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Business Description: Family and Veteran owned. We do Decks, deck repair, Remodel-kitchen, bathroom, flooring, structural repairs, painting, flooring, exterior construction, patios, ponds, gazebos, We do it all just ask.
Business Description: Small remodeling company specializing in carpentry and tile installation, as well as flooring and custom furniture. We most often remodel kitchens and bathrooms. We accept cash, check, or card for payment.
Recent Review: Great. Very honest, shows up, and gives you more than your monies worth.

Reviews in Clyde to Install Outdoor Kitchen

AHighland Home Builders,LLC
Work performed in professional manner and reasonable pricing. Listened to my needs and fulfilled them. I provided exact specifications and works was do to them. Always on time and curious.
- Daniel D....
DKen Swensen
It did not go well at all. For the amount of money we spent, everything should have been pristine and absolutely perfect. It is not. The work began in June of 2012 and nearly two years after the major construction was finished, it is still not up to the standard we have every right to expect. First, the contractor is from Asheville and we live in Brevard, In hindsight, this was probably a poor choice, but we were impressed by his 80+ "A" ratings reviews on Angie's list. The contractor was only rarely on the site (less than once a week over a six-month project. When he was on the site, he extracted from us a $75 trip charge in addition to our agreed upon cost-plus. There was no foreman, which meant that we were constantly being pestered with questions despite his promises that we would be required to answer no questions. I work at home and the entire summer was a total loss in terms of being able to get any work done. One example: The framers seriously misread the architect's plans and incorrectly framed the windows in the addition. Fortunately, I was on site and was able to stop it before it went too far. The misframing of the shower and laundry room due to failure to follow the same architectural drawings was not discovered until it was too late to remedy without considerable expense, so our shower was smaller than designed, which has caused other problems, including that the shower head is not where it was originally designed, but is now far away from the shower doorway, necessitating the shower taker to turn on the water and run like h*** to escape a cascade of cold water until the hot water arrives from the distant demand water heater. There?s lots more, but you get the idea. Since we were neophytes as this sort of project, we asked for his direction on what, when and how we would need to do things as the project moved on, i.e. when we would need to pack up and move things, how to minimize the disruption in our lives, when we should order certain items (like the bathtub), etc. We agreed that the entire addition would be complete and occupiable before work was started in the existing house, a promise that was not kept and resulted in the entire house being a wreck for a couple of months.   Primarily, we said we wanted the moving of the two kitchens to be minimally disruptive. We were promised the up[stairs kitchen would be moved downstairs and we wouldn't be without a kitchen for more than ?three or four days at most." We specified that no kitchen work would take place on the week when our granddaughters were visiting, but we had literally been home with them for an hour when we got a message that the kitchen would be demoed in two days --forcing me to find someone to take care of the children AND hire people to help me pack the entire kitchen. The straw that broke the camel's back and almost caused us to fire him was the response, "It will get done when it gets done," in answer to our question about the lack of any kitchen at all two weeks later. There were many similar examples of the contractor's failure to listen to our needs and wishes and failure of planning, including the need to move most of our household goods at least twice and some things were moved as many as four times, simply because he didn't anticipate what space would be needed and when. This caused not only added expense, but added stress in an already stressful situation. We continued and, to be frank, the quality of the work was mediocre at best. The concrete garage floor had major cracks before the work was even complete, which he told us was ?normal.? Mitering and caulking of moldings were shoddy in many places. He used inexperienced laborers to do stucco work, which meant it had to be re-done three times before it was nominally satisfactory. Pieces of cedar siding fell off within a couple of months. Electricians installed outlets that were not level and were a variety of colors. The tiling in the master bath (which took an agonizing and expensive two full weeks) was either completely unsealed or only nominally sealed despite our specification that we wanted 30-year grout sealer. (The tiler told us the 30-year sealer was ?too much trouble.?) We have been unable to clean it, even with bleach solution.  