West Jefferson Mosquito Misting System Installation

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Recent Review: The mosquito treatment seems to work well.  I have purchased six of the $49 mosquito treatment coupons, and I have not been bothered by mosquitos since starting the program.
Recent Review: The technician was very efficient and polite. The treatment worked very well- it's 4 weeks later and there are still no mosquitos.

Reviews for West Jefferson Mosquito Misting System Installation

FMosquito Squad of Charlotte
First of all, I used their services and the services were great.  However, we moved out of Charlotte and I continue to get SPAM from them on my email.  I have asked no less than FIVE times to be removed from their list and yet it continues and today I got another email but what makes it worse is that they did not blind copy the email addresses so they just sent my personal email out to hundreds of people that will now get my email which will result in spam. I have emailed the owner, the email that sends the email and the charlotte@mosquitosquad.com email address and yet they still SPAM me, which is illegal. I would not use this company again nor would I recommend them based on this alone which is very unfortunate.
- Lillian A....
ATriangle Pest Control LLC
I have them come out on an ongoing basis. They are reliable and decent in price. They come when I need them. I did ask about mosquito control and it was too expensive.
- Billie A....