to enclose your outdoor spaces. Versatile, rugged and attractive, they’re also a snap to operate. Open, they let the breeze in, closed they provide protection for rain, snow, wind, dust and the summer sun. Light weight, but heavy duty. Amazing EZ-Screen Porch Windows are constructed of durable extruded aluminum frames with a tough powder coat. The frames hold mesh screens and lightweight, vinyl-glazed panels in place. The strong 10-mil vinyl glaze we use provides panoramic views, while keeping the elements out. If the vinyl is accidentally distorted, it will return to its original shape within minutes. If cut or damaged, the vinyl can be easily replaced inexpensively. Clean with mild dishwashing detergent and a clear water rise. For best results, we recommend a final cleaning with EZ-Screen Vinyl Cleaner and Preservative, available through Amazing EZ-Screen Porch Windows. The Amazing EZ-Screen Porch Windows can ship your new windows directly to your home within 3 – 4 weeks. Our windows are delivered ready to be installed. We always say, “if you can operate a caulking gun and screw gun, then you can install your own windows”. We accept Visa, Master Card, and Discover.
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Business Description: NGC Painting & Decorating High Quality Work Painting and Drywall
Business Description: We are a very diverse company with expertise in many fields. If you need it done, we can do it! Quality and honest work that won't break the bank. We are firm believers that treating our customers right and letting our work speak for itself is the key to success!
Business Description: i operate a small constuction company and employ three skilled carpenters who are skilled in not only carpentry but concrete, drywall, painting, roofing, tile, and stucco .we are able to handle any project large or small.many refrences avaliable upon buisness since 1999 insured and bonded

Reviews in Espanola for Deck Waterproofing

FEz Shade
A few years ago Dennis and Eric put a concrete-like coating on a large wood deck of mine. They were supposed to also replace the railing and stairs. Immediately the coating started to fail. Instead of fixing the coating or the deck, they ignored the problem entirely. They never finished the railing or stairs. The deck rotted underneath the coating. At this point the deck will have to be replaced. I have received multiple promises over the past few years from Eric to make things right, but he never came through. Buyer beware! Update: Eric promised to come fix the deck. They were going to remove it and install the new one. I was going to pay for the lumber. Eric put me off after coming to measure it. I wouldn't call him, but he'd call every once in a while to say he hadn't forgotten me. Eric has been let go. His father, the current owner Dennis, is unwilling to do anything his son promised to do because I "flamed him on Facebook." I wrote a bad review because he did bad work. That's what happens.
- Allen E....
CHome Sweet Home Improvement
The initial quote was off by several thousand dollars. They showed up for the job three weeks after initial scheduling, claiming certain necessary items were not available. They then "discovered" a more significant problem than they quoted, resulting in another month delay. When they repaired the deck, they failed to use a level and many parts of the railing are visibly not lined up properly. They then didn't do a careful job of power-washing the deck and didn't use any cleaning solutions (against the recommendation of the stain). The finished product looked awful. We ended up redoing everything they were paid to do, what a waste of $4.5k!
- Tom T....
DTravis Freeman Construction
I paid Travis $1,100 for 10 hours of the labor for him and his helper to stain two decks. I bought the stain on my own.  One deck was a smaller redwood deck, which was approximately six years old and had been stained twice before.  The other was a larger pressure-treated deck which was two and half years old and had been stained once before.  The older deck had some mildew on it and also required stripping of remnants of the previous stain. With respect to the larger deck, I had bought 10 gallons of Behr solid color sage green stain.  He, however, only put five gallons on, which resulted in a coat so thin that you could see the brown wood underneath.  After I paid him, he promised to come back and put another coat on, but then claimed to have forgotten about me.  So I had to hire someone else to put a second coat on. With respect to the smaller deck, as a result of stripping off the old stain and pressure washing the deck, the deck and railings were covered with numerous rough, fuzzy spots.  It looked like the deck had cancer. The wood was no longer smooth.  But rather than sanding down the rough spots, he applied the solid color gray stain directly on the rough spots.  The deck had been completely smooth before he cleaned it.  I told him that the rough spots were very unattractive and I would have expected him to sand the rough spots before he applied the stain.  He explained that was not how it was done.  Anytime that he has removed the old stain from a deck, it has resulted in rough patches, and his customers have not minded that their deck was no longer smooth.  In other words, he felt that I was being unreasonable to expect a smooth deck anytime after a deck has been prepped and stained.  I guess I just have higher standards than he and his other customers do.  So I had to hire someone else to sand the rough patches and re-stain them.  Bottom line, if you want a smooth attractive deck after it's been stained, don't hire Travis.  If, however, you want an  unattractive deck and railings covered with rough patches, hire him.  This guy is not about quality and does not take pride in his work..
- Marietta C....
