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Recent Review: We used Advannced Pest in our office for monthly maintenance. I recently had a few rats get into my house through the sewer & I called Advanced right away & they got those rats. I highly recommend them.
Business Description: Our company was founded in 2004. We started as a small company building our client base by word-of-mouth and recommendations from existing customers. We are the leader in pest control in New York. Scott, the owner and founder, speaks to each and every customer, so you can rest easy knowing that you are dealing with an expert!
Business Description: stop ants,spiders,roaches,bedbugs,Rats,mice,
Business Description: You get the benefit of 30 years of experience when you trust your bug or rodent problem to Standard Pest Control Inc. Get your house checked for termites and other damaging insects like carpenter ants by Standard Pest Control Inc. on a regular basis to avoid costly structural repairs. Also serving Newark, Elizabeth, Summit, Scotch Plains, Warren, and Westfield, NJ.
Recent Review: I saw a rat (yes, a rat!) in my new home and called A-List exterminator immediately. I saw the wonderful reviews on Angie's List and decided to give them a try. I was not disappointed! After treatment, I found three dead rats and the fowl odor led me to believe that there were others that I did not find. One month later and I have not seen another rat. Thank you A-List!
Recent Review: Terrrific! Daniel is wonderful! He responded that same day (within 1 hour) and scheduled an appointment for that week. He conducted a thorough inspection and explained what he was doing, what he was using, why he needed to do what he did and we signed a contract for a full year of service on the spot. He has since come back 2X and has helped us eradicate the party in the attic as well as the creepy dance in the basement (cave crickets aka cricket spiders)....gross!
Recent Review: Four mice were caught within the first 2 days and none since. Then he returned 4 weeks later and reset the traps and still no evidence of mice.
Recent Review: The service rep came a few days after I called for an appointment.  He was very knowledgeable and helpful in explaining why and how the problem (mice) was occurring.  He make a thorough inspection of the basement and outside of the house and showed us the areas he felt the mice were entering.  He went around the exterior of the house and plugged up all holes.  I did not want any killing traps used.  The work is guaranted for 90 days but I haven't seen a mouse since the day he was here and don't expect future problems.
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Award 2018Super Service Award
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Recent Review: Tech was professional and informative

Reviews in Belleville to Exterminate Rats or Mice

They did an excellent job. They were informative. They are coming back to check traps. They were very courteous and nice. Eric was very nice. He was the technician.
- Kendrik L....
CMiteBuster BedBug & Pest Control
they came and place few mouse trap, and didn't check the basement. you can buy mouse trap online by yourself.
- Andy Z....
FOne Shot Pest Services
Angel Quinones told me he would show up at 1:30 - 2:00 pm after he completed a regular job that he does for a restaurant called New Bodega in my neighborhood. When he didn't show up or answer his phone, I called New Bodega and was told that Quinones didn't have any job to do there that day. Later that evening, the New Bodega bartender told me that Quinones comes in at night to do work, and that he usually comes in at around midnight! I still have not received a return call from Quinones, although I left him many voice-mails. The guy is a complete jerk.
- Eva L....
DKapture Pest Control
Not great. Paid over $200 and still have an issue. They said they’d come back and never did. Now they want me to pay more to come back and actually do their job. I do not recommend.
- Stephanie G....
ANortheast Exterminating Inc
Very professional. We had mice. They described service and provided estimate. They arrived promptly, assessed the situation, explained everything clearly. Charges were exactly as estimated. Came back for follow up 2 weeks later; refilled traps. They did not push service; but recommended periodic maintenance to keep problem under control. Quoted me a monthly price; however, I thought monthly might be to frequent. Agreed on quarterly visits, and they gave me the monthly price! Very willing to adjust periodic visits to fit the problem. These guys are HIGHLY recommended.
- Matthew S....
AExit Pest Control
Very quick response.  Was 30 min early for appointment.  No sales pitch, no BS, just went right to work.  Told me if he needed me he would come and get me, but went about his work without a disturbance to my family during the holidays.  It seemed like he did not do enough to fix the issue, all of a sudden just told me he was done.  I was put at ease with the year guarentee on his work, and to their credit, problem went away in the timeframe he told me it would, and has not re-occured.
- Miles E....
ATotal Termite Pest and Animal Control
Fine. They visited a total of 4 times and set over 100 traps. We have very large basement and attic areas.
- Nigel W....
AExterminex Pest Control Inc
I highly recommend this company. Every step of the process was met with courtesy and professionalism. Phone calls were promptly returned, accurate time frames for service were given and they did what they promised. Sal the technician was very polite, knowledgable and knew what had to be done. He identified the issue and how to resolve it.
- Maria Z....
AJP McHale Pest Management, Inc.
A neighbor of mine was doing construction. We were composting, and a rat made its way over. They took care of the problem and are currently working on a mouse problem. They offer environmentally friendly extermination.
- Andrea H....
The exterminator surveyed my property, and evidence of mice. He removed them quickly and professionally, although I realized after they had done the job I could have done it myself. They used both mechanical and chemical means (mousetraps and poison). The mice were eliminated with a conventional mousetrap and some peanut butter. That's the part I could have done myself. As a precaution they also but traps with bait but it was never touched as the mice were eliminated with the traps. Despite the fact that I felt a little foolish for spending $300 for a few $1 mousetraps, the company did a thorough inspection and if the problem had been bigger, I'm sure I would have been a bit overwhelmed.
- Erik Z....