At one point, I found the $35/hour carpenter sweeping and cleaning the construction site and carrying out boxes while the $10 an hour laborer (the contractor?s teenaged son, BTW) sunbathed in the yard with this earphones on. Trim pieces were never installed at the tops of the kitchen cabinets, leaving unsightly gaps. Cracks have appeared in sheet rock just installed. The cork floor in the kitchen is seriously scratched and may need to be replaced because we listened to the flooring company owner (another of the contractor?s sons) that it would not scratch ?unless we had pet wolverines.? We do have dogs, and if we were aware that the floor would be so severely damaged by normal walking on the floor, we would have had it sealed. Paint has flaked off the walls four feet off the floor in one of the bathrooms, which the contractor attributes to our dogs, as he does the flaking paint on the basement staircase stair risers. I?m not entirely how gymnastically talented he thinks our dogs are, but this borders on the absurd. The list goes on and on. The continuing issue: When the garage was framed in, there was a post right in the middle. That would have made it difficult, if not impossible, to park both cars in the garage and be able to open the doors. We pointed out this problem on the very first day the post was installed and he promised he would speak with the architect and remedy the situation. Despite numerous questions and comments throughout the following months, the work progressed and eventually the garage was sheetrocked and painted with the offending post still in place. At one point, he even suggested that we wait until all of the inspections were complete and then ?just take out the post.? He assured us that the worst thing that would happen was that the floors would squeak a little.  We were horrified. Finally work was complete in December 2012 and we paid the final installment in good faith because he promised he would ?take care of the post in the garage right away. Finally, in January of 2014 (13 months later), a crew appeared and installed steel plates on both sides of the garage beam, (in response to the specifications of an engineer we hired after the fact). We had agreed to pay the materials cost for the steel plates, approximately $550 and he would provide the labor. Since 13 months had passed since the completion of the major part of the work, we felt it was only fair to withhold that $550 until all of the work and punchlist items were completed. Included on that list were minor things: Dealing with the cracks in the sheetrock (which on the fly in January, we now learn had been patched with  caulk and never sanded or painted), the grout in the shower, the trim pieces on the kitchen cabinets, filling the hole where the garage post had been, correcting the misalignment of the garage door caused by the installation of the steel beam supports, some paint flaking due to improper prep work and a few other things. He promised he?d be back within a week to finish the punchlist and we agreed to pay him the $550 steel materials cost at the time.   We heard nothing for more than three months, despite several e-mails. Finally he responded that he would come and complete the work that he felt was warranted (not everything on the punch list) AFTER we paid him. Trying to keep our tempers under control in late May, we asked him to delineate what work he thought was fair. His answer was that he would prepare a list, but that we would see quick action as soon as we sent him a check.  Based on our experience of the 13-month lag in getting the garage post removed, we wanted to see the whites of his eyes before we gave him any more money. We assured him that we would pay him the $550 on the spot the moment his workers appeared with all of the material needed to complete the work on the punchlist.  Let?s get real here, we are talking about $550 on a $130,000 project and we by that time were 18 months after the major work was completed and he was paid! The last e-mail from him came on June 26, again promising to prepare the list of things to be completed and be here in early July. We have heard nothing since. We think we have gone far beyond the realm of fairness and reason in dealing with this contractor. We have been more than patient and we have tried every avenue to complete this job to everyone?s satisfaction.  We?ve given him every benefit of the doubt and have waited far beyond what is reasonable for this project to be complete. We?ve barely skimmed the surface here, but we think this is sufficient to justify our poor rating for this contractor. We?ll be very interested in hearing his response.  
- Kathleen B....
ASteve Heflin Plbg
, Steve was recommended to us by our electrician, who we knew was excellent, so we figured Steve would be also. We were correct! We have a 90 year old home with lots of plumbing issues, so Steve has been here for several jobs for us in the last year. His work is quick and neat and timely. He shows up when he says he will, or calls to explain if he will be delayed. His prices are very reasonable (he charged 50% of what a previous plumber charged me for the same under sink job when my pipes froze). And Steve corrected the core problem, so they will never freeze again; something the previous plumber didn't do. When we remodeled our kitchen, he suggested space saving options, explaining everything so we understood exactly what he was suggesting. Very helpful, very reliable, very personable, very reasonable fee structure. We highly recommend him!
- Sylvia Y....