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Early in October 2013, my husband and I attended one of those 'Home Show's' at Suffolk County Community College. We were in the market for a new exterior spa (our old one, a Calspa, was 12 years old, and since we were close to completing an exterior whole house remodel, we wanted a new tub also). We met with Sean, one of the salesman at the Home Show for the Hot Tub Factory. I had already researched spa's online, and we decided to purchase a Jacuzzi. We still wanted to 'touch' the product. Sean was extremely knowledgable and detail oriented. We decided on their J-365, a 6 - 7 person spa. Since the color combination (spa shell & cabinet) wasn't in stock, we would have to wait about 2 weeks.  During the time between ordering & delivery, The Hot Tub Factory contacted me several times (Linda), to ask if I had any questions about ANYTHING regarding the new spa, it's operation, water treatment, accessories, etc. Linda was always extremely pleasant and quite conscientious towards my needs.  In about 3 weeks (we were away for 1 week), our spa was delivered. The gentlemen that delivered the spa did so with the utmost ease. The spa was placed in it's designated area. I was walked through, step by step, on how to treat the spa water, as well as show how all jets functioned.  Our overall experience with the Hot Tub Factory was excellent. From fact-finding, to purchase to installation and customer support. It was a pleasure doing business with them.
- Linda B....
DHot Tub Specialists
The company has been servicing my hot tub for the past 3 years, providing maintenance service before and after the summer season. The first year the tub required a new heater, the company provided installed what turned out to be a defective item that lasted one season. It it took almost the whole next summer to fight with them to replace it. Last year the jacuzzi required extra cleaning mid season since it wasn't properly serviced the first time. They blamed the rain, we believed them. This year after servicing the spa they were ready to collect the payment (almost $300.00) and leave, when this time I lifted the dirty cover, saw the murky water and the tub full of leaves! I insisted they clean the cover and the tub, and fill it with new water. Reluctantly they agreed but I had to give them bleach and towels to clean the tub with since they DID NOT EVEN BRING ANY CLEANING SUPPLIES WITH THEM !!! The work as it turned out is still not satisfactory, the moment I tried to use the spa I found it covered with film, the water still not as clean, bubbling with dirty foam on top of a jacuzzi. I complained and was told that they could come back to fix the problem only if I pay them again. I DON'T THINK SO!
- Marzena E....
N.B. I have recently (1/2013) received my deposit minus cost of breaker box! While I feel this is basically a "good" company, be very aware of deposit and payment policies, which I still feel are strict to say the least (50% non-refundable deposit with total payment required before delivery?)
- Michael W....
AJ Spa Products is very expensive. They push things off. You have to call them a lot to get things done. We are looking for a new hot tub company. They just fixed my hot tub last week and it is still leaking. They were great when they sold me the hot tub, but when it came time to repair it, their service is not the best.
- Patricia N....
AGarcia Associates Aqua Electronics
It is an old spa that came with the house. I called several companies to try to see if they can replace it to no avail. This company was very easy to get a hold of, and came out to diagnose the problem right away. I was very impressed with how fast they were to help, and the fact that they service older hot tubs. The guy that came out was very courteous. I just referred him to someone else who needs help with an older spa as well.
- Elaine C....
