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Business Description: A family owned Heating & Air Conditiioning business with the owners overseeing all jobs. Eighteen years in business and in good standing with the BBB. We have earned Trane's "Comfort Specialist" status with N.A.T.E. certified technications and fully insured. Indoor Air Technologies accepts Visa, Mastercard and offfers competitive financing.
Business Description: As a company, Mid Atlantic Heating and Cooling specializes in the service and installation of residential and light commerical heating, cooling and refrigeration equipment as well as radiant and geothermal systems. We are York dealers but service all makes and models of equipment. We employ EPA certified technicians and mechanics. Providing excellent customer service.
Business Description: With more than 20 years in the heating and air conditioning industry, First Choice Heating and Cooling, a division of Iarrapino Heating & Cooling, is a family-owned business dedicated to providing total home comfort for New Jersey residents. Award winning.
Business Description: At DB Heating & Cooling, Inc., of Bergen County, NJ, the surrounding areas, and Rockland County, NY we provide exceptional service for your heating and air conditioning systems. We install new systems, maintain, repair, and if needed replace your current comfort system. Whether you’re looking for residential, commercial or industrial HVAC services, DB Heating & Cooling, Inc. can handle the job, big or small. We are fully insured and EPA Certified. Our highly experienced and courteous technicians offer personalized service and free written estimates. Call us today for all of your Bergen County, NJ and Rockland County, NY heating and cooling needs! Call DB Heating & Cooling, Inc. today! Free estimates on new equipment!
Business Description: • Super Service Award Winner: 2015, 2014, 2013, 2012, 2010 • First Source HVAC Contracting Provides Heating & Cooling System Design, Installation, & Maintenance Services for Residential Homes and Small Commercial Facilities • Local Owner-Operated, First Source delivers an Exceptional Level of Service & Craftsmanship that routinely exceeds client expectations • Professionalism, Expertise, Technology, and a personal touch are the hallmarks of every First Source Project • Courtesy & Respect are closely held values as we commit ourselves to understanding our customers’ needs.
Business Description: For more than 30 years, Joe Hurley, Inc. has been the trusted name for heating and air conditioning in Monmouth County and the surrounding areas. Whether you need comprehensive air conditioner repairs, complete heating system replacement, thorough air duct cleaning, or HVAC maintenance services, the Joe Hurley, Inc. team is ready to get the job done. They are committed to providing you with the honest, professional, top-quality services you deserve. Your comfort is their number one priority! In fact, they go above and beyond by offering free estimates, 100% financing with approved credit, and several maintenance plans. Joe Hurley, Inc. even offers 24/7 emergency heating and air conditioning services in Monmouth County, as well as Ocean and East Mercer Counties. Their team responds promptly to all calls so you never have to worry about a broken AC or heating system. Plus, their technicians are highly trained, licensed, and trustworthy. As a privately owned and operated company, Joe Hurley, Inc. is committed to your complete satisfaction. If you need heating or air conditioning repairs or installations in Monmouth County or the nearby areas, call Joe Hurley, Inc. for a free estimate today!
Recent Review: Called Perfection at 7am. By noon the technician, Dan, arrived and performed service and had the system up and running in a quick time. From initial contact until services were finished, everyone was courteous, professional and responsive. All my heating/cooling needs have been done by Perfection and will continue to be done by them. I highly recommend.
Recent Review: CMS is the only contractor I have found that knows what they are talking about when it comes to geothermal systems. Until recently I had an open loop system and because of fouling from well water, the units in the house would need regular maintenance. In the beginning I was not familiar enough to understand when to call the well people and when to call the geothermal people. It was not until I discovered CMS that became clear. CMS also identified that the duct work hook up to the systems was done incorrectly (only a small portion of the coils were seeing the airflow resulting in poor performance. They corrected this. The also installed whole house humidifier which works well. CMS has expanded their business where they do more than just geothermal systems. CMS installed our new hot water heater. Overall I think they are excellent.
Business Description: For over 40 years, Weber & Grahn has gained the distinctive reputation for quality air conditioning and heating systems. We design, install, and service central air systems capable of maintaining optimum climate control, while keeping in mind the aesthetics and the acoustics of the system. Our many satisfied customers tell the story, but for your added peace-of-mind, rest assured that we are not comfortable until you are. So whenever you need us, we're here for all your heating and cooling concerns -- from scheduled maintenance & repairs to installations. It's not a problem if Weber & Grahn didn't install your system; we service most manufactures. For Prompt Quality Service call the professionals at Weber & Grahn.
