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Business Description: Our main goal is to supply customers with services that our competitors don't want to do or don't know how to do. Mainly, we fix and guarantee other companies roofs. We are also similar to them in that we can give free estimates on new roof systems, but still unique in our installation techniques and material preference. As a leading repair company, we constantly adapt our installations processes to avoid problems that we have seen during thousands of leak repairs. We use science and our exposure to materials in the field to help us pick and install the best roofs available. We also provide chimney crown, mortar and flashing work.
Business Description: Super Service Award Winner-7 Straight Years Running! Powell’s Home Improvemant's LLC is dedicated to providing our customers with quality workmanship and products at an affordable price. All of our work comes with a workmanship warranty that we proudly stand behind 100%. We are a Certainteed Select Shingle Master Company. Additional DBAs - Powell's Roofing, Powell's Roofing & Siding. Additional Email: We offer: Roofing. Siding. Exterior Trim. Windows. Doors. Gutters. Gutter Cleaning. Gutter Repair. Chimney repair and re-pointing.
Recent Review: I was very impressed with the service that Sergiy provided. He was very prompt and showed up just like he said he would. He and his assistant Nick started work immediately and did a great job. They installed two windows and spackled my bathroom ceiling. One window also needed exterior trim. I liked the fact that Sergiy went and got cedar. He also explained that it would be much stronger. I'm very happy with the job. They also cleaned up all the areas that they worked in. Sergiy also checked a gutter that I was having a problem with, and he didn't charge me any extra for that. He also originally told me he was going to have to charge me extra for materials, but at the end he included that in the original quoted rate. He was very easy to talk to and friendly regarding any questions I had while the work was being done. Also one final detail that really made Sergiy stand out. He called me a few days after the job and asked me if I had any questions, and if everything was okay. I think that's something you don't see very often. I highly recommend Sergiy. I will definitely be using him again for my home repairs.
Business Description: Licensed and insured Professional Handyman and Home improvements Company. Predominantly serving Monmouth County. We are proud to be able to provide our customers with a multitude of services— large and small.
Business Description: Destiny Exterior Design specializes in all types of roofing, siding, and exterior trim. We are highly skilled experts who are committed to providing personal customer service at very competitive prices with many years of experience. We are fully insured and licensed for your protection. To see some examples on our website go to
Business Description: BKM Contracting is a full service General Contractor. We pride our company on reliability, great communication, integrity, and quality work, fueled by our passion as craftsman.
Business Description: Ciannella Construction LLC specializes in home renovations and additions. We include services for kitchen and bathroom remodeling, custom millwork, flooring, drywall, tile, decks and porches, exterior trim and siding and hardscape. We can offer architectural services for your project needs. We accept cash, check or money order.
Business Description: Tri-State Gutter Solution is the only Manufacturer Authorized Guttershell™ installer in New Jersey and New York. We Have 8 Mechanics trained for gutter, leader and Guttershell™ installation. We have been in business for over 20 years and our installers are all qualified for any job. Any job that is 200 ft or greater for Gutter Shell™, installation of downspouts are free of charge for Angie's List customers only. Additional email:
Business Description: We are General Contractors, with carpenters that have 15-20 years experience in all phase's of carpentry & Building. All our employees are military veterans, We offer discounts to Veterans & Seniors,We are an honest company that wants to make our customers satisfied and happy with our work.We are licensed & Insured Company from the state of NJ
Business Description: General contracting residential and light commercial

Reviews in Paterson to Repair Exterior Trim

Very disappointed to have to write this review, because when the team has done work, it's been excellent. Also, Jon and Terry are both very nice. However, getting in touch with them and scheduling a time to get them to come and perform work has been impossible. We got our windows replaced June of 2017, and I called them in August of 2017 to get a quote for painting our outdoor trim, patching some holes in our garage and re-laying/cleaning the floorboards in our attic. Terry came by, looked and I never heard back. Took me two months to get in touch with Jon, who said Terry can't give quotes, so he came out. I still don't have a quote, and have followed up multiple times over email and the phone, leaving voicemails that go un-returned. We still don't have a quote or a work plan. Very disappointed, but we're going to have to take our business elsewhere.
- Megan L....
AABC Fine Home Painting LLC
Mark and his team were extremely professional and responsive. I don't know about others, but I have had a difficult time finding a responsive and engaged contractor for these types of jobs. Mark returned my call, was always punctual and communicative. The workmanship was excellent. He was onsite for the majority of the work. His team was respectful and did a great job! When they left, there was no clean up necessary.
- Paul S....
ADouglas Home Improvements
They job was done to the highest standards.  Everything was cleaned up daily.  The men worked quickly and politely.
- Valerie P....