Purchasing the hot tub from Bob at the Home Show was a great experience.  Bob was fantastic and really sold us on all the benefits of purchasing a Jacuzzi.  We were in the process of buying a home and did not need delivery until May, so there was no issue with getting our preferred color scheme.  We decide on the J355 because of the lay down seat and the fact that it would really be just the two of us using it. The first red flag we encountered was trying to pay off the tub via credit card little by little over the span of a few months.  The contact person we had was Matt in the delivery department.  I called MULTIPLE times, left MANY messages saying that I wanted to make a payment on the tub - with no response.  Finally, he answered the phone and I was able to make a payment.  Each subsequent payment after that was just as difficult to make.  No one answers the phone in their office and no one returns phone calls.  I've never dealt with a company that didn't want to get paid as much as this one. One of the times I called I spoke with Danielle (not Danielle Rizzo, the other Danielle in the office).  She apologized for no one calling me back and took a payment on the tub.  She asked if I wanted to sign up for their program where they automatically ship us the tub chemicals, etc. every 6 months.  I thought that sounded like a great idea.  She said she would need to e-mail me a form to sign and give my credit card info.  I NEVER RECEIVED THE FORM AFTER AT LEAST 5 CALLS AND 5 E-MAILS ASKING FOR IT.  Absolutely ridiculous.  So we paid off the tub and tried to schedule delivery.  This was a grueling process as well and we had to wait several weeks to set something up.  I had an electrician coming at the same time as the tub was going to be delivered to make sure everything was hooked up properly.  I pleaded with them to give me a time that they would be at the house because I was coordinating the electrician as well.  After a few phone calls, they gave me a time (between 9-9:30am).  I was fine with this.  On the day of delivery, they didn't arrive until between 10:30-11am.  Very frustrating. The instructions they leave for the tub are very generalized and not specific as to when to add the chemicals to the water (before or after the tub heats up), how to fill the tub (which side do you put the hose as there's 2 filters, etc.).  I called The Hot Tub Factory and spoke with Danielle Rizzo.  She did not know how to fill the tub or when to put the chemicals in.  Every question I asked her she guessed on and ended up giving me wrong information.  She told me to NEVER empty the tub - it's a waste of time and harms the pipes.  I spoke with several people that said that is just crazy.  She told me use to use window cleaner to clean the inside of the tub because that's what she uses in the showroom.  I read online to NEVER use a regular cleaning product on the inside of the tub.  Our hot tub sat empty in our yard for a month because we could not get clear instructions on how to get it up and running.   I just felt very uneasy about the instructions she gave so I drove all the way out to their showroom in Bohemia to see if I could meet with someone in person and physically have them show me how to properly fill the tub.  When I got there Danielle was the only one there.  She tried to figure out which side the hose went in to fill the tub.  She ended up calling the owner and he told her what to do over the phone.  I have never owned or operated a hot tub so this was all new to me and they were very, very unhelpful.  I basically learned how to take care of the tub from the manual and Google.  They say they have a Hot Tub University class once a month where the owner demonstrates how to use the tub.  I asked when the next class was and Danielle had no idea.  So now the tub is full and we've been using it.  The tub itself is great.  Dealing with the Hot Tub Factory has been absolutely horrible.  Extremely poor customer service.  I would recommend buying a tub from another company.  You will save yourself a lot of frustration.
- Neville M....
I recently purchased a home that came with a (working) hot tub and wanted to have someone look it over and also give me some general maintenance advice. I contacted Larry and we determined a date that worked for both of us. He and his assistant showed up on time, and he gave me his overall opinion on the hot tub and cover's condition. He also checked the chemical levels and gave me lots of great advice on maintaining my spa going forward. He was able to sell me some needed chemicals and a spa wand which have worked out great. I will contact Larry for any future spa needs.
- Robert M....
They showed up on time, told me everything was fine, and then left.  They were there for 10 minutes, told me everything worked properly, but the hot tub was still not functioning when they left.  They did absolutely nothing.  They also promised a written evaluation, which was never provided.
- Neil M....
ASpa Tech
I bought a home that came with a hot tub that never worked correctly.  I used several companies to try and repair it but they could not get it done.  I was ready to have it removed altogether until a friend recommended Spa Tech.  Frank the owner performed the work himself.  He is courteous, punctual, and honest.  He did what no other company could do and his prices are very fair and reasonable.  Now my family and I are enjoying our hot tub on cold winter nights thanks to Frank and Spa Tech.
- Anthony R....
AHealthmate Hot Tubs LLC
Great experience overall. Great selection of the better quality brands. They were willing to fill the tub we were considering rather than just those they already had filled on site. In the end that is not only why we decided to purchase from them but also resulted in our purchase of a higher end model because we got to see the difference in jet quality. We are thrilled with our hot tub! Installation and delivery went without a hitch - this is where you want to purchase your hot tub!
- Jeanne W....

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Recent Review: Ed of Renewit impressed me immediately with his calm competence. He diagnosed the problem immediately, told me that the circulator pump needed to be replaced. He gave me the option of purchasing it directly or through him. We agreed he would do it. He replaced it with no fuss and the tub is working well, as he predicted. His fee was reasonable. I would recommend him highly and without reservation.
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Recent Review: I recently purchased a home that came with a (working) hot tub and wanted to have someone look it over and also give me some general maintenance advice. I contacted Larry and we determined a date that worked for both of us. He and his assistant showed up on time, and he gave me his overall opinion on the hot tub and cover's condition. He also checked the chemical levels and gave me lots of great advice on maintaining my spa going forward. He was able to sell me some needed chemicals and a spa wand which have worked out great. I will contact Larry for any future spa needs.