Business Description: We specialize in designing and installing Geothermal heating and cooling syems. One geothermal unit provids both heating and air conditioning for your home or building. While most geothermal companies hire outside well drillers, we own our drilling equipment which helps keep our prices down while providing the best quality job from beginning to end. We offer several low interest financing options making your purchase decision easy.

Reviews in Manahawkin to Install Geothermal Heating

AGeo Source Systems LLC
Our 17 year old ClimateMaster geothermal unit quit on one of coldest days of winter. One of GeoSource's techs arrived on time as promised, identified problem and most of all, had parts in his van enabling him to get the unit working. Have used GeoSource at least twice before and have been very satisfied. Should have recommended them long ago. It's hard to find competent geothermal technicians in Connecticut, let alone Fairfield County. This company specializes in geothermal alone.  We've found other HVAC companies who claim to service geothermal, have to send a follow-up technician who knows geothermal after the first tech is unable to figure out what's wrong. If your system is geothermal, get a specialist! 
- Bill C....
ASuffolk Systems Inc
I've worked with many companies over the years, both as a contractor and a customer. Suffolk Systems worked on the inside portion of our geothermal installation in the last couple of years where the outside work was all new, but the inside work involved a retrofit from an oil based system to geothermal forced air and radiant. It's a big house, so it was a long job, involving 6 zones. That gave me a chance to get to really see how they worked. I will tell you that they scored high marks on all counts. First, they were technically adept in every way. In addition, they were careful and paid attention to detail. Also, they were really a pleasure to work with, as their attitude was always positive. I've worked with enough trades to tell you that it's a much better experience to work with professionals who have a good attitude toward their work and customers, vs those who are angry, don't like their bosses, or who would rather be somewhere else. And as others have stated, they were careful and respectful of the house/floors, wearing booties any time they walked through finished spaces. Mike and Lori in the office, and Dan on the job, all made for a very positive experience, and a great final product. I would not hesitate for a moment to recommend them for any job.
- Robert D....
ASuffolk Systems Inc
This is the second time that we have contracted with Suffolk Systems Inc. for the installation of a geothermal heat pump (we have multiple units). The first time was 2 years ago, and the experience was so positive in respect of quality and professionalism of work, that we did not hesitate to use them again. This second experience was just as satisfying - Dan and his installation team were punctual, professional, neat, and thorough. The work was complicated by nature, but they handled it all expertly, and completed it timely. The new unit is operating as expected. Lori in the office is consistently attentive, responsive, and helpful. We are extremely pleased with all aspects of our experience with Suffolk Systems Inc.
- Jason B....
AEast Coast Mechanical Services
It went very well. Sean arrived, removed the defective control valve, and installed the new control valve. He checked out the system to insure it was working correctly, which it was and still is. He was very professional, knowledgeable, and easy to work with.
- Arthur C....
FGreenLogic LLC
This company was arrogant and rude! He wouldnt give us an estimate unless we did a energy audit. Refused to come and see us again unlkess we were giving them a check or had our financing in place. They brought over the actual drill guy and said I dont have IGSHPA certification because I dont want it or need it. Amazing how a company can try and work this way! Disgraceful!!
- Kimberly O....
AGreen Mechanicals Heating and Cooling LLC
The provider did a thorough check up on our large geothermal system which consists of 8 zones. With lots of knowledge and experience in geothermal systems, he explained patiently how components in the system work together. As soon as he was told the broken unit was covered under warranty, he worked independently with the unit carrier to have the repair work covered at no cost to us. Upul was professional and pleasant. We will definitely use him again.
- Cathie J....
