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Business Description: 5 employees. No subs. Cost is determined by job. No trip charges. No money upfront.
Business Description: Low cost and quality handyman residential / office services such as: Disposal installation, Computer Set-Up & Minor Maintenance/Troubleshooting Run Errands, Minor Pick-ups / Deliveries New TV / Electronics Pickup & Set-up General Residential Maintenance Minor Plumbing (Commode installation & repairs, fixture installations, leaky faucets) Minor residential electrical (Repair light switches, receptacles) New Furniture / Bedding / Desk / Yard Furniture Assembly Drywall repair Ceiling Fan / Interior Lighting Installation Gutter Cleaning Curtain / Blinds Hanging Driveway, Sidewalk & Deck Pressure Washing Deck/Wood Fence Staining & Painting Sharpen Mower Blades / New Blades Installation Carpet Cleaning Auto Tire Rotation & Flat Tire Road Assistance (Local Only) Auto Car Wash & Waxing Auto Battery, Spark Plugs & Minor Maintenance Auto Oil & Filter Changes Minor Tree/Bush Trimming / Maintenance & Removal Mailbox Installation Yard Debris Removal (Large Fallen Limbs, etc) Fiberglass Tub / Shower / Glass Door Cleaning Minor Residential Carpentry Repairs Minor Swimming Pool Repairs & Maintenance Glass Replacements (Shelves, Fireplace Door, Tables)
Award 2018Super Service Award
Recent Review: Nate arrived as promised, finished the work in a timely manner and did a great job. He is friendly and personable. We will use him again and in fact he is coming back in a few weeks to powerwash and stain the deck. Highly recommend.
Business Description: Welcome to 5 Star Construction, Inc. We are your Charlotte neighborhood home repair and remodeling company. In the business of serving you with the highest quality of home improvement services. As a locally owned and operated business, we have a rich history in the Carolinas.
Business Description: Painting has been my passion and my career.For more then 20 years experience. Painting in the Carolinas and Metrolinas,South Carolina,Atlanta every project have an equal value of IMPORTANCE to us. No project is ever to hard for us. Whether you have a small apt or condo,mansion or hotel.We have you convered.My crews are very detailed and striving to consistency and quality in every step of the way. Our work is Guaranteed!! We will work with the homeowners every step of the way carefully listening and understanding.Helping with color,wall,trims,and many more factors.
Business Description: I am an ASID Interior designer and student at the Art institute who specializes in architectural finishes. My service team consists of professional experienced painters who can paint the interior of your home or commercial property. To reduce our carbon foot print ,we prefer use NOVOC or LVOC (Low volatile organic compound) paints, stains and sealants. Not only is this great for the environment it also reduces harmful fumes and odors that irritate asthma and sinus problems. Do your part in reducing your carbon footprint, the cost is only a couple of dollars more per gallon and can be matched to any color. Ask how color can be used to activate your Chakra’s to improve your attitude, to promote healing, greater health, personal wealth and over all healing. I would be happy to assist you in color selection free of charge !.That’s what makes Area Painting better than just some old painter. We provide onsite estimates and satisfaction is 100% guaranteed! We are licensed and fully insured.
Business Description: Sole-proprietorship, Owner Operated. No subcontractors. Cost is determined by the job. Travel charge of $35 if over 35 miles one way (no charge for Charlotte address). Resto-Pro Painting and Pressure Washing strives to be Charlotte's leading residential painting, pressure washing, and deck restoration specialists by providing exceptional customer service with a high standard for quality and affordability. We offer free on-site estimates and 100% customer satisfaction is always guaranteed!
Business Description: We are a family own company no subs no big advertising just a proud family business.
Business Description: Here at Van Design Interior's We specialize in interior finishes that reflect our client's lifestyle and personality .Our approach to conceptual design utilizes a creative process that incorporates aesthetics and holistic synthesis of our clients preferences and environmental comfort. We make sure that the job is completed from beginning to end and that our customers are happy with the quality and craftsmanship throughout. Allow Van Designs LLC. and our team to help you create a home out of your living environment. Whether you are looking to enhance a room or create a showpiece appeal, we can create the right look to add dimension and style. Van Design Interior's is the one stop resource to creating a blend of elegance and modern detail that will stand the test of time.
Recent Review: Messy but that is expected when removing popcorn ceiling. On time - Nick is very professional. Will use his service for additional projects in the future

Reviews in Mc Adenville to Repair Popcorn Ceiling

AGillaspie Handyman Building & Maintenance
Messy but that is expected when removing popcorn ceiling. On time - Nick is very professional. Will use his service for additional projects in the future
- Kathleen S....
ARed five home renovation
I highly recommend Red Five Home Repair and Renovation and will definitely call again for future home repair needs. Nick was extremely professional and highly skilled. His pricing is reasonable and he clearly takes pride in the quality of his work. To top it off Nick has a pleasant personality and he left his work area spotless when complete.
