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Recent Review: This review was accidently placed under concrete countertops. I had this company stain my concrete floors. Overall I am happy with the work that was completed, just not finished on time which was my only complaint.

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BRockSolid Custom Concrete
This review was accidently placed under concrete countertops. I had this company stain my concrete floors. Overall I am happy with the work that was completed, just not finished on time which was my only complaint.
- Jason D....
AOzark Granite Works
They were very professional. They had a turn around time which was less than anybody else. They also cleaned up after themselves. The price that they charged was good and reasonable.
- L N....
FRockSolid Custom Concrete
It is suffice to say that my experience with this particular contractor was not at all pleasing.  A very short synopsis is he was contracted and paid a $2000 deposit on 10/26/15 to complete 2 different contracts:  (1) staining my concrete floor in my kitchen, and (2) creating concrete countertops, backsplash and farm sink.  On the contract invoices, it clearly states that my deposit was for the second contract and that the “down payment for all work to be done is written into the other contract” which means he was to be paid in full for the concrete floor once the job was completed.  He came to my residence on 3 separate occasions (totaling probably about 6 hours) to do prep work to remove the old grout from existing concrete and stain about a 30" square (sample) on my floor, but the overall job was never completed.  On 11/12/15, my husband contacted the company and left a voicemail requesting a sit-down to get a clear understanding of when the work on the floor was to be completed as well as requesting monetary compensation for the time missed from work to be available when he said he would come and did not (3 separate times).  On the morning of 11/13/15, I received a text message from Mr. Steinmetz that stated he believed we could no longer work together and he would return my deposit and I should find another contractor to complete the work.  Within 1 hour (and several heated phone calls – one in which I was informed that he didn’t care about my measly $2000) he stated that he was NOT withdrawing from our contract and that he intended to complete the work, but that was no longer a viable option for us due to the deteriorated relationship.Since then, I retained an attorney from 11/13/15 – 12/31/15 who sent 2 letters to Mr. Steinmetz, who did respond in regards to the initial letter but stated that Mr. Steinmetz felt unsafe in our home any longer due to our military service.  The cost of the attorney strongly out-weighed the potential for any return, so on 1/13/16, I sent an email to the company stating that I did not wish to seek any further legal action.  On the same date, I contacted the Better Business Bureau and requested assistance in returning our deposit as well as picking up the equipment left in my home since 11/4/15.  I received an email from Mr. Steinmetz on 3/15/16 stating that he would consider filing a stolen property report for the property that he left since 11/4/15 and that since he has many clients that are attorneys, he would move forward with a lawsuit against me.  He assured me (in that same email) that he would move forward with this lawsuit “if [i] spend one more ounce of energy on this matter”Over the course of the last 4 months, each party has responded to the BBB inquires, but when the BBB suggested mediation, I agreed, however the company responded with the following message:  5/3/16: I am not interested in mediation.  We had already done work for this customer in 2013.  The customers were happy with this job.  We had a signed contract for this work in the kitchen and had already began working.  We had an unanticipated one day delay in the work, caused by another job.  We notified them of the delay but they became very irate and belligerent.  We did not feel it was wise or safe to continue the relationship. So I can accept that I will not have my deposit returned and only wish to provide other potential customers that this particular company has issues with both punctuality and professionalism.
- Jen P....