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Recent Review: It took a little longer than expected but that was because of the crazy weather in Texas. It was worth the wait!
Recent Review: They had done some other work for us, so we used them again. They came in and had the model of air conditioner we were looking for. Seemed to be well within an acceptable price range; not too high and not too low.

Reviews in Wahoo for Range Hood Installation

CHandyman Matters Northern Virginia
Removal of microwave, installation of range hood, and installation of ceramic tile backsplash behind stove went very well.  Tile is applied in the pattern requested and looks good. Door knob was being put in to replace a type no longer made and for which the latch hole was not  appropriate for the new doorknob.  In making the appropriate hole  for the latch, he chipped the wood (further than it was already chipped) and the latch is a little crooked.  When the assistant manager originally came to do the estimate, he said an area of missing veneer could  be replaced and stained to match the door, but T---, who actually did the work, said just to put in  stain and it wouldn't be that noticable.  So that's what we did, but I think the doorknob  and its surrounding wood could definitely have been done better and my expectations from the manager's visit were not met. For the caulk around the top of the tub, he only removed the darkest areas, leaving a lot of old caulk behind.  Since he was gone for awhile, I spent an hour removing it all completely, since I knew you don't apply new caulk over old and it needed a smooth reapplication and I wanted to be sure it was prepared correctly.  When he put in the new caulk, it was put on sloppily, with lots of smearing above and below the caulk line.  He fixed the smearing at my insistence. The bathroom floor: T---dIdn't think it was necessary to apply embossing leveler to old embossed flooring before applying new, but did it at my insistence. Didn't clean the floor properly before applying the leveler. Applied the leveler very unevenly, with long gouges from the trowel Came back next day after my call to the manager to smooth out the leveler by scraping away lumps and bumps and filling in gouges and low spots with new leveler.  Leveler still wasn't as smooth as it should have been,  but it was better. Laid down adhesive for vinyl in less than 2 hours after new leveler was applied. Vinyl was not trimmed smoothly along edges, so there were gaps of almost 1/2 inch in places along the edge between the wall and vinyl or between the tub and vinyl.   This required a wider quarter-round than  the original along  the walls and one area of wide caulking by the tub to fill  in the gap. Adhesive seemed quite thick along the edges before  the quarter-round and threshhold were reapplied and there seemed to be a few uneven areas in the flooring, but I was told that it normal and that the heavy roller would have smoothed out the adhesive in the main area, the edges look thick because of the rolling, and over time the uneveness would not be noticable. There was a long crack once piece of new quarter-round from nailing and T had to replace it.  Because the flooring was now a little higher, the bathroom door wouldn't close over the threshhold.  T--planed it so it would close--and now the door is uneven across the bottom and the gap between threshold and door ranges from 1/2 " to 3/4".  I also had to sand the bottom myself to remove rough edges and splinters. The toilet doesn't sit quite square in front of the wall.  Because we were gone a lot I didn't notice this at first, but it is quite evident. Now, after 1 month, there are a few uneven places in the floor and if you tap them, they sound papery, meaning there is air there.  So--T---doesn't pay attention  to detail. Despite that he has a pleasant manner and did come back and redo things when  I asked (although still not as good as it should have been), I would not use him again.
- Susan B....
BAdvanced Electrical Services
I am remodeling my kitchen and removed the old range myself.  It was direct wired.  I wanted a three wire plug in outlet in the wall for the new range I have ordered.  He used the existing wire and installed an outlet box to the stud after removing some drywall.  He tried installing it first just to the drywall so as to avoid doing drywall repair but the wire was too heavy to do it that way.  I told him to go ahead and remove what he needed to nail into a wall stud.  It took little time and I was able to replace the damaged drywall myself two days later.  I have used the same worker twice before with excellent results.
- Stephen D....
APat's Handyman Service
We called Pat and left a message about we needed to have done. He promptly called us back that evening. We set up an appointment for the next day at 4:00 pm. He arrived right on time and introduced himself very professionally. The pace of his work was in a steady manner and not at all did you get the feeling he was trying to rush through the job. During the installation he would take the time to explain to us about the process of the installation and happily answer any questions we had. We have used other contractors before we joined Angies List and have had mixed results. Just as soon as we get our laundry list of repairs completed we will most definitely have Pat come back.
- Michael B....
AService One
I have nothing but good to say about Service One; in all the years I've used them I've had no problems. I get a service representative immediately, scheduled in a very reasonable amount of time, the technicians come out on time and complete their work professionally, quickly and accurately. If they need to make a return trip, they call us when the part is in and make an appointment at a time that is convenient to us. I use them every year for our furnace, air, and heat pump check; if I forget to schedule the check, they call and remind me. Over the years they've repaired electrical outlets, washer, dryer, dishwasher, freezer, range, etc. If they can't fix the appliance, they give you a letter which entitles you to buy a new appliance at contractor rates. I highly recommend Service One and would never go elsewhere for any of the covered services.
- Candice H....
APat's Handyman Service
He answered his phone immediately when I called. I told him what I needed done. He was very professional and personable. He was able to make it to our home the same day to complete the services. He was respectful and knowledgeable and was done within an hour. His hourly charge is also very fair. We would certainly use his handy man services in the future.
- Marie D....
BMcCarthys One Hour Heating and Air Conditioning
They were very good and knowledgeable. I don't feel they were pushy like other people do. They offered several price ranges for the products we needed.
- Daniel R....