ACountry Decks Unlimited HM
Called several Deck company's to power wash, fix all screws and paint our deck. Country Decks Unlimited was quick to respond, quick to get me an estimate and did a great job. I choose them over several others mainly because of there communication. I hate when you contact a company and they get back to you 2,3 or several days later or not art all! CDU called me with in a few hours, and emailed me an estimate by the end of the day! They were flexible and fairly priced. I will use them again!
- Paul S....
AStearns & Sons Construction Inc
Overall, Stan did a very good job. He was very responsive and communicated well, and I felt I could trust him. He was very good at answering my questions and keeping me informed on the job schedule and progress. His price was comparable to the other estimates I got. Nearly all aspects of the job were excellent: foundation, framing, sheathing, insulation, flooring, paint, the A/C combo unit, electrical, drywall, roof, and stucco. Stan went above and beyond in several ways. The project was unusual in that the roofs of the house and garage had to be mated to the vertical wall of the new room, because of the deck to be built over the roof. We had to modify several parts of the plans, and Stan was excellent at that. He also worked with me on the parts I did myself, such as cutting in the new door into the house. He helped me decide how the height of the yard-enclosing wall should decrease as it came out from the house, and how high it should be relative to the interior dirt, which hadn't been leveled yet. His mason put in an extra gate space by mistake, and Stan did not charge me for the extra gate. When Home Depot ordered the wrong kind of windows, Stan worked with me and them to get the right ones in and swap them out with the old ones, proceeding with the work in the meantime. He also helped me out by delivering the 16-foot 2x10s for the deck joists, even though I was putting them in myself. As with any job, there were a few things that went wrong, which Stan did his best to fix once I mentioned them. The baseboards and wood trim on the windows were a bit sloppy at first. The latillas for the deck parapet were not sanded or sealed and had splinters, not good for small kids. One parapet wall has a slight bow, causing the deck boards not to be aligned. These are mostly cosmetic, but if you're a stickler for detail, I'd advise stating very clearly what you want done, and inspecting each stage (of course, you should do this no matter which builder you hire). The only major problem was that the electrical subcontractor failed to realize that the entire house breaker panel would have to replaced, which added about $1500 to the job cost in the middle of it. Fortunately, we could absorb this, and it wasn't directly Stan's fault. Of course, things go wrong with any project, and by far most of the work went very well. Stan's honesty, forthrightness, and professionalism are hard to find these days, and I would definitely recommend him for any building or remodeling project.
- John K....
AProfessional Contracting
Art and Felipe did an excellent job helping us define what my wife and I wanted in an exterior make-over of our home. The final result is even better than we could have imagined. Professional Contracting uses a core of reliable trades people who are skilled, reliable, and courteous. We were given daily project updates, and consulted whenever decisions had to be made affecting cost or materials. Attention was given to detail, and at the end they made sure every item on the project punch list was completed to our satisfaction. We had Professional Contracting remodel two bathrooms for us 4 years ago.  They didn't disappoint us then, and they provided the same great service at a fair price this time.
- James K....
AEV Handyman
The builder showed up when promised and worked straight through except for 20 minute break to re-hydrate. They cleaned up afterwards and called back later to see if I was happy with the work. What more can you ask for.
- James O....
A5 Star Flooring & Remodeling
I was very limited on funds and I was trying to get items on clearance and we ended up with some really good product of red wood. He came through for me and made everything look really nice and i appreciated him working with me. He was good our around child and dogs which was good for us as well.
- Brian W....
My wife and I met Al through friends of ours.  I told him I had some ideas and I wanted to have an awesome deck and patio built. We setup a day and time to meet and Al came by to survey the property.  I can't recall all the exact details in the correct order but I'll do my best here. At some point he provided us with an architectural drawing of the proposed plan and it was some of our vision mixed with some of his.  We loved it and Al shortly thereafter presented us with a bid and contract. He and his partner Bob completed the work and Al was on-site everyday and not just supervising but doing the framing too. They did a great job.  We had a little problem with some of the artificial wood pulling up from the deck. I called Al, left a voice message and he called me back in short order, came by and resolved that issue quickly.  The problem wasn't due to workmanship but rather the artificial wood I asked him to use based on my research.  He fixed the problem at no cost to us. We love it and so do all our friends and family for the shade the patio provides to the awesome views of the Manzano's the deck provides. Our neighbors down the street saw our deck and patio and have been over several times looking at our and planning theirs.  They borrowed my plans and Al completed work on an identical deck and patio for them either late 2012 or early 2013.  They love theirs too.
- David D....
ABella Cosa Construction
Bob was professional and on time every time he came out. We were so impressed with his quality of work. Things were built to last and had such an artistic hand to it. The work he did in the bedroom/office looked as if it was part of the original build of the house.
- Pattie B....