- Robin P....
AVince Curcio - The Bizzzy Bee
The job was scheduled and the communication went well.  We were contacted about a schedule change, which was fine, and Joe showed up to do the work.  He was thorough, explained what he was going to do, and did a good job.  We were very happy with the work that was done and feel like we got a good deal overall.
- Dianne S....
FA Great Handyman, LLC
Ceilings look horrible and unfinished; charged extra to cover all walls and floors to protect from mud dust and water spray but did not cover, damaging walls and leaving unnecessary drywall mess; dumped the shop-vac debris in backyard; used washer & dryer as ladder, denting the tops of both; paint drippings throughout home; Mr. Hannan (owner) told us he would fix our ceilings but since we wanted him to drop his price because of the additional costs he incurred us, he told us to pay him half and call it even because he was doing no more work in our home, then he turned around and filed a mechanic's lien on our new home. Now, not only does our home look horrible, he has a lien on it. How can people sleep at night that treat others this way?
- Mary W....
FCharlotte Residential Services
I would not recommend using this contractor for any work needed to be done. The prices quoted were competitive, but aside from receiving the quote, the time between hiring and having to fire the contractor was extremely stressful. Communication was unacceptable; there were too many days where my wife and I were told “I am on my way,” or “I will definitely be there today to finish that,” only to not show up, have no communication that no workers will be showing up, or receive any apology or explanation for not showing up. There were too many days of critical work being partially completed, and being left undone for days. Having small children in the home that is being worked on, there were constant safety concerns (exposed wires, screws and nails being left on the floor for days) that were not addressed for days. My two year old was shocked more than once because of live outlet wires not properly cared for. The painting and flooring done were not done with care and concern. Minimal taping was done, and we had several items of clothing get paint drops because our property was not covered with drop cloths. Walls were painted without smoothing walls properly, and coats were applied too quickly, causing bubbling in the painting. Laminate Vinyl Plank Flooring was installed, and there are 8-10 gaps and uneven laying of planks. A total project cost of over $10,000 and we did not at all feel prioritized or valued. When deadlines for promised work completion passed, there were no apologies or urgency to complete. After one promised deadline came and went with work undone, we had to repeatedly contact and ask for work to be finished. We did not have work completed with this company because having work done in a home that is being lived in cannot be done the way this company handled this job. It was stressful to be promised work will be done, and do have no communication or have anyone show up repeatedly. Work being completed one or two days a week, while leaving a house unusable in areas being worked (kitchens, bathrooms) was a hardship on our home. Upon speaking with the owner to determine a final price on work paid, I was also told that finishing molding for the flooring was “not included in the price quoted,” even though it was discussed specifically and agreed upon. There was also an attempt to overcharge because painters did not use the correct color paint on certain areas of the house.
- Scott A....
They arrived right on time, were extremely careful to move/protect furniture and floors, and the repairs were so good as to be absolutely undetectable.  We are definitely going to use Chiodo again and highly recommend them.  They aren't cheap, but neither is the quality of their work.  You get what you pay for!
- Richard B....
APaul Quick Inc
Mr. Quick and his son were very professional.  They arrived on time and went right to work.  Everything was completed and we are very pleased with the work.  We will definitely use them again in the future!
- Rhonda S....
BHelping Hand Handyman Service
While the quality of the work was good keep in mind Mr Miller smokes and the smell will be in your house. While no one in our home smokes this should not be done in a customers home.
- Marvin F....
AQuality Prep & Paint DBA
They were right on time and starting working on my list right away.  I was very happy with everything they did.  Reggie was easy to work with and I talked to him about other trouble areas in my house.  I felt comfortable with his knowledge about significant water damage to my popcorn ceilings and hired him to do additional work.
- Carol P....