APat's Handyman Service
He was professopmal, nice, honest, clean and fine in a respects. Except for one trip for supplies, he had every tool and piece of equipment necessary to accomplish each task with him in his truck, making it more convenient for myself than I had anticipated.
- Edwin N....
ASOS Heating and Cooling
They had done some other work for us, so we used them again. They came in and had the model of air conditioner we were looking for. Seemed to be well within an acceptable price range; not too high and not too low.
- Mark K....
FService One
I am going to describe each incident to be best of my recollection: HVAC repair: It was right in the dead of winter (late January/early February), and at around 6:30, I noticed that my house was getting rather chilly. My first instinct was to shut any open windows or doors, but after a thorough search of the house, I concluded that it was not an open portal. I then went to the thermostat and it read 60 F, but it indicated that it was heating (I have a Nest and it shows Red when it is heating). I went down to the furnace, and it was dead. I called Service One immediately (on a home warranty), but they were closed so I had to call their emergency line. It was -15 F outside, and the temperature inside was dropping rather quickly. I made the call around 7, and the associate assured me that the service worker would be to my house in an hour. 8:30 rolled around, and so one showed, so I called again. It felt like I was in the movie Groundhog Day, because I had to tell THE SAME PERSON the exact same information, and she responded like it was my first time calling. Again, she assured me that he would be by in an hour. I informed her that she said that last time, so she said she would call him directly. 10:00 pm rolled around (I'm sure you see where this is going), and I called back. This time I reached another person, and explained everything to her, adding that the inside temperature was now at 51 F. After taking my information, she stated that he would be by in an hour (I'm guessing that this is a standard time for stalling). Midnight hit, and I called for the 4th time, stating that my inside temperature was now 44 F. Long story short...the service man showed up at 2:00 AM (I still had to wake up at 6:00 AM for work the next day). At that time, the inside temperature was 39 F. I was livid. He worked on the HVAC for 20 minutes, replaced some melted wires, and finally it was repaired. Then he charged me $85 for the deductible. Oven repair (currently it is still broken): On the 17th of June, I called Service One (I still have the home warranty, since a year was included in the purchase of my house) to repair my oven, which had short circuited and melted the 220v cord. They set an appointment for the 19th and showed up 30 minutes late. The repairmen spent about an hour working on the oven only to inform me that they needed to order parts and would have to come back. I scheduled a follow up appointment for the next week, and they installed a and quot;jury-rigged bypassand quot; (his actual words) on the oven to allow me to use it in the interim. I scheduled to be at home from 1200-1500 on the 27th of June to be available for the repairmen, since they cannot guarantee a time, just a service window. I am active duty military, and I fly for a living. I had to pull myself off a training mission in order to make this appointment, due primarily to the fact that my girlfriend (who runs her own business making soap) requires the use of the oven everyday for her business. The night before the appointment, Service One calls, and states that they miss-scheduled the appointment, and that the repairman is only in my area from 0800-1100. At this point, I have already pulled myself off the flight, but I had to call my boss and let them know the times had changed. I wake up the next morning at 0730, and 10 minutes later I receive a phone call from Service One stating that the repairman was on his way and would be at my home by 0800. At 0820, I receive another call from Service One, stating that and quot;even though he was supposed to be hereand quot;, at which point the call failed. I waited another 10 minutes for the customer service rep to call back (she doesn't), and then I called Service One myself. After another 10 minutes tracking the specific employee down, she thanks me for calling back (shouldn't she have called ME back?) and states that the repairman was on his way, when he realized that they didn't have the correct bolts to affix the new power cord to the oven. Seriously? The day of, and you figure this out?? After you told me you are on the way? After I rearranged my life for you? My home warranty is over after this repair (if it ever comes), and I. Will. Never. Deal. With. Them. Again. Be warned! ***UPDATE*** 22AUG14 Since this last entry, the servicemen came back in a timely manner and fixed my oven. Shortly thereafter I received a phone call from one of the supervisors within the company asking me to reconsider my grade and review on Angie's List. They explained that because they are such a small company, that this review might have a devastating effect on their future dealings. I, too, am a small business owner, and I can understand where this may be a problem, but I also understand that their failure in their customer service and scheduling department is also a direct reflection of their company atmosphere, and I will not be changing my review. On top of that, she placed the onus on me to raise the problem to a higher level if I am having a problem with customer service. This sounded a lot like an attempt at shifting the issue, and I have no respect for a company that will not take primary responsibility on their workers. No, I'm sorry, but when one of my employees makes a mistake, I am ultimately responsible for the issue. Last straw the broke the camel's back: They just auto-renewed my policy without my permission and sent me an invoice for another year. Get ahold of your company and take responsibility for your failures.
- Joshua L....
AAdvanced Electrical Services
the overall experience was excellent. the job was done professionally, including clean-up and removal of all debris and refuse. the cost was more than reasonable, and the technician was friendly, knowledgeable, and competent. the job involved installing a ventilation hood for a 30" range. this included cutting into our plaster wall and running new wiring through a conduit. the hood had to be re-hung after unclear instructions failed to account for the chimney height. this didn't fluster the technician in any way, and he simply set about removing the hood and re-hanging it two inches lower to accommodate the chimney. there was no extra charge for this additional time, and he didn't rush to get it done (he simply called in and had AES reshuffle his schedule). in the end, everything was done professionally and properly, and the new hood works perfectly and looks great. i wouldn't hesitate in recommending them to anyone needing electrical services.
- Patrick W....