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Business Description: Annual Heating and AC Parts Buyback Program from 72 Degrees. FREE no obligation analysis and quote. What are they benefits of replacing your system now? 1. Guaranteed 25% utility savings in writing. 2. We will return the investment on your repairs up to $1,000.00. 3. We will finance your new system for 12-Months with 0% Interest. 4. You have a new system with a 10-year warranty. 5. You have peace of mind knowing that your system will not be faced with unexpected breakdowns. 72 Degrees Heating & Air Conditioning offers superior service 24/7. Also, does your current system need repairs? 72 Degrees offers FREE trip charges on all service calls with repairs. 72 Degrees is Raleigh’s heating and air conditioning specialists serving Wake County and the southern surrounding areas of North Carolina. Our mission is to keep you and your family comfortable 24/7 backed by our Ironclad Guarantees. Award winning.

Reviews in Todd to Replace Ductwork

F72 Degrees Heating & Air Conditioning
A nightmare. We were given a timeline of 3 days. We left and when we returned, ductwork not complete. The two technicians did a horrible job. Broke our water lines twice. We had to live in our backyard in our RV. They finally claimed ductwork job complete on the 9th day. We were so exasperated told them we changed our mind on encapsulation. When they left, no air coming from both bathroom vents, no air flowing through second air return, they left it taped over, and one vent in kitchen forgotten, no ductwork connected, could see the ground under house when you removed the vent cover. We called another HVAC company, thinking they could just fix what was forgotten by 72 Degrees. Could not be done. Everything had to be ripped out and new ductwork installed correctly. We also had to replace the air handler under the house, which had been installed 4 years earlier by 72 Degrees. The air handler was installed incorrectly, it was tilted in such a way that the condensation did not drain but pooled, which is why we began to see mold under the house. How it passed Harnett County inspection, we will never know. The President of 72 Degrees, who is located in Browns Summit, NC, reviewed our case and apologized. He returned the $1900 down payment we made to their company. The workers and supervisor working on our job were coming from the Apex, NC location. We do not recommend them.
- Darlene Y....