CSherman Industry Inc
I choose an alternative contractor for my Geothermal installation.  I did so for several reasons. The first reason is that Sherman's sales pitch as somewhat high pressure.  The sales pitch was pretty aggressive which I found a turn off.  I also did not choose them because I felt their responses to some of the other reviews on this site were less than professional and also as aggressive as the sales pitch. The next reason I didn't choose Sherman was because they quoted me a huge price, almost double the price of the other contractors and then provided "rebates" that they take off the top from the NYSERDA and a New York State rebate that I hadn't found in my research leading up to quote process.  I was told the NYSERDA rebate was a drilling rebate and that they were the only contractors that NYSERDA gives this rebate too.  After contacting NYS and NYSERDA I was not able to corroborate these rebates.  No one at NYSERDA had heard of the drilling rebate and I found that the NYS rebates are not yet law for GeoThermal.  The net result was that I felt Sherman was artificially inflating the quote, then generating these "rebates" to make me feel like I was getting a deal.  Their final quote was within 1% of the other contractors I interviewed. While I was investigating the NYSERDA drilling rebate they were promising.  I found that NYSERDA provides home energy audits with approved contractors.  I found it odd that Sherman would have a special drilling arrangement with NYSERDA and yet not be an approved contractor for these other audits.  It was also suspect that a state organization would have such an exclusive rebate with a single contractor.   When I contacted Sherman to thank them for their bid and inform them that I choose a competitor,  they asked my why I didn't choose them.  I felt this was a fair question.  However, instead of just listening to my comments as constructive criticism, they started to debate each and every comment I made even after telling them I've already signed with another vendor.  I felt this was more of their high pressure tactics and it also made me feel better with my choice to go with another contractor.  I question how would they debate me during the installation process if I had a problem? Lastly, I received a call from Sherman the week the other contractor was performing the installation on my home.  Sherman called to ask me how it was going and to "provide a courtesy call" to inform me that they heard the contractor I had chosen was "having problems".  I felt this action was completely devoid of professionalism and made me glad that I had not chosen Sherman for my project. I advise other Angie's list members to do your due diligence and research every rebate you are told about by every vendor you interview when investigating GeoThermal.  The laws are changing quickly and a lot of people are opting to move to GeoThermal making the market very competitive for contractors.
- Dave L....
AGreen Mechanicals Heating and Cooling LLC
Upul is very experienced in geothermal systems. The service session turned into an education session for me. He did a thorough examination of our large system consisting of 8 geothermal units. After he was told the broken unit was under warranty, he contracted the carrier directly to get the repair cost cover. Upul is patient and pleasant to work with. We definitely will use him again.
- Cathie J....
FSherman Industry Inc
There's so many reasons why Sherman Industry deserves jail time, humiliation, and disgrace . Of course the obvious, to anyone who has ever heard of them or dealt with them, is that they lie, cheat, and steal. They fraud you into believing you'll get many rebates that you are not even eligible for in order to get you to sign their contract. After they have you they take forever to start the job, (unless you're one of the really unfortunate clients who's $ was taken and never had the job started at all). Then they don't show up or come up with excuses as to why they cant come to work on your home. After they finish ( or you get so frustrated with this company that you accept what work they've done as finished , just so you can get your rebates and life back), they then lie to you for the thousandth time and tell you that the rebates either ran out or expired. Only to find that you were never eligible to begin with. These crooks don't pay their suppliers, they don't pay their subcontractors, they don't pay the well deserving employees (the ones who actually do care about the customers) and they screw their clients...The only people the Hancock's don't screw is themselves. Although I with they would. Its a shame that there are such dishonest thieves out there. They have robbed the elderly, the sick, the single mothers and the retirees of Nassau & Suffolk. My only hope is that the sub-contractors and caring employees get their money and that some REPUTABLE Geothermal company out there will take mercy on the poor people who have been left high and dry with unfinished jobs,unstarted jobs and incorrectly installed jobs and help fix them at an affordable cost. And if any prayers could be answered lets hope the $ these people have taken from all of innocents is found and returned. Secondly a bit of jail time would be well deserved. NO ONE should be able to do this to their customer and employees and get away with it. Shame on them. How do they sleep at night. I am a firm believer in what goes around comes around and I think I hear it coming... And ANY positive review on their page is either a friend or wife...dont be fooled
- Julie U....
ABell Heating and Air Conditioning
Bell heating originally quoted me for my geothermal install. I unfortunately went with another company (see my other geothermal review) who didn't have the proper resources to complete the geothermal drilling. The other installer spent 3 months drilling all of 3 bores in our yard which was basically solid rock after the first 11 feet of drilling. The tiny rig he had couldn't handle this soil composition and he wound up walking away from the job leaving my yard a complete mess and me with no geothermal...Plus the electric back up system he installed eventually failed as well... I eventually called Bell and they brought in a professional driller that drilled all the required 5 bores in 1 DAY! Bells team quickly followed right behind delivering the equipment and hooking everything up in a few days (including properly testing the system which takes a while). I now have geothermal heat and A/C running smooth! Bell even sent one of their guys back to answer some questions about the system that I didn't understand and he took his time and was very professional! It's unfortunate that I didn't go with Bell the first time but I guess lesson learned.... Their pricing is very reasonable and their service is top notch.
- Basim N....