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Business Description: Free estimates fully licensed and insured. No job to big or to small. We build new or do repair jobs. Commercial or residential,I have been doing both for over 20 years.
Recent Review: Went very well. Addressed any issues I had.
Recent Review: I have used them for two jobs. They are fine workers. Their work is excellent and done just the way I ask. I will definitely recommend them and absolutely use them, again.
Business Description: 3 C Construction LLC is family owned & operated since 2004. We offer free estimates. Professional quality is our standard of excellence!!!

Reviews in Piedmont Porch Railing Installation

AHumphreys Home Service
I have used them for two jobs. They are fine workers. Their work is excellent and done just the way I ask. I will definitely recommend them and absolutely use them, again.
- Yvonne S....
AHinkle Roofing
During the last storm that hit us hard, we had a tree that was blown over onto our deck and part of our roof.  We didn't think twice about who to call. J&B Construction has done plenty of work for us in the past and they alway impress!!!  We called them the night of the storm and they had their guys on our roof at 6:30 the next morning to fix our damage. They cut up the tree and stacked the wood for us to use to burn later this year. They removed the damaged part of our roof, and they added new wood and new shingles and guttering and drip edge. They then replaced the window that the tree smashed and cleaned up the glass in my house.  When they were done with that they took down the handrail of our deck and replaced a few of our deck boards and our handrail and restained our deck so that it would all match.  They done this all and they never had an issue, like usual! I will never call another construction company, J&B is the only company me and my family will ever use!
- Rebecca G....
FBob Strothmann Construction
Things I had to point out: They installed the kitchen cabinets crooked. From one corner to the other it was 1 1/2 to 4 inches difference.  Had to pay them to do it over. Left the upstairs floor soft in many places and spaces in the flooring in the doorways. When I informed the contractor I was informed that his men had not even been in those rooms.  He failed to remember that his men had built closets and shelves in each of the bedrooms upstairs.  They installed a pocket door, put the hand piece in backwards and didn't want to install the lock piece on the door frame. He said I didn't need that,  I informed him it was in backwards(would have locked from outside the room instead of inside.  Refused to put the catch on the door frame. Had to tell him 5 times before he would do it. Built a well house for and screwed the door shut-did not put in any insulation. There was insulation available. Found out after the first big freeze. Installed a hot water heater and did not line the area.  It was surrounded with drywall.  It was a fire hazard and a friend pointed it out and we had to pay to have it done correctly. We had 4 dates for completion.  Early spring, July and end of August.  Was finished late October. Installed new siding and when I was washing the windows I noticed there was no caulking around the doors and windows. Left spaces at the bottom of the new storm doors when they were installed.  All they had to do was lower the adjustable bottom. Tore up the steps and handrail to a less used back door. I was waaaaaay overcharged.  I was told it would be cheaper to pay them by the hour instead of a bid. They took advantage of me.
- Lois H....