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Recent Review: We thought our Screen door lock was broken and would require repair or replacement. We had been unable to unclock the door for several days and had to go around the house to get to the back yard. I searched Angie's list and settled on Nu-View because it was rated highly by others and it was closest to me (at least of all the outfits that had A ratings). I spoke with Dave Manser, the owner. He was very courteous and professional and was willing to accomodate me the same afternoon. It was an easy fix, and he demonstrated to my wife how to properly operate the door. I entered  zero in the how much did you spend column, because I dont have a bill yet. However, I tend to procrastinate when it comes to writing reviews, and I was impressed with this outfit, so I am completing one post haste. I recommend this company.

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ANu-View Replacement Windows & Doors
Myself and my husband purchased a home in August 2014 with exterior logs and very old windows that were totally inefficient; the gas had gone in a couple of them and most of the windows had a milky coating, gaps, warping you name it they were over. Winter was approaching and we really did not want to spend the first one here with draughty windows.  I shopped around and educated myself as to what kind of windows we might want and the price range we might be looking at.  We had 3 companies, including NuView, come out to the house.  We liked Dave from the get-go, he is not the typical sales guy and didn't push anything on us that seemed unecesarry, in fact he advised against a couple of options as he did not feel they were needed. That truly was a plus for us.   His quote was middle of the range, but due to his demeanour and professionalism and the reviews I read we felt safe in his hands. When we picked out the frames we noticed that the choice of colours was not as extensive as some of the other providers, but we felt quality and good workmanship outweighed colour choice.  We did find a colour that happily mixed in with our home, including any changes we may make to the exterior. Our order was made around November and we had the windows installed in December just before Christmas, yay! Whenever I read big purchase reviews I always wish people would update their reviews after living with their choices for a while, which is why I purposely waited before I reviewed our experience.   So, 3 months in and after a cold and snowy winter I can report all is well.  Our thermostat stabilised after the windows had been installed and we noticed it heated up much more efficiently than before with the old windows.  It was a welcome relief not to have to keep increasing the temperature in the house just to get it warm.  Everything works well, easy to open and close, easy to clean, no leaks.  No problems whatsoever. When Dave and his crew installed the windows over the 2 days I was very impressed with how little chaos there was.  In fact, it was like they were not here at times.  They were very efficient, clean and conscientious and pleasant to be around. I still can't believe they replaced every window, thirteen in all, which included a sliding patio door and a huge window in our great-room, in just two days. I would highly recommend NuView if you are working with a budget and want the comfort of a good guarantee on the product and the installation.  I read somewhere that if installation is not guaranteed that you should look elsewhere.  I found that very interesting after our first in-home demo from a big nationwide company who promise you all kind of bells and whistles and NASA-like technology, who charge a small fortune, but DO NOT guarantee their installation.  We liked the transparency of NUView (no pun intended) and are very happy with our purchase and experience.
- Larry H....
It is ongoing because I call him every time sometimes goes wrong. He is wonderful. He charges by the hour depending on the task. He is really good and I would recommend him to anybody.
- Jennie I....