FHandyman Wizard
This post was written against Handyman Wizard of Charlotte, NC as a result of failure to meet expectations, including delays, incompletion of contracted work, additional expenses and damages. In March of 2015 we contracted with Handyman Wizard of Charlotte, owned and operated by Shawn Powell. After a recent water line break, we needed a multitude of projects completed to include, painting, floor removal (carpet and partial hardwood), new floor replacement (hardwoods), new bathroom fixtures, popcorn ceiling removal, and replacement of drywall after plumbing repairs. Handyman Wizard presented itself as a " one stop shop " for all of our home improvement needs and bragged that everyone on their crew had 20+plus years of experience, but after just two weeks into the project it became quickly apparent that this company lacked the knowledge, business acumen, skill sets or even equipment to complete our home project. Week One of the project included the removal of the popcorn ceilings, carpeting in the living, dining room and bedroom, removal of remaining hardwood flooring, and removal of an old vanity sink in the downstairs restroom. We were pleased with the amount of work completed in just one day and felt confident that this project would run smoothly and quickly. When asked for payment for phase 1 of the project ($3400) we paid without hesitation as we had no reason to believe that this project would not be completed in a timely manner. I'd also like to add that originally we were quoted the amount of $5000 to complete all of the above mentioned services. However, once on site they pointed out a small water stain which we explained happened several years ago and we had no issues since. However, they insisted that they could not proceed with the popcorn ceiling removal job until they could validate whether there was any mold growth. So at their insistance the " mold treatment" consisted of them cutting an 8ft section of drywall from my ceiling and replacing it which costs us an additional expense of $ 1000. We never saw the illusory " mold treatment" they supposedly applied and when asked was there any mold ?  The answer was a flat out " NO ". So we basically paid $1000 for a $10 piece of drywall and $6.00 piece of installation. Moving into Weeks Two and Three of the work we noticed there was no longer a crew of 6 on the job site but a mere two workers and most days one, who very slowly progressed thru the removal of the remaining popcorn and painting of the ceilings.With each passing day, little to no workers showed up to work and the daily excuses became more and more creative as to why their work force had suddenly diminished and no noticeable progress was being made to our home.  Seeing the attitude of indifference displayed by the owner and the failure to have workers on site became progressively worst after this company collected more then 50% of the total payment due for the job. We were told by the few workers that eventually did show up that Mr.Powell owner and operator of Handyman Wizard, took on new clients on a daily, and redirected his resources to jobs he deemed as being a higher priority, all the while completely disregarding the fact that his current projects were left incomplete. For over a month, my family and I lived in subpar conditions with no working restroom in the lower level of our home, my disconnected toilet left sitting on my back deck, staples and nails sticking out of the floors where the carpet had been removed, a cold dirty cement floor, construction trash, empty buckets and other tools that no body bothered to clean up or consider this may be a safety hazard for a house full of small children. Innumerable phone calls were made to Mr.Powell, where we explained to him the condition of our home and wanted to understand why the work had ceased to progress on our home. He quickly passed the buck onto his associate saying he was inapt at managing his projects and that he would assume full responsibility for the completion of our home from here on out.  Mr. Powell, admitting that our project should have been in the stages of completion by this point and even apologized for his lack of attention to the project.  But once again as history would have it with this company, this committment didnt last very long as the very next day after we were told the painter would be onsite to complete the painting there was another NO SHOW, NO PHONE, NO WORK COMPLETED.  Once again " we " the client went on a man search to call them and ask WHEN, WHO, Or IF anyone is going to come complete this job? Just when we thought the service provided by this company couldnt get any worst, the workers finally arrived on site several days later and started to apply paint to the downstairs area. I felt happy for about 5 seconds, right before the team ran to me in a panic wanting to know how to shut off the main line of my water ? Shut off my water ????  Turns out that Handyman Wizard had broken the water line connecting my washing machine while attempting to paint my laundry room (which I might add still remains unpainted).   THANK GOD we followed our first instinct and didnt leave these guys in our home unattended AND KNEW how to shut off our main water supply as this could have been a MAJOR DISASTER.  The team responded as quickly as they knew how and indicated they needed to go to the home improvement store in order to purchase the piece and make the repair. Later that afternoon they returned, saying they were unable to locate the piece and would continue to look for it, but in the meanwhile, they left for the weekend leaving with me with a large open hole cut into my drywall and no way of doing laundry for the next 5 DAYS !!!!  To this day - I still have a 4' X 5' piece of drywall missing in my washroom that this company has never repaired. May 2015- 7 weeks after contracting with Handy Man Wizard, I've had my washing machine line damaged, a dented refrigerator, damaged/un replaced drywall, and an incomplete paint and flooring job. After feeling as though we've been to war we have finally given up on this work ever being completed, and being completed right.  After deciding to cancel our contract with Handy Man Wizard we called in a flooring professional to complete the job barely started by Handy Man Wizard and were speechless when they showed us the " unfixable gaps " and dried up unremovable glue stains on our $3000 Bamboo Floors.  According to them and other flooring professionals we consulted with,  Handymans failure to use an appropriate amount of glue, lack of taping, cleaning and laying process has caused permanent damage that will have to be completely removed and replaced with new flooring. After speaking with other companies we have no other choice but to have this section of flooring removed and redone or run the risk of having the floor come up or start bulging which will not be warranted by any other company we call in.  We are speechless and seeking legal counsel to recover damages caused by this company. Estimated cost to replace the section of flooring damaged is between $600 and $900 and this doesnt include the cost to hire a plumber to complete the work that was never completed and a painter to complete the paint job that was never completed. In conclusion, I suppose I can sit on my nail covered cement floors and stare up at my new flat ceilings since removing the popcorn and repainting my ceiling was the only job Handyman Wizard actually completed which " appears " to be right.
- Richard W....