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APlastino & Son Landscape Contractors Inc
Chris was very knowledgeable and prompt with both the job and communications. The job was looked at, provided and estimate and completed before some other landscapers returned messages.
- Danielle S....
Excellent service called day before to confirm delivery showed up early next morning as promised. Sod was like a green carpet
- Erika M....
He did a great job!  A+!  He came out to make sure the water was working and that the plants were getting enough water.  It's unfortunately rare to find someone this good in the area.  It's impossible to find someone this professional, so I'd definitely recommend him!
- Maria J....
ASplendor Landscape Design
Meet with Rob and gave an estimate.  The estimate was a little higher than others I have received, however I felt very comfortable with Rob and trusted him.   Splendor landscaping came on the date that we set and leveled my front yard and added new topsoil and laid sod.  I was unable to be home the entire day they did the work, but when I got home Splendor was still working late to get the job done.  I had questions and concerns for one part of the lawn, the workers reached out to Rob with no hesitation and corrected the situation.  The lawn looked great. I had previously had installed a sprinkler system prior to leveling the ground, which Rob explained to me that you should always level the ground first then install the sprinklers then lay the sod, because while leveling the yard it is possible to to cut the sprinkler lines. The next day the job was completed I turned on the sprinklers for zone 1 and there was two problems with the sprinklers.  I had one broken head  and a one sprinkler head that need to be raised up to be flush with the sod.  Rob came that day and added some top soil and was able to raise the sprinkler head with now problem.  I was able to fix the broken head myself and told them not to worry about it.  A day later I put on zone 2 of the sprinklers and there was a leak coming from under the ground. The line had been cut from leveling the yard.  I call Rob to tell him, and he said his crew would be by later in the week to fix it.  I explained that I will be away and my father will be there.  They came while I was a way and fixed the sprinkler leak. Splendor Landscaping did a great job and are very professional.  Rob is willing to good out of his way and answer any questions, and in my case fix the sprinklers when he really didn't have to. I appreciate his honesty and his commitment to getting the job done right. I will use Splendor again.
- Michael G....
ABongiornos Contracting
I used Bongiorno to remove a large fallen Oak (from Hurricane Sandy) and to grade the area and lay sod.  They did a great job, were the nicest people and it looks great.  They were a pleasure to deal with and very professional.  I plan on using them again for my back yard and for maintenance.
- Peter T....
Fantastic experience from start to finish. George responded and provided an estimate quickly after contact. Work was scheduled on my availability with a couple weeks. Team arrived promptly on scheduled date and went to work. George discussed how to handle any issues with me and provided advice on sprinkler head adjustments and watering of new sod. Team went to work clearing weeds, 10 bags of landscaping fabric and some leftover river stone before grading and installation of new sod. Cleaned up all work areas and left our home with great curb appeal. Thanks
- Joseph D....
AScenic View Landscaping & Design Specialists LLC
Scenic View landscaping did a wonderful job. Frank was exceptionally communicative, responsive and easy to work with. Our yard had degraded over years from loss of trees and erosion. He regraded, added soil and sod and landscaped. He also rerouted an existing sump pump line. Our yard is now beautiful. He and his team did exactly what they promised and it looks fantastic. Plus, they worked quickly. We recommend them highly.
- Judy L....
DCut Above Landscaping
Owner came out to give an estimate on sod installation. Once he looked over the property he said he'd return with a price, but then didn't show up when he said he would. He eventually came back with the estimate and the price was good for the services being offered. We called to set up the installation, but it was early spring and the sod wasn't ready for cutting yet. We called back when we were told it would be ready. And we called again. And again. And again. Maybe the work would've been stellar, but I'll never know because he won't even return our calls.
- Joshua G....
FSabbas Landscaping LLC
In April 2010, I contacted Sabba's Landscaping for an estimate on sod installation. Danny Sabba (apparently the owner) came out and gave me estimate about 3 days after my initial call. I told him that I would like to have the work done and asked how soon they can begin. Danny said he would need to check his calendar, but they would definitely be able to do the work in the next two weeks. I never heard from Danny or anyone else at Sabba's Landscaping. On the morning of May 10th, I woke to the sound of voices in my yard and alot of banging sounds and machinery. I opened my front door, only to find about 5 men ripping up my lawn. I asked who they were and what they were doing and they informed me that they were from Sabba's Landscaping and they were there to install sod. I was very disturbed by the fact that Danny (nor anyone else from Sabba's Landscaping) ever called to set up an actual date of installation. Regardless, I let it go. I figured I wanted the sod installed as soon as possible and I just so happened to be working from home that day, so it worked out. I did voice my concern to Danny when he showed up later that afternoon to see how everything was going. He insisted that someone should have called to let me know they were coming and apologized for the confusion. That was the last I had ever seen and/or heard from Danny Sabba! Everything else, from that day forward, was handled through Danny's little sister Nicky or his mother via phone! Despite my twice daily watering, my sod never took root and died several weeks after installation. I made numerous phone calls to Sabba's Landscaping and all I was able to do is relay a message to Danny through his mother or sister. NEVER would Danny return a call or come out to view my dead sod. I even wrote a letter to Danny in 11/2010. Still - no response. His mother and sister assured me that, if I kept watering the sod, it would come back green in the spring. Needless to say, it did not! In 3/2011, I began calling and having to go through the barriers - Danny's mother and sister - once again. I was finally informed by Danny's sister on 3/14/11 that, "Danny didn't do anything wrong" and that he will "HELP ME OUT" by getting me sod at cost. He would call me with a price later that day. Once again - I never received a phone call from Danny (nor his mother or sister for that matter). One month later, on 4/18/11, I called AGAIN to ask about the estimate to replace the sod. I was told by the sister that Danny would call me within the hour. That call never came; however, his sister did manage to call me back a few hours later to let me know that there was now an estimate in my mailbox! I am still blown away at how this spineless little man cannot return a phone call or have a face-to-face conversation, yet he somehow managed to have an estimate written up and mysteriously placed into my mailbox while I sat home waiting for his call!! To think he would be so cowardly as to put an estimate in my mailbox, but not ring the doorbell and speak to me in person, knowing that I have been trying to contact him for nearly a year. It's unbelievable! This is NOT a true business man in any sense of the word! This estimate that he slipped into my mailbox was for another $1500, which does not include installation! There was a handwritten note on the bottom of the estimate stating that "AS A COURTESY" Sabba's Landscaping will install the sod for me at cost (not including the $1500!!!). If you need/want any type of landscaping done - I HIGHLY RECOMMEND that you find a competent, reputable, professional who stands behind their work (who does not hide behind his mother's skirt!). You will NOT be dealing with a professional here, nor will you have any contact with this person once he has your payment in hand. At Sabba's Landscaping, all you get is expremely poor quality workmanship, total lack of professionalism, and a little boy, who hides behind his mommy and little sister, who's running the show.
- Brenda C....
CNortheast Horticultural Services
Front lawn looks infinitely better than it did BUT I'm not impressed with finer points of the finish of the job (crooked edges, incomplete stump pulling).
- Patrick O....

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