DGeorge J Keller & Sons LLC
I am rating these guys a D because of the way they handled the quote and scheduling of my job. The actual work they did was great. I had used them in the past to have my roof replaced and that experience was fantastic, so I went with them again to repair rotted trim and replace my gutters prior to having my house painted. Carl came to do the estimate in June, and I walked him around to show him generally where the damage was, but was very clear that I wanted any and all rotted trim and gutters replaced before I brought in painters, who would be coming in right behind them. A few days later he emailed me a quote that had a laundry list of items to be repaired. Shame on me, I didn't walk around my house and reconcile everything that was on the quote to everything that was damaged, I trusted that he had followed my instructions, and had quoted me for all the damaged trim. Now the fun begins. I paid my deposit in June, and it took until the second week of August for the trim crew to show up. Within 5 minutes, the foreman was at my door telling me that there several damaged areas not included in the quote, but not to worry, he would take care of it, wouldn't be that much more. I said OK, because I had already scheduled the painters for the following week. When the revised estimate came back, it was $2800 more for two corners of my garage and one piece of rake (fascia). This was half what the original quote for all the damaged trim was, and there was still more that wasn't included. After a couple of angry emails, I finally got them down to only $900 more (still not happy), but ended up fixing the remaining damage myself (two full corners of my house and a piece of soffit, all of which I had pointed out to Carl) so that the painters could finish. Total cost for me to do it...$125 in material and 6 hours of work. On top of all this, my understanding was that the gutters would be done right after the trim, so I scheduled painters in mid August. Wrong. The trim was done in early Aug, the gutter crew didn't show up until early September (again, after several angry emails), so I spent a month and several thunderstorms without several gutters/leaders, and water pouring down the sides of my newly painted house. And now I need to go back and paint where the other leaders were removed, because different hardware was used for the new leaders. Icing on the cake was that after everything was done, it took another two weeks (and more emails) to get the 16' pallet of extra material out of my driveway. Long story short, I could have done most of the trim myself, but I brought these guys in because I am 50+, and don't want to be hauling and scaling to the top of 32' ladders anymore on my weekends, but that is exactly what I ended up doing, twice. Once to fix the trim they left out of the quote, once to repaint parts of my freshly painted house. Its a shame too, because I have a bunch of windows that will need to be replaced in the next year or two, but after this debacle, someone else will get the job.
- Christopher D....
AAll Over Exterior, Inc.
I have done extensive work remodeling my home over the past 5 years, working with many contractors/subcontractors, and few have come close to delivering the quality, professionalism, and punctuality that Julio and his team delivered. This was a large by my standards and his team worked diligently to make sure it was done effectively and efficiently. As with any job, there will be unforeseen issues, but those problems took literally one phone call to Julio resolve and they were addressed within hours. All of this for a fair price. Needles to say I would hire him again.
- Rick K....
ATopline Home Improvements
Almost two years after hurricane Sandy we were finally ready to get the house sided. We have had bad experiences with contractors in the past so we signed up for Angie's list to get a little peace of mind. Based on the reviews I contacted Topline. Tom was at our house that very night to assess the job. He was very professional and helpful in selecting materials. He gave us a very competitive price. Once the materials were ready his team came and knocked out the job in under 3 days! The house looks more beautiful that i could have ever hoped. This company is really a class act, very professional, respectful and they do amazing work.
- James S....
BGikas Painting, Roofing and Restoration
It went okay. They delivered everything they said they would. They did the trim on my house. They did to much critiquing. did a little longer to get the job done and communication wasn't that great. They were cheap so price was great. The end product was awesome. They did do a great job. The trim looks nice and neat. The crew on site was friendly but getting them or knowing when they would be here was the problem. Repaired some rotten siding.
- Jason C....
ATools To The Rescue
We had a ceiling leak. Once we found and stopped the source of the leak, we needed a big part of the ceiling replaced. Rudy did this job for us fast and very well, and for a very reasonable price.  At the same time we also were replacing some outdoor trim that was aged and falling apart. He put it up for us and painted it, and it came out beautifully. The only reason I gave him a B for punctuality is that he is so in demand that he has trouble juggling jobs. We've had to reschedule on subsequent jobs once or twice. But for the quality and price I feel this is a pretty small tradeoff. Not a really big deal. Plus he's a really great guy.
- Barclay D....
AMagnolia Home Remodeling Group
I had replacement windows installed and it went incredibly well.  VJ from Magnolia provided very prompt service with everything going exactly like he described.  His crew did an excellent job with the installation and the clean-up (my garage floor looks cleaner now then when they started). VJ saved me thousands of dollars by suggesting I keep a couple of custom, decorative windows that I thought had to be replaced because of their location.   I have recommended Magnolia Home Remodeling to my sister and she is having them remodel a bathroom as well as install replacement windows.  Her experience is going very well.
- Leslie B....
AO'Donovan Construction
Steven and his crew did an awesome job for me. I am from out of state, and am the executor of my mothers estate. Her home needed a lot of work as repairs hadn't been done in years, resulting in an extensive list of repairs needed. Steven called me from the home, did a total walk around the exterior while I pointed out what needed done where, and promptly provided me with a written estimate and was able to get the work done quickly and efficiently. I extended his contract for some additional repairs after seeing the quality of his work. Work performed: Replaced missing, broken and crack siding shingles, fixed flashing at chimney, replaced rotten wood around several windows and installed new trim, replaced soffit wood that carpenter bees destroyed, closed up attic access from soffit/eves where squirrels were getting in and causing damage, replaced terminate damaged wood and trim, cleaned out gutters and debris from roof, and painted new wood trim and garage door. Would definitely hire him again.
- Teresa P....