Ocracoke Garage Door Painting

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A&B Painting
Recent Review: Work was quick and well done. Very happy with the results. It was a good choice to hire Brian.
Recent Review: Excellent, second time I've used Michael for painting jobs, and his work is really excellent!
Dan Strickland Painting and Windows
Business Description: Dan Strickland Painting is a local small business that has been doing business in the Hendersonville, Asheville area of North Carolina for three and a half years. We pride ourselves on quality services for our customers in order to earn their repeat business. We take cash, verified checks, and we now take credit/debit for a small added fee. We believe in keeping our cost low so we can pass the savings along. We believe our pricing should be based on the quality of the services we provide rather than the extremes of large overhead. Financing options are not available, however annual contracts are available with multiple payment options. Occasionally we have promotions but we feel it is best to offer ALL of our customers the best pricing possible everyday and do not mark up our services in order to offer promotions. Any promotions will be listed on our Facebook page.

Reviews in Ocracoke for Painting Garage Doors

Mike was very friendly and professional. He arrived on time for both the estimate and the job. He readily agreed to work within our narrow time range. He completed the job within 8 hours and was very efficient. The room looks great--all the edging is perfect and the repair work is invisible. I highly recommend him for this type of job.
- Susan T....
AMike's Painting & Pressure Washing
The pressure washing was complete and thorough.  It was neither rushed nor haphazard.  Inclement weather required that Mike stand down for several days, but at the first opportunity he and his crew of five experienced painters arrived on the job.  This rather surprised me because on five different house painting occasions (here and elsewhere) one painter and his assistant took several days, even weeks to do the job. This large crew began and completed the job in one day. One day! Anyway, this crew of five immediately fell to, with some painting door trim, some painting window trim, some painting the tall wooden chimney and the others on the house proper.  I can think of several words to describe these craftsmen.  They all were personable, neat, workman-like, courteous, and appeared to be having fun.  In a word they were gentlemen. A note about our house.  It is a pseudo log cabin common in this area of the North Carolina mountains.  The logs consist of rectangular 6"x12" pine painted grey and separated by a 3" white "plastic" chinking material.  This repetitive separation of colors made their job difficult and slow.  Use of painter's tape was inappropriate so every color separation had to be accomplished by hand... and this was done magnificently. Their thoroughness can be illustrated by their treatment of the chinking.  Since its original application in the late 90's it had never been painted.  So imagine our surprise when Mike and the crew painted the chinking with a brilliant white concrete stain. Made it look like new, added hours to their job and beauty to our home. I called Mike for an estimate and he responded promptly. Since I am wheelchair-bound my son went over what we needed. Not only did this estimate include the work, but all paint and all other materials. After reviewing the job an estimate was provided the same day.  It was several hundreds of dollars cheaper than the next lowest estimate. Incidentally, door weather stripping was repairable and paintable, however Mike chose to replace it with new.  This was not included in his original estimate, but he refused to accept additional compensation. He stuck to his initial estimate--to the penny. After accepting  the estimate we were placed on Mikes work schedule. He called before arriving for pressure washing and painting As stated rainy weather delayed painting, but this was a necessary delay.  There is no complaint about responsiveness or punctuality.  Mike responded promptly and came when he said he would. Can't ask for better than that. As to quality of work, it is superb.  I am unable to view the entire house, but three highly critical individuals have gone over  every square foot.  These are my wife, my son and his wife.  All were extremely pleased.  And believe me, if my wife and daughter-in-law aren't happy, no one is happy. They found no fault with anything.  No trampled flowers.  No missed spots.  No sloppy work.. And very important,  a complete and proper clean up. My wife says that the crew seemed to do their best to please and that the house looks better than it did when new. In short, these guys were complete professionals.  Mike  showed his trustworthiness and I would feel no qualms about referring him to anyone. We have nothing but compliments for Mike's Painting and Pressure Washing. Dr. Bart Purvis
